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  1. Yes sure, here it is. One additional issue, although the Color Picker shows the real pixel value, the Color tab shows clipped value. 32bit.mp4
  2. Hi all, If I paint in a 32-bit document with a brush using color intensity higher than 1, the Color Picker clips the value to 1. Cheers, Juan
  3. Hi Mark, Yes, the application installed correctly but the starting failed. I did what you suggested and I got it up and running. Thank you. I'm attaching you the folder zipped. Test_beta.zip
  4. Thanks, I found it. Here is the log file. SetupUI.log
  5. Hi all, I'm unable to start the new beta The splash screen loads but after that the app just disappears. Where I can find the dump file or log?
  6. That´s another reason because I'm not sure about the mouse wheel. I still think that PL has it good since hardness and size are separated by keystrokes so no worry if you drag vertical or horizontal.
  7. What concerns me a little bit about the mouse wheel is how many steps the brush is going to be incremented, 1pixel or 10 pixels? the precision will be difficult I think. Let's take for example PhotoLine, if you hold Ctrl and drag the mouse it only changes the size, but if you hold Ctrl+Shift and drag the mouse, it changes only the hardness, in this way there is no worries if you drag the mouse vertical or horizontal.
  8. Hi all, Would it be possible to add support for the Flood Fill Tool and Flood Select Tool to read all the layers? Cheers, Juan
  9. Thank you MEB for your fast response. Indeed it was a black and white layer, and the workflow is pretty straight. Although is good to know how the procedure has to be if it is a colour layer. I would suggest if possible to add a command to revert a mask into a normal layer since as you can see the workflow especially for colour layers is not smooth. Could this be feasible? Cheers, Juan
  10. Hi all, Is there a way to revert a layer that has been converted to mask using Rasterize to Mask into a normal layer? Cheers, Juan
  11. Yeah it can be done, but I think for building up the presentation Publisher is the perfect tool that goes along with Photo. The beta version is free to use for now, give it try. I have play a little bit with it and is pretty neat for this kind of job.
  12. I have been adopting AP little by little in my workflow. All my 3D post production is done here importing my .exr files. Only one thing still bugs me is the "magic wand" when selecting a color using the material/object ID, is way too limited and is not soft or antialiased like PS. I know that there is the selection refinement but for archviz this is not ok. Now, when I try to use it for facades and floor plans is where AP falls behind since some basic tools are still missing, for example the bucket tool to read all the layers, vector fills, or create a vector object using the bucket tool to name a few. Although, I hope this tools gets improved over the time. Sorry if I misspell some tools, I'm away from the computer and I don't remember the proper names . Juan.
  13. jc4d

    Gamma limit

    That long ago I changed to Windows?
  14. Yeah sorry, I meant file type. But why it does it only if the file is associated to Affinity but not if the file is associated e.g. Photoline in this case?