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  1. I'd like to see VueScan integrated with Affinity Photo as well. It saves on file clutter to go directly into the app. However, I think VueScan integrates with Photoshop using a proprietary plugin method (as opposed to TWAIN or WIA) so they would likely have to support Affinity Photo directly. Perhaps Affinity could get in contact with VueScan and pay them to add support. It would definitely open up a wide range of scanners.
  2. In effect they have. It isn't the simple menu based crop like Photoshop has, but in Affinity Photo when selecting the crop tool, it now immediately snaps to the edges of any selection. So you can simply hit apply if you don't want to adjust it further.
  3. That is a bit like saying if they don't add scanner support they will get behind others.
  4. Which other tool SDKs have an AI implementation already running on it?
  5. One aspect to this is that probably 99% of the art generated on a daily basis today is more functional that it is artistic. Things that are used in advertising that gets used once and thrown away. A.I. will probably make that kind of utilitarian art much easier. Hopefully it doesn't make the web look significantly worse.
  6. I would bet the majority of Affinity users are primarily here because they don't want to pay Adobe a monthly subscription. I doubt they will suddenly change their position just to get AI image generation built directly into the app. Most will likely have no problem waiting for the technology to mature and stabilize a bit before being integrated into the Affinity software. Affinity still isn't' up to feature parity on some of the more simple tools that Adobe has like perspective crop. Whatever audience they lose because of not being an early adopter of A.I. will be super tiny.
  7. How do you get it into .docx from Publisher. There is no export for that either.
  8. Or look at all the Android apps that do exist like Audio Evolution or LumaFusion and assume they obviously wasted their time by releasing an app on a platform such as Android.
  9. Some of those are complicated though like Auto Trace for Designer. I'll continue to give them a pass on those.
  10. Well +1 from me. One would think after 5 years they could have figured this out. Considering that I can't find another photo app without a crop to selection feature, I'm surprised they don't support this simple and common workflow. I gave V1 a pass on missing some of the basic tools, but that won't fly with V2 so I won't be purchasing future products from Affinity until they show signs that they can get their act together.
  11. Crop to selection is more like windshield wiper timers. Does your economical GMC pickup require you to press the windshield wiper button every single time you want to clear the rain drops? I doubt it. That is a standard feature across almost all cars made in the last 70 years. The basic Microsoft Paint, .NET Paint, and dozens of other low priced apps have crop to selection, it should be standard on any app claiming to be a photo editor. I can only assume the developers have some kind of harebrained idea that they needed to go to war against that super common workflow. If the Affinity workflow was faster I would say yay Affinity for innovating. Instead it is slower and clunkier and makes me wonder if some rare form of dementia is starting to set in.
  12. This is really where artificial intelligence can perhaps make a big difference. Object detection where as you move the mouse around it highlights objects it recognizes like people, animals, trees, sky, grass, houses, cars, fruit, vegetables, hamburgers, furniture, etc. Along with perhaps some fine tunning features for the human to help guide it like using the mouse wheel to make it more or less specific, for example if you've selected a human you can force it down to just the shirt, just the face, or just the hair. Alternatively maybe expand it out to multiple people while skipping the disconnected space between them.
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