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  1. Rob Necronomicon

    Affinity Designer - Some Isometric Stuff.

    Here's another one... A factory exterior of some kind.
  2. Rob Necronomicon

    Truck Chair

    You're off to a great start!
  3. Rob Necronomicon

    Truck Chair

    Sorry, yes. I thought it was drawn from scratch in AD. I just use the term rendering for shading.
  4. Rob Necronomicon

    Truck Chair

    Wow! That's fantastic rendering. Well done!
  5. Rob Necronomicon

    Affinity Designer - Some Isometric Stuff.

    Thanks mate, I really appreciate that.
  6. I found this tutorial very useful when i started learning AD. Thanks,!
  7. Rob Necronomicon

    Affinity Designer - Some Isometric Stuff.

    Thanks for your kind words mate. I'm still relatively new to AD but I'd happily make a YT tutorial if people are interested in isometric stuff. Incidentally, here's a new one I'm currently working on, I'm just using some of the elements that I've been making in AD.
  8. Rob Necronomicon

    Affinity Designer - Some Isometric Stuff.

    Thanks guys!
  9. Hi, I've recently switched over from Adobe Flash to Affinity D. And I'm really digging the whole experience so far . Before doing iso stuff in Fash was a real chore. But with AD's speedy zooms and new isometric tool it's so much easier and faster (plus all the lines are clean!). Here's a few icons I've been working on in case anyone might be interested. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Rob Necronomicon

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello! My name is Rob, I'm a professional illustrator/animator based in Ireland. I also have a huge interest in sound design and music too. I've been using Macromedia (or should I say Adobe) Flash for most of my career (that was a long time ago!). I've made the switch over to Affinity and I'm so glad I did. Looking forward to chatting on the forum! Cheers, Rob.

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