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  1. Too bad. I hope StudioLink supports photo and designer without publisher at some point.
  2. DrawPlus had this feature as well. Cheers, Juan
  3. Hi Chris B, Awesome, that did the trick. Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy . Cheers, Juan
  4. Hi all, I just noticed something weird and not consistent between inside the same application or any other software and is the alignment of the dropdown menu and sub menu. 1- For example, the dropdown menu it seems to be aligned to the right of the menu and it should be to the left: 2- Gets worse when opening sub menu which some open to the left although the arrow points to the right: In conclusion all the menu should be aligned to the left like any other software (maybe is not standard but is a best practice) and always the sub menu should open where the small arrow is (to the right) Quick mockup: Cheers, Juan
  5. I understand, but how then other software manage to keep the keymaps consistent? Because no matter what software do you use, shift key is used to add something to selection from excel cells to any 3D software. Cheers, Juan
  6. No problem , it's good that is on mac at least, now they have to do the same in Windows.
  7. Hi Callum, Is not working for me sadly Cheers, Juan
  8. Hi all, Would it be possible to add support for Shift key to add a selection for the Marquee tool? We have the Add Mode button over the tool bar but sometimes is much faster to hold Shift and continuing selecting than jumping to the tool bar. And we have the hold right mouse button while adding but that workflow is not ergonomically at all it prompt to mistakes. Moreover, for people with carpal tunnel syndrome (like me) forcing one finger down while trying to click with another finger is a big big no. Cheers, Juan
  9. Thank you Dan C. I went through that documentation but that is like alien language for me, it is way too technical for artists if you ask me) I agree with @gdenby that we need some tuts and more detailed explanation if we want for example to enhance the presets... do we need to add a new line or we just extend the formula? My wish is that Affinity team makes a revision of it and make user friendly for those who has no math skills (like me) and need more UI driven solution. Cheers, Juan
  10. I agree, this is one of the reasons for me to not make a full transition. When dealing with object ID passes this is an example of what we have to deal with (image borrowed from here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ln18k ) and if the tool it doesn't do a good job out of the box, then a revision of the tool is needed. Cheers, Juan
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to add new parameters to the Live Procedural Texture but I can't get my head around it. Basically I would like to use the Smoothed bars preset and add a rotation parameter and a way to control the thickness of the black bars and white bars independently, is this possible? Thanks in advance, Juan
  12. Yes sure, here it is. One additional issue, although the Color Picker shows the real pixel value, the Color tab shows clipped value. 32bit.mp4
  13. Hi all, If I paint in a 32-bit document with a brush using color intensity higher than 1, the Color Picker clips the value to 1. Cheers, Juan
  14. Hi Mark, Yes, the application installed correctly but the starting failed. I did what you suggested and I got it up and running. Thank you. I'm attaching you the folder zipped. Test_beta.zip