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  1. Unfortunately, when I experimented the crashes, stabilisers were not active. I will inform You about eventual further anomalies. Thanks for the attention.
  2. I report same problem with my Windows Desktop version here. When I paint with vector brush and set the controller on pressure (Pen Tablet HUION HS64 driver version after few strokes the program locks completely causing loss of unsaved progress when closed. Affinity Designer version, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Build 19043.1110. I'm very interested in using vector brushes, but practically I can't use it. Please Help.
  3. HERE WE ARE! FINISHED! Link to last video below and attached Final Image PNG Export and outline layout. Please let me know Your impressions.
  4. https://youtu.be/YWuy8_4WRq0 General refining and definition of the right shirt structure.
  5. This video is a bit longer since it faces the problem of recreating the very complex structure of the main left checker shirt part.
  6. The very difficult making of the checker shirt in the folded up area around the arm.
  7. Sadly I have had another issue with the video capture, so another important part 3 is missing, I will resume here what was done in this missing episode. Apart from creating other parts of th face of Roddy Piper with skin tones, I have created wrinkles and more over hairs. The hairs have as usual an inner glow effect, but applied as a stroke effect, and some gaussian blur was applied to smooth the hairs. then the opacity was reduced and the correct color was set with the help of the color picker. Next episodes I will solve the screen capture issue and we will see the rest of the head and the very difficult checker shirt in detail. Then I will concentrate on the hand and on the glasses with the alien face. Bye!
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