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  1. Thanks to @Yolanda and @anon2 for the recent clarifications to the Cheat Sheet, Task 4. You feedback is appreciated Here is the latest version: Layers Panel Cheat Sheet 3.2.pdf
  2. Thanks @anon2. The crop icon AD uses to indicate a vector mask confuses me. I think there are a few things about layers that are not intuitive or easy. I will update the cheat sheet.
  3. Hmmm, to address this question: Task 2 I called "Crops" because it a.) added the crop icon beside the layer when the task was executed, and b.) behaved the same as using the Vector Crop Tool. For Task 4, I now see that the right-click "Mask to Below" pre-step is also performing the crop action and adding the crop icon beside the layer. In order to do Task 4 (use above layer rectangle object as a mask) the pre-step is now: "In the Layers Panel right-click on the rectangle and choose 'Rasterize to Mask' in the drop-down menu". Then proceed to drag onto the layer below, otherwi
  4. @ashf I appreciate your feedback. I see you are referring to my original (first) post in your comment. I admit my first attempts to articulate the layer behaviour in Affinity Design was not perfect and I have since updated the descriptions and the entire explanation into a single handy sheet. Please see my February 19, 2021 post. The attached PDF contains the same information as the inline PNG. "The first example" you are referring to is now in the "Task" column labelled "2. Rectangle Crops". I hope that makes more sense than the original description. I made the "Task" labels
  5. Thank you @Patrick Connor. I appreciate the updates. Please thank that team for me as well!
  6. Hi, I noticed the Drop Zone (green dotted area) for 5. Rectangle Below was not correct. Below is the corrected version and downloadable PDF. I also took the opportunity to make it clearer. Don't mean to spam ya'll but hey, it's free! Layers Panel Cheat Sheet 3.1.pdf
  7. Hello! I made an updated version of the "Layers Panel - Visual Summary", now called the Layers Panel Cheat Sheet. The procedural flow is now horizontal, so hopefully it's easier to understand. The link to the PDF version is below. Enjoy! Layers Panel Cheat Sheet 3.0.pdf
  8. Thanks for the great tip. I too am starved for vector patterning tools, but this works quite well especially with snapping and symbols. Followed the simple guide laid out by @dominik for the Data Merge Layout tool in Affinity Publisher. Results are very encouraging!
  9. I like the idea of different select behaviours depending upon if the user is drawing left to right, as opposed to right to left. You could have a similar function with the lasso depending upon whether your drew it clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  10. @prophet Indeed! Colour tags give you 7 "selection sets". I would wish for more, either with named sets or more colours.
  11. I wanted to thank the Serif team for adding what I called "Select Object by Trait..." (listed as #6 in last year's post) to Affinity Designer 1.9. It definitely helps speed up the workflow. I certainly appreciate the added functionality; great job!!! Hopefully we can see a few more of these remaining 8 features. I listed them here again and would love to hear people's thoughts on them. Most of these suggestions can span all the affinity desktop products, but some are Designer specific: 1. Organize Assets, Swatches, Brushes, Style Libraries with
  12. @SrPx Have you tried the rotate canvas functions in Affinity Designer to "spin the paper" so to speak, and take advantage of the natural arc of your drawing arm? It can really help one get a nice smooth arc with those long, perfect curves, without the need for the stabiliser, just like drawing on a sheet of paper in the analog world. The three rotate functions are located in the View menu, just under the Zoom functions. If you set up some convenient hot keys for the rotate functions, it can be quite a pleasure to use Even better, map those hotkeys to a Microsoft Surface Dial and
  13. @kirk23 since posting this idea a year and half ago, I expanded upon it with a few UI visuals. Check it out here:
  14. @anon2, thanks for helping clarify this odd behaviour with a great example. I hope Serif's team will address this bug soon as it makes things confusing.
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