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  1. If it was more than a couple years ago you might give it another look since they revamped a lot of the interface back in 2018, I think it was. And you are right that Blender is designed for modeling figurine, but a plugin to add precision drawing tools is obviously an attempt to fix that original design limitation. PDT tools are included with the current release, but they are disabled by default.
  2. Since I own all the apps, what I do when I get emails advertising a sale, is to let artistically inclined friends or family know about it. If I were a larger business I might also want to know about a sale in case I were thinking adding more workstations.
  3. I don't think it would be a sin to simply inquire about an affiliate program, but the context around it may rub some the wrong way. I regularly recommend Affinity products and wondered if there was an affiliate program. Vs. I want to recommend Affinity products if there was an affiliate program. One of those sounds almost like you don't really care about the product at all, but would pretend to if you could be paid.
  4. I'm just curious what kind of project makes use of images larger than 300,000 pixels square.
  5. I would like to see this too. If they don't want to implement the standard convention in most other photo editors (Image > Crop), I would settle for choosing the crop tool and having a single button next to the cancel button that says "Selection" which immediately auto crops to the selection edges. That would be roughly the same amount of steps as Document > Crop or whatever. I noticed the Crop tool does snap manually to a fuzzy selection edge if you have "Snap to pixel selection bounds" turned on, but that is still fiddly compared to the quick Image > Crop feature in other
  6. I think the problem here would be if they want to implement it as a "best in class" feature (which they have talked about with other feature suggestions). If so, it would need to provide a preview of the eBook and tools to fine tune the output. An export plugin would mostly sidestep the need for major changes to their unified code base and could have it's own standalone rendering engine, but it wouldn't be "best in class" compared to adding a Persona into Publisher that seamlessly switched back and forth between the ePub and Paper views of the document.
  7. Perhaps when they start their WebPlus remake (i.e. their DreamWeaver competition), we'll see the ePub export show up in the Publisher app. I think it really makes more sense to have an ePub persona within Publisher since a novel style book and an eBook are much closer in concept than a website and a novel style book. Trying to display a 500 page novel on a website with the table of contents or an index is not a very common crossover.
  8. And that actually might be the biggest argument for Serif to not have an affiliate program. Recommendations that do happen will appear more honest and genuine.
  9. I think what that means is the third party services like Dropbox probably won't be adequate and they'll need to develop a project server component like Black Magic Design did for Davinci Resolve.
  10. It would almost certainly require the file to be redesigned slightly to record changes as they happened or possibly have a secondary scratch space that gets synced with each operation.
  11. Wait a minute. I just tried this using the Filters>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask and it does not seem to be modal. I can still change to any pallet, I can click the +/- in the Navigator panel, I can [CTRL] [+/-], and I can [CTRL] [scroll wheel] to zoom in or out.
  12. Yeah. I think the hobbyist market probably took the bigger hit from Adobe's subscription move. So for me (as a hobbyist who occasionally did something for hire as a favor) two things happened. I stopped buying the CS Master Collection every other year and I stopped telling budding photographers to just save up and learn Photoshop since it's the best. Instead I usually recommend something else as a starting point (currently Affinity products). It would be interesting to know how many people are like me.
  13. In Windows there are some apps that will load on whichever monitor the mouse is sitting on. So you can click to launch an app and then quickly move the mouse to the monitor on which you want the app to appear. Handbrake and AviDemux are a couple of examples. Affinity Apps don't do this. They load on the last monitor they were used. Can we get a setting to load the app on the same monitor the mouse is on?
  14. Interesting. The menus seem to be a little disorienting with the main menu on the right, but the drop-menus popping up on the left instead of flying out from the point of clicking. But still it is nice to see more desktop apps show up for Chrome OS.
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