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  1. Thank you, it's good to see the policy.
  2. I bought designer 2 days before it went on sale. Is there any warning for when stuff will go on sale? Am I able to refund it and rebuy it to get the discount? Or do you maybe offer pro-rate for software? Thought I'd ask about the policy.
  3. Thank you, haha, I highly doubt I was the person to do that, but it's great to know it's in the beta. Thank you Affinity!
  4. Either add more stock sites or give me the ability to add my own. If this is already a thing I don't know how to set it up but I use sites like: Pixabay Pexels Unsplash Burst Freephotos etc. I could probably name another 20 but that's enough to see I would like the ability to search other sites if I could. Considering these are free for commercial work and attribute free I don't see much trouble with including them (unless you have some deal with Shutterstock I guess). Sometimes it's hard to find just the right picture so I keep a long list of sites to go through - if I didn't have to keep that in some notes I pull up when searching that would be nice.