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  1. HI I was following along with the new video by James Ritson: paint mixer brush video for the new AP1.7. When I used it in the same way, with a texture brush, i got thrown out of the program. twice. When using the soft round brush, it looks fine. Just used the effects brush with the paint mixer brush, and again, the program shuts down. it happened to an .afphoto file, when opening a jpg, it did not happen. Can anyone try this and get the same results? I have a windows 10 computer. Thanks, have a nice day.
  2. Drippy cat: got the book now, and already via Udemy 2 video courses. That is really helpfull, you are a good teacher. I am struggling as wel to get it. Before I worked with PS, and masking is little different in Affinity. Also, some video's James is doing are for much more advanced or proffesional users. Out of my league. But some are really, really good. he also has a pleasent voice to listen to and learn from. Happy greetings, Yolanda
  3. Yolanda

    Nik Collection Problems

    I found this link in another thread about working (or not) plugins: http://www.miquelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/win Very helpfull.
  4. Yolanda

    Nik Collection Problems

    Nik Collection is working fine for me, EXCEPT Viveza. My picture is lovely pink, while the tumbnail in the right down corner is correct in color. So far the other Nik plugins seem to work. Is this a bug?