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  1. Ok. Both of those paths of attack are working pretty good when they are working right. For whatever reason that Live Projection sub menu was grayed out when I first tried to use it. I tried different tools, and it didn't change. Eventually I just closed down Affinity Photo and reopened it and that fixed it. I wonder what changes in Photo can cause that menu to gray out.
  2. I don't see Projections/Perspective Projection in the Edit menu. Any idea why?
  3. I attached a sample image. How long does it take you to open the file in Affinity Photo, straighten and crop to the gray box area inside the push pins? If it's about 30 seconds then I might need a step-by-step tutorial on what you did, because I'm not seeing it. In Photoshop that tutorial goes like this: Open image. Select Perspective Crop Tool from under the main Crop Tool in the tool bar. Click on the 4 corners of the region of interest you wan to crop to. Zoom in slightly if needed to make sure the corners are placed well. Hit enter or click the check box to crop and straighten.
  4. When I tried using Perspective Filter and Lens Distortion is seemed convoluted and I couldn't find a smooth workflow. In Photoshop I can open image, perspective crop, adjust levels and maybe color, and save. Most of the time I can be done with an image in two minutes or less. Affinity Photo seems like it might take 2-3 times longer per image. Much more time consuming compared to Photoshop.
  5. This web provides a good illustration of how the Perspective Crop Tool works. https://designprocademy.com/4-steps-for-perfect-perspective-crops-in-photoshop/ It is basically the crop tool, with individually repositionable corners, which doesn't move the other corners. Then after you've created a non-parallel crop selection it squares everything up. I looked around in Affinity Photo for the convert to curve option and couldn't find such a thing. Where is it?
  6. pixelstuff

    buy a 'present'

    Came here looking for this answer too. It would be nice if they could do this through the website with dropdown box in the cart saying (coupon for gifting), or for even better discoverability have separate buttons on the store page can be added to the cart (for gifting).
  7. I agree. I keep wanting to move exclusively to Affinity Photo, but keep finding things that make Photoshop much faster to get work done. The perspective crop tool is one of those.
  8. I second this. Especially the perspective crop tool, which I use regularly and is one of the primary reasons Affinity Photo is in my spare tools category rather than my primary tools category.
  9. Well not today. That's what I'm saying needs to be improved. Put out a "free trial" copy in the store that times out after 14 days or whatever, and let people activate it with a valid license that they already have, or a license that gets purchased through the app. The benefit being that if you buy from the store and later prefer the standalone version (or vice versa) you can switch back or forth with the same license number.
  10. They already sell it on in the Microsoft Store so it shouldn't change the cost anymore than what they are already doing. But, free apps aren't charged a 30% tax and I already have a license number. So providing the app to me through the Microsoft Store shouldn't cost them anything new, other than designing to app to activate from the same license number.
  11. I wish you would create a Microsoft Store version that used the same product key as the Affinity Store version. It would be nice if we could make use of the Microsoft Store update system or stick with the offline installer option as needed. Without having it hinge on the original purchase decision from months earlier.
  12. I wouldn't mind having a copy on Steam either. Even if it was a 30 day demo where you had to enter the license number purchased from Affinity's website. In fact that might be prefered. I run Blender through the Steam store specifically because it auto updates in the background without hassle.
  13. Have you guys considered the feasibility of creating a live collaboration feature in Affinity Publisher using Dropbox or Google Drive or OneDrive? Something similar to what Word and Excel desktops do.
  14. I figure if you do fixed layout it might as well be PDF and have greater compatibly. What advantage would an fixed layout ePub have over PDF?
  15. The future? How about the present. However, you could half way argue that publishing software like this is 90% about the visual layout, while ebook formats are barely related in that manner. So it makes sense to put ebooks lower on the list. Ebooks are probably closer to html publishing in the grand scheme. I mean really ePub is closer to the domain of traditional word processors that desktop publishers. I still want an ePub export option though.

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