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  1. I think Affinity would have a good market for this. The only real competitor on the Play store currently is Infinite Designer, which is not as full featured as Affinity Designer (yeah the names are super close ). My workflow is primarily on my Windows desktop so this is not a prevalent issue, but I have been wanting to purchase a tablet to sketch and design on the go. Since my phone is Android, and my PC is Windows, I wanted to pursue an Android tablet, preferably the new S7 plus because of its top of the line hardware (it now supports Clip Studio, and Android plays better with Windows than
  2. Hi MEB, Are the keyboard shortcuts for AP iOS the same as the desktop shortcuts? https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/affinity-docs/Photo/shortcuts/Affinity-Photo-Shortcuts-Mac.pdf
  3. I am looking for an option to auto-clean the mixer brush in the ios app. I have found that the small "water glass" icon in the bottom right of the brush menu will clean it once, but is there a way to toggle this option permanently on and off? Thank you so much for all your hard work on this app Serif. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite painting tools.
  4. Yes, I believe that if you are looking at your brushes in an open file and long press your brush of choice you can select "Edit, Delete, and Rename". If you edit in this menu it will be permanent from that point on. Just remember to deselect and reselect the brush to see the changes that you made. It appears that if you have a brush selected and click "more", the changes you make will only be sustained until you close the file. Upon reopening the file your brush options will have reset.
  5. I second this as well. Currently, my workaround for right handed users is to click the settings button in the top right of the home page, select the interface tab, and toggle the left-handed mode on. I know switching it to left handed mode for a right handed user sounds weird, but it flips the interface so now the undo and redo is at the bottom left. It works for now but I would like to see either an option to switch just the "'undo and redo" position or better yet, like others in this forum have said, the two finger undo gesture. I don't find myself using the two finger "duplicate, de
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