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  1. YES, that is the difference!!!! Got it. I tried to duplicate the letters and the rectangel in my workspace to excersize this. I just found out, that if you use a brush in a pixel layer, and then RightClick 'mask to below' it works as in your worksheet. ( @Dave Vector ) But starting with a vector shape as I did, you have to first 'rasterise to Mask' and then 'mask to below' the difference is the vector shape as a mask and a pixel layer as a mask. THANKS @anon2 Yolanda
  2. Very Helpfull, thanks. BUT, I have to do 2 things on layer 4. First RightCLick 'Rasterise to Mask' and then 'Mask to below' to get the number 4 effect. If I don't Rasterise to Mask, I get number 2. And I still don't know the difference for adjustment and live filters. Do I drag them ON the tumbnail (number 2) or do I clip them (number 3). Can anyone clearify that for me? Happy greetings, Yolanda
  3. @Rabalias, I am following this thread with great interest. I thought it was me that did not understand these brush settings due lack of expertise and feeling very blond at times. I just found out that if you set the opacity at a brush, DUPLICATE the brush, the opacity is now in the NEW brush settings. If I adjust the opacity and close the brush or use the X in de top right corner of the brush panel, it does not. Or sometimes it does. Or not....... I am missing a SAVE button, so I am sure the adjustments will stay in the brush. At least, this happens op Windows10 PC. For now I am setting the flow and accumulation both at the same % when changing anything, including under dynamics: the jitters. For me, that seem to work. FOLLOWING.... Greetings, Yolanda
  4. @StuartRc well goodmorning to you. Many thanks for your explanation. That is really, really nice of you. I will study it and try to replicate it to figure out how it is done. Yesterday evening I was trying to shade and highlight with textured vector brushes, but I do not have the hang of it yet. I do use vector shading with the fill and tranparancy tool as a basis, the vector brushes sometimes behave odd. Using pixel brushes seems more natural. I will be busy the next couple of days. THANKS. Yolanda
  5. @StuartRc This is so helpfull. That is why it is still flat. Since English is not my main language, I do not understand D : compound path. Sorry. B : I do use a pixel layer for shading. But in each layer. Each vector shape, so I do not go outside the lines. As I understand: you shade multiple vector layers at once with 1 pixel layer for shading? 😄 Yes, I did NOT shade the plants. Why didn't I think of that? And now I see that some of your plants have lightsources from the other direction. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT. Yolanda
  6. Big learning curve: how to organise elements, color choosing, pentool in Designer and drawing excersize. And a big thank you to Stuart RC for all his contributions to this forum. As you can see, I used a lot of assets and his latest Dinosaur brushes, Poison brushes en vegetation brushes. It helps to look at the brushes how they are developed, it helps to look at the assets of leaves and plants and how they are build up. One day I can do it myself, but for now, I am using Stuarts Designs. So again, THANKS. Mostly done in Designer with Vectors. But the final touches are done in Photo. Yolanda
  7. I did a restart on Photo, and now it seems okay. Moderators: I cannot delete this. You may, if you want. yolanda
  8. Hi, I have got Designer and Photo. The brush I made in Designer with dynamics, size jitter 100% and put on pressure with 5th curve does not react the same in Photo. It seems the pressure part does nothing. It looks like a bug, but because I am still learning (I am following several courses on Udemy) I am not sure. I am on windows 10, latest version. Can anyone verify this is a bug, or is it me? greetings, Yolanda
  9. Hi, I required Affinity Designer in november, so please bare with me. I saw Wonderwomen, a car and a plane made by really, really great artists. I have no intention to get that good, but to get better I need to share my work for getting suggestion and tips. I am at kindergarten level. Starting out with 2 courses at Udemy, watched dozens of youtube tutorials, and glad I got it so far. The fur on the head is kind of okay, the body does not really fit. thearms stick out too much, shadowing is pretty hard. THe eye is jpg, I was unsuccesfull in following 'art with Flo' . I can not get the mouth blend better, like the illustration from Deema Egerov. (I need other artists work trying to recreate to develop myself.) So if anyone has some time to get me some tips, I love to hear from you. Many thanks, Yolanda monster1F.afdesign
  10. Hi, I do NOT have Affinity Designer, only Photo. I do like to know more about paths and vectors and what is possible in Affinity Photo. Almost all tutorials will sent me to Designer (logical) when I search on youtube. Can anyone point me to a site where basics are explained and the possibilities of drawing in Affinity Photo? I know my way around very old versions of Illustrator. But I am not an artist, designer nor I have an education in that field. thanks and have a nice day. Yolanda
  11. HI I was following along with the new video by James Ritson: paint mixer brush video for the new AP1.7. When I used it in the same way, with a texture brush, i got thrown out of the program. twice. When using the soft round brush, it looks fine. Just used the effects brush with the paint mixer brush, and again, the program shuts down. it happened to an .afphoto file, when opening a jpg, it did not happen. Can anyone try this and get the same results? I have a windows 10 computer. Thanks, have a nice day.
  12. Drippy cat: got the book now, and already via Udemy 2 video courses. That is really helpfull, you are a good teacher. I am struggling as wel to get it. Before I worked with PS, and masking is little different in Affinity. Also, some video's James is doing are for much more advanced or proffesional users. Out of my league. But some are really, really good. he also has a pleasent voice to listen to and learn from. Happy greetings, Yolanda
  13. I found this link in another thread about working (or not) plugins: http://www.miquelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/win Very helpfull.
  14. Nik Collection is working fine for me, EXCEPT Viveza. My picture is lovely pink, while the tumbnail in the right down corner is correct in color. So far the other Nik plugins seem to work. Is this a bug?
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