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  1. @dominik yes, good point. I would love to hear from Serif if they are considering a feature like this and if so, where it roughly sits on their timeline of potential new features. @fde101 the idea of tags is a good one and an interesting solution to this issue I had not considered. I like that tags give you an even broader functionality. Nice one!
  2. @dominik You have some good points and they gave me opportunity to think about them and test them out. I was using Affinity Designer today to create about 74 icons, all with a similar style. I was relying on symbols to give me the freedom to alter shapes within the icons. Then I wanted to "un-sync" the symbols to shift the colours on certain groups of them. It became apparent that, although symbols are like powerful selection sets in and of themselves, having the ability to save a selection of elements within a bunch of groups (or symbols) would be a very powerful addition to the tools. Imagine a user attempting to do this type of deep selection in the Layers Tab. The user has to expand the drop-down arrow in each group or symbol, and select the crucial elements to change their properties. But if the user can SAVE the selection, they do not have laboriously go back, expand all the grouped layers, to select those elements ever again. It would be a HUGE time-saver and further enhance the power of Affinity Designer. Combine (2.) Select By... to easily pick elements of similar properties with (1.) Selection Sets and, as an artist, you would be "owning" your file instead of your file "owning" you!
  3. Hi, I realize that my requests for (2.) Select By... and (3.) Colour Modify have been vigorously discussed. Does anyone finding themselves wishing for (1.) Selection Sets? Please read above for details. Serif, thanks again for listening to our deluge of requests. We can surely make them faster than they can be filled! Mostly, it comes from a place of passion and the value we see in these tools!
  4. Yes, just last week I pulled this out of "older posts" and re-posted it to this forum here:
  5. Serif and @MattP, any updates on this issue/idea? Fellow Affinity users: Would this enhanced precision interest you?
  6. I felt I should resurrect this post from "Older Feedback & Suggestion Posts". @MattP indicated this was an important issue, and not trivial to implement (which I totally respect). I was hoping this would get addressed in version 1.7, but it did not. Can anyone from Serif talk about where this sits in the development schedule? THANKS! Original Post: MattP's Post:
  7. I had a look over this proposal again, and I really hope Serif will run with the spirit of this idea and implement it more elegantly than my suggestion. It is so exciting to see all three tools work so well in concert with each other, it really changes the established desktop workflows for 2D design. Again, I hope that Serif can aim to beat the competition when it comes to font/typeface management as it is so neglected as a design pillar in most software. Thanks! Dave
  8. Thanks @Aammppaa you a solid tropical fish! I just tried it and I can confirm the Isometric Artboard... Crazy!
  9. Is anyone from Serif getting this behavior?
  10. Hi, I am having issues with grid snapping in isometric view with a second artboard Create a new document Type: Web, Page Preset WXGA (1280 x 800, 16:10), Create Artboard Checked. Enable Snapping, choose only Snap to Grid. In Isometric studio, click Modify Grid... Choose Preset: Isometric 64x32 Pixel Isometric (with Planes) In Isometric Studio, Current plane choose Top With the rectangle tool draw a rectangle. the rectangle snaps to the isometric gridlines, as expected. If Front or Side plane is chosen, and a rectangle is drawn, snap to those grids also works as expected. Choose the Artboard tool and click on Insert Artboard in the context menu. On the new artboard, repeat steps #3 to #6, except the drawn rectangle does not snap to the gridlines anymore. I have attached a sample file (see below the images) with the issue, created with the above steps. Can anyone confirm they are getting the same behaviour? Second Artboard Iso Grid Snap.afdesign
  11. @valcoholic Nice little gem I did not know about. Thanks for the tip! Serif, perhaps this tip should be included at the very bottom left of the AD window, with all the other bolded tool instructions? I noticed it was not there.