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Interactive Colour Chords


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Nice…kudos on your work! All in all, very well done! 

Though I must say…..the Colors do not define correctly in all cases. Is not just the RBG of Device or such, as it is based on general locations of the Color Wheel itself. Of course could be a simple matter of Subjective perspective…but this is basing it on the actual Color Wheel positioning, not just “what one believe to be” the correct True Color Values.

In order to even get close, one must  alter within the Layers Panel...( if the Complimentary is that far off…then the others would be as well), meaning, must spend a lot of time correcting and that can get difficult/tricky. Changed the Complimentary Rectangle and even HSL…and while it displays correctly, if you go back and change the Primary Rectangle color as you should…the colors are completely off.

Example- Blue and Orange are Complimentary…yet if Blue chosen, the automatic chosen is Yellow- must choose a very light, almost Teal/Blue to get Orange.

‘Same with the other colors…cannot choose a tru Red, Yellow, etc and get the true Complimentary Color.






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