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  1. Just discovered the window and rope stabilizer. Instant love for me:-). It would be great if this option would also be available for the erase and retouch tools.
  2. Hmmm! I just read about the brush settings under the help option "Painting and Erasing" ->"Modifying Brushes". It is possible to permanently save settings. Should have done the reading first:-). This App is awesome!
  3. Nighternet, i totally agree with you. It would also be nice to be able to select a brush type for the eraser.
  4. p_q

    Pin icon in Studios panels

    Hi Damien When you choose a studio for example brushes, choose a brush and start working on your image, the studio automatically closes to give you a bigger view. If you activate the pin, the studio stays open.
  5. Hi. It seems that everytime i close a document the brushes are reset to default. Is there a way to avoid this? Great app by the way. I am having a lot of fun with it!