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  1. I'd like to see a feature to select linked layers to be able to move and transform linked layers together. Maybe like in this mockup.
  2. Thanks for sorting this out. Would be nice if there was a hint to this in the manual.
  3. The passthrough option in the context toolbar is missing in Designer and Photo. It's only in Publisher.
  4. It does. Just copy from Cavalry, paste in your Affinity document and delete the watermark layers.
  5. You could also just select the image, not the picture frame, and click "Reset Wrap Outline" ("Umbruchkontur zur├╝cksetzen") and Publisher will recognise the correct outline (but you have to set the distance to the text manually). So there is no need for a separate clipping path (Beschneidungspfad). It's still a bug of course, but I'm sure this will be sorted out soon.
  6. As I reported here and there already, PDF (or any other vector-based format like .eps) export completely ignores the Live Filter Layers in Beta
  7. I'm aware of this. But Photo should of course merge the layers internally on PDF/X1a export because, to quote myself, "in the PDF/X1a specification layers are forbidden anyway". So the bug is that Photo (and Publisher) do not merge layers correctly on PDF export, which implies that it relates to or is even the same that causes Photo to ignore the Live-Filters on PDF export.
  8. Of course there is a color change. The color change from the left in the example picture (original - RGB) to the right in the example picture (PDF/X1a-Export with flattened layers - CMYK). But the example in the middle (PDF/X1a-Export - CMYK) is clearly off . Just try for yourself. The file is attached.
  9. But even if you get completely rid of the fill layers (all rasterized and trimmed) in the example file, you will still have the color shift as seen in the middle of the picture on PDF/x1a-Export.
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