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Simple logic designs

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  1. Thanks for this man i never understood the equations and one who would run for the hills, now with your tutorial i am totally into wanting to find out more Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone just published a website for club and party flyers https://www.simplelogicflyers.com/ please do check it out all designs are done in affinity photo.
  3. Hi mark don't know if this is possible but i have been apart of propellerheads public beta for there software reason, the way how they do it is presenting a system were they tell you all you need to test that have been big issues or new added features are concentrated on and once a new beta is out everyone has to test each bug that is claimed to be fixed also they have a separate section where everyone can see all the bugs that have been reported and once there been fixed that bug report will be closed so everyone can see .
  4. No problem and thanks for the kind words , I've been so busy even now I am working on an artist album cover and launch party flyer then move to other projects , if I get the time I'll do more but back to work now and thanks again
  5. i have the same issue with .abr brushes and mind you these are brushes that i could have imported without any issue on the previous version
  6. i will look into making smaller files i am fairly new to all of this stuff so bare with me thanks
  7. Thank you , your welcome . Oh i forgot to mention these are for affinity photo/designer
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