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  1. Text style copy & paste ( like in google docs, it is called the Paint Format tool) I do not want to create a new style every single time I am working with text, sometimes I just want to copy and paste a style! I know this is more word processor based but it's such a nice option to have, hands down useful. There is a reason text editors have styles and paint format/format paint (Google Docs/Word) options. And it seems like it would be super easy to implement. I don't want to clutter my global text styles with two-three pieces of text that I want to be the same style. Just make a button like those word processors. Story editor - The ability to go through text and copy and paste parts of it out would be really helpful... Or better yet let me link to a google doc somehow. I know this is a bit of a stretch but hey, thought I'd throw it out there. I have to copy and paste text a lot and just creating a text filler block and being able to update that outside the page would be nice. Table updates - This needs a lot of work to really be that useful, but minor things like highlighting the cell you are in would be nice, adding a checkbox to link stroke on outside & inside stroke would be nice (even though it would only save me a few clicks I would like the option), the ability to right click on row > resize all rows to the currently selected row would be nice... Actually is there even a way to alter all rows or columns? It wasn't very clear to me if there was... Also it wasn't super clear how to affect the whole table at once, like I get I can select all the cells by clicking in the first cell and dragging to the last cell but if I had a very large table this could be a problem. Having a global table option and control would be nice because what if I want to hide all inner table dividers? Also having some default table styles would be nice, just a few basic colors which I can edit later because a lot of tables have different colored rows to make them easier to read. Including one or two different table formats with a global color option for alternate rows would be very handy. Having the ability to make nice tables would really really be amazing. Perhaps I missed something though and these options are available elsewhere. Also headers on tables would be great. Would be nice after some of those updates are fixed: Footnotes and endnotes. While they have not become a big issue yet, they would be very nice to have as I aim to be creating a manual down the line and don't want to have to work this in manually. I work as a book publisher and I know Publisher isn't actually built for that but it's been really helpful and I think working on a few of these additions would help my workflow considerably.
  2. I'm honestly super happy publisher has been released in its current state, while I have have not yet tackled the larger projects you all have with footnotes/references/math etc, to me, it has been so helpful as I was able to publish two picture books with it, create flyers, banners, and n-up some work for print. It's getting better every month, and I'm sure they will get this functionality in soon. But being able to add-in proper footnotes and such will be very helpful once I start tackling larger projects as I'm working on a game manual now. Considering how quickly they improve it, I've been very happy with the software that came out last summer. It would be nice if they did more with tables though and fixed window adjustments, for me not being able to resize elements in a window makes it hard for me to see what I'm clicking on and that's super frustrating when trying to pick out glyphs which I use a lot in my design work. I also found the table of contents pretty poor compared to google docs, but I'm grateful they are working on this software and can't wait for improvements.
  3. My solution, for now, was just to redo the page and copy another page with the original master page working and move all the content over to a new page so I could have my page numbers working again.
  4. I'm using publisher 1.7.3 on windows. I was having issues with a white background showing on my page numbers so on some pages I removed the original master test by deleting the text from the master page layer in the master page folder, then realized I can change the master page to delete the white background in the text by doing a factory reset. I couldn't figure out how else to remove the background color on my text. Is there a way to refresh the page so that the master page will reload and fix the pages I tried to adjust or are master pages handled more like instances and each one comes from a parent but can be changed individually? It would be nice if I could reset the pages that use master pages to the original master page from which they came as they are cleared still linked but I don't see where the option to restore them is. I included what my original master page looked like and an example of a page using a master page where I deleted the master page content. If I could click a button to restore to the original master page that would be very helpful.
  5. Is there a way I can do this globally? I decided that adding a colored background to my 20 artboards would make it easier to see. I just did a bunch of logo mock-ups and wanted to see if there was a faster way to handle this. I didn't really notice any way to easily change the BG on all the boards so I created a symbol and slowly duplicated and dragged it from board to board and had to redo all my layers to make sure it actually was at the bottom of the board on the correct board but if there is a faster way to handle this I'd be happy to hear it for the future.
  6. I don't want to create a new style when I copying and pasting text around in one textbox and would love it if I had a button like Paint format in google docs so I could grab some text in a section of text and click the format button and then drag it over other text to apply that format to other text, it would be nice if the colors, font, and formatting carried over so I could quickly format sections of text the same but still be flexible enough to change the format later without creating styles I don't know if I'll use. And yes copy and paste fx or style does not work in this case, it doesn't even show as an option as I'm not using either FYI. So tl;dr in one text frame it would nice if I could grab one styled text and apply it to other text in the same frame without creating a whole preset for something I don't know I'll use. This is for testing how different fonts look together in paragraph form. Google docs has something called Paint Format, Word has something called Format Painter that works the same. It's a super-fast way to make mock-ups which I can then decide to make a style if I choose.
  7. Thank you so much for this! The idlm import worked great! I was about to post why importing pdf's to get around the idlm wasn't working for me and here the solution was given! Here is an example of the impact importing gives me! This is huge! Now if I could just get the older version of .indd I'd be all set with a publisher I work with but this is still great! ;3
  8. I remember this coming up before but I can't remember who posted it originally so I thought I'd leave a note here for others. I remember someone saying it wasn't possible and wanted to make a tutorial on it just in case someone got lost. First some quick overview of text file types. (I'm quickly covering a blog post I wrote if you want more info. I'm no expert just doing this so I don't forget.) Right now there are 3 main text file types currently. TrueType(TTF) Old limited file type OpenType (OTF) Standard file type. and OpenType-SVG(SVG+) Non-standard limited support color fonts - super fancy fonts made with raster & vector graphics aka "picture fonts" This term has many meanings. I'm just going to say decorative or involving pictures and not refer to raster pictures. SVG fonts are very much picture focused. Yeah, I'm not going to be covering SVG, they only work with Adobe software and are kinda all over the place atm. But you can still add picture fonts without SVG like emoji! Emoji fonts can be used since affinity supports the use of glyphs. Some fonts that work great would be Google Noto Emoji. I attached a photo of noto emoji as you install and in use. When you install it looks like regular text- but if you use the secret mode called glyphs you unlock tons of emojis! This great for print materials that need icons like card games and board games. Example case- I used this to help set up a chinchilla card game with my friend. He designed, I just did art and some beginning formatting. Link to full game btw. To use glyphs go to Text > Show Glyph Browser You can search for different glyphs like hearts or cats or paw prints! Just double click on the icon to use it. -FAQ- Why would I use this font? It's a quick way to add symbols to a document, it's also faster than searching for a generic SVG and importing it. This great for saving text space and adding decorations, or adding just a little more modern pop to some work. This is dumb, why not just use dingbat fonts? Dingbat fonts like Entypo are really limited compared to this method, but they do also work. They don't tend to match up with these more standard fonts. This is dumb, why aren't they in full color? Sorry, it's not supported. Does this support color? No, only stroke color/text color can be used to change colors. Can you zoom in to see the glyph better? I don't think so. Considering my friend had eyesight issues, I think this would be a nice feature. Does this support kaomoji? Yep! My example showed kaomoji working great :3 Why is my symbol showing as a square? Make sure you have the right font selected. Why can't I find a symbol I just copied in the search bar? It doesn't seem to register search on the icon itself, only the name so don't copy and paste the icon into the search bar, it doesn't work. It does show recent searches below if that helps. Can I copy and paste symbols off the internet and paste them in this way? Yeah as long as they are common symbols. Most symbols on here would fine for example. Try skull & cross bones for example You can grab more symbols here. What are some emoji fonts I can use? Emoji fonts OpenMoji - the ttf files work for me even though it's beta. Google Noto Emoji. - Works great. Apple and Windows font emoji are not available by themselves (like you can't download) but can still be used with this method. With Windows you can hold the Windows key + (.) period key to open the emoji window, just click an emoji to paste, it looks weird but converts over correctly if you click on the text area, it should convert over if supported. It can get a little finicky, but I was able to convert windows sparkly symbols into the noto font this way.
  9. Actually it appears that pdf/x-1a:2003 works fine for IngramSpark checks! Don't use pdf/X-3:2003 just use pdf/x-1a:2003 and it clears the checks. I looked a little further into the file type and it appears it that covers PDF/X‑1a (2001 and 2003). Since I illustrate children's books I also have to set the color profile to CMYK as well as a heads up to anyone else looking at this problem.
  10. Are you thinking of adding this soon as IngramSpark is pretty standard for producing indie hardbound books, they have registered over 7 million books and are rather well known. It's like saying you won't be supporting Barnes & Nobles, it's pretty big. I haven't seen too many other hardbound book publishers that give me the options they do at their price. Considering you have the other formats how hard would it be to add pdf/x-1a:2001?
  11. If there is a better place to post this feel free to move it, just wasn't sure where it should go, but it is feedback.
  12. This feels so buggy, but I can only get the copy and paste option to work in the page width option. If I use Ctl+V in page height it pastes but if I press Enter it just reverts back to the old number. I can't get it to register a new number! Right mouse click does not open up the copy & paste menu. There is no way to copy and paste into the page height option but page width works perfectly. So copy and paste is not working for me at all with page height option. It's extremely annoying. This is a standard American keyboard and mouse(logitech) on windows 10. I'm trying to set up more kindle formats like a kindle cover that is recommended at 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. Typing works fine, I just like the ability to copy and paste. I attached a gif showing how this looks. Please fix this soon!
  13. Cat pulled out the power cord, how do I find publisher back-up's? *Added tags for this post
  14. It's not exactly related but Designer as an array copy option also called " Power Duplicate" that repeats all the modifications you did on the last operation. So if you moved, rotated and resized an image, the next time you copied it would auto move/rotate the next amount. Publisher can also use ctrl+J to use power duplicate. This video here is very good at covering Designer, at 17:08 it covers power duplicate. It's not really a fix but you might be able to use it to quickly make an array similar to n-up. Granted it won't be sized to best fit and doesn't work with pages, but if you are desperate it might slightly help. Beyond that, I don't think there is anything in Publisher that would work. I second n-up feature as I'd love to be able to use that for printing bookmarks and test print material.
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