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  1. Hi all, I have installed my own AP in the work computer, and now I need to completely uninstall (serial, preferences, etc) it from it and preventing that when another co-worker install AP doesn't use my license. I'm on Win10 How this can be done? Cheers, Juan
  2. The object that you want to use as "smart object" save it as a PDF and then drag it on your open working file.
  3. In my case I get architectural drawings in PDF to put some colors, people, etc (to make it nice). Let's take a window for example, when I open the PDF, each line that makes the window is a curve layer in Affinity, now imagine if I have on one window 13 curve layers and multiply that by 10 or 15 windows, plus doors, plus walls, etc. Here is a little screenshot of how a raw PDF looks when I open it of couple of windows, one door and a fence: Now, when dealing with four or more facades of one building, navigating throughout the document, adding layers, zooming in and out it is almost impossible unless I merge all the curves. Additionally, having the curves allows me to change line width and/or color and still be able to scale the document without loosing the resolution since is a vector layer. Cheers, Juan
  4. There is a way to have some kind of smart objects in ap. When you drag and drop a pdf into your canvas, the layer will read (embedded document) or something like that. If you double click that layer a new document will open where you can paint over it and when you go back to your working file you will notice that the layer is updated. Cheers, Juan
  5. @Callum Just sent you a small sample file. Cheers, Juan
  6. Yep, but when dealing with more than 600 layers and in groups inside groups this workflow is almost prohibited. Cheers, Juan
  7. Let me try to replicate one of the files by myself keeping the hierarchy order for you.
  8. Hi Callum, Sadly all my files are under NDA and I can't share any of them. I think he wanted an specific file to see how the layers are nested and test it.
  9. Hi all, I often get PDF from clients which the vector layers are in many groups and sub groups, and what I need is to merge all the layers to only one curve layer, but I can't find a way to do it since when I select the top most group the Merge Curves option is greyed out. Is there a way to achieve this in a easy or smooth way? Cheers, Juan
  10. Too bad. I hope StudioLink supports photo and designer without publisher at some point.
  11. DrawPlus had this feature as well. Cheers, Juan
  12. I understand, but how then other software manage to keep the keymaps consistent? Because no matter what software do you use, shift key is used to add something to selection from excel cells to any 3D software. Cheers, Juan
  13. No problem , it's good that is on mac at least, now they have to do the same in Windows.
  14. Hi Callum, Is not working for me sadly Cheers, Juan
  15. Hi all, Would it be possible to add support for Shift key to add a selection for the Marquee tool? We have the Add Mode button over the tool bar but sometimes is much faster to hold Shift and continuing selecting than jumping to the tool bar. And we have the hold right mouse button while adding but that workflow is not ergonomically at all it prompt to mistakes. Moreover, for people with carpal tunnel syndrome (like me) forcing one finger down while trying to click with another finger is a big big no. Cheers, Juan

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