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  1. What a nice hidden gem, thanks. Cheers, Juan
  2. No problem Jim , in my work I usually paint facades and if I want to select one specific window (for example) to move I don't use the layer panel list because those documents are PDF imported into AP so I have no idea where that window layer is in the hierarchy. Therefore, I just click the window (or object that I need to select) in the drawing (what I call the canvas) which is much more faster than searching among 150 layers without names. I hope this answer your question. Cheers, juan
  3. Thanks for the extra tip JimmyJack, although I didn't know about it I just checked and has been on all the time, so I think is not working properly... could it be that is limited to layers that don't belong to a group? Cheers, Juan
  4. That's excellent, thank you Dan C. Cheers, Juan
  5. Hi all, When working with crazy amount of layers (PDF imported in this case) it is much faster to select the object in the canvas and not guessing which one is in the Layer list, but the problem comes when I select the object and I want to see where is that layer in the Layers panel, is there any shortcut or any other way to do this? I hope it makes sense. Cheers, Juan
  6. jc4d

    Missing Color Depth

    Hi Chris, Hmmm, if AP support 32-bit I think that it should be fully supported, from the Colour chooser to Color picker to the Info. One problem among many others related with 32-bit is the Color picker doesn't pick the right color value if the Color intensity is set to +20 for example. Other problems I have reported already, just hoping for 32-bit workflow gets fully featured. Cheers, Juan
  7. Hi all, I noticed that in the Color Tab there is no 32-bit option, is this intended or just a missing feature?. Furthermore, the picker does not pick the Intensity set in the brush. Cheers, Juan
  8. Hi all, Here is my try. Cheers, Juan
  9. Not sure if this I understand correctly, but I just saved a sample file in PS with a Vector Mask and in Affinity the Vector Mask comes as a "Compound" layer which you can use the node tool to modify the vector shape. Cheers, Juan
  10. +1. Can this option be added in future release? Cheers, Juan
  11. I agree with you, choosing the right LUT is a real pain in the current state. And live preview like blend modes. Cheers, Juan
  12. Hi Chris, Hmm, I see, yeah that is what I meant. From my personal point of view I think the user should always see the marquee in all the modes in this case subtract and intersect, otherwise the behaviour is a little inconsistent compared with Add operation. Cheers, Juan
  13. Hi all, I noticed that if there is a selection made (marching ants) and you do a Subtract in Rectangular, Elliptical, Column and/or Row Marquee you are not able to see the marquee while dragging, the only one that works is Freehand. I'm on Win10. Hope it makes sense. Cheers, Juan
  14. Great idea, love it. Totally agree with you.