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  1. Any news about fixing this behavior with mask layer and bland ranges applied to adjustment layer? Blend ranges are working correct when applied to adjustment layer with built-in mask but stop working with separate mask layer. Strange thing is why it is not working for mask layers but works with built-in masks... I've checked this with OpenCL turned off (Photo 2.4.2 and beta under Windows 10) and the issue is gone. I usually use separate mask layer in adjustment layers because I can turn off that mask layer and compare the difference of adjustment layer with or without a mask. This is not possible with built-in masks. And I use this grouping walk-around but it is a bit tedious on a daily basis with nesting many layers, adjustments and masks, especially when in the end I want to apply blend ranges to one of my layers...
  2. Hello Halex πŸ™‚ I'm using v2 since it appeared, and v1 since 2020. I have two Wacom tablets (old Bamboo small and Intuos 4) both on machines with Window 10. And have never experienced similar problem you described. I was playing with the setting Low/High precision but haven't really noticed any difference in my case (I use high). I've checked your other forum topics. Do you have Windows Ink turned off in Wacom settings? Have you checked that? Maybe it is turned on and it is causing that behaviour? Have you tried other graphic programs like Krita (free) for similar problem with double click?
  3. Any news about resolving this issue? It is still present in latest beta Pinned documents get unpinned after opening them in Photo, Designer and Publisher on Windows 10. It was like this since "pinning" feature appeared in V2 (I think). It would be great if the fix was implemented in version 2.3 πŸ˜€
  4. Hello This limited locking feature is really user unfriendly and counter intuitive... I've tested this behaviour and captured screenshots to understand and show this. In Designer 2.1 when object itself is hidden then it won't be selected with SELECT SAME option (and with SELECT HIDDEN unchecked). But when a parent layer is hidden (object is not visible but is not hidden itself) it gets selected. You can clearly see this on my example below: This RESPECT PARENT is fixed and working correctly in Designer Beta 2.2 as visible below, but still selects locked object/layers: There is already an option with checkbox - Select Hidden Objects. I have a proposition to include additional option in that menu also with checkbox that would prevent selecting locked objects/layers - SELECT LOCKED OBJECT:
  5. I completely agree with that. And one other thing to add to this new functionality would be: ALT click on a hidden layer to isolate it should temporarily show it till exiting isolation mode Now, there is no point of isolating hidden layer - you can do that, but you get an empty canvas obviously. When there are other hidden layers and you want to see exactly their content, you have to manually enable all of them, then isolate each one to see the difference, and hide them again. Instead, new functionality of ALT click to isolate hidden layer would be much more useful.
  6. This scan code of a key {SC0E9} refers to a key which is probably unused for almost all software or used only by Windows XBox Game Bar (this bar should be turned off in settings for this script to work). If this may conflict with your usage, then yes, it may not be the right choice. More info on how this script works and other settings in the link below (author's description): https://github.com/TaranVH/2nd-keyboard/blob/master/Taran's_Windows_Mods/Alt_menu_acceleration_DISABLER.ahk I already tried restricting this script to only work when Affinity Photo is running (as you suggested), but there was an issue with ALT+TAB - when you were in AP pressing ALT+TAB invoke a window with opened tasks (as usual), but releasing ALT wasn't closing this window and switching to a different app. It was because the moment you tried to switch apps by ALT+TAB, the script was interrupted in the middle, because you were technically out of AP. And I couldn't find a way to repair this behaviour.
  7. I use Designer, Blender, HitFilm etc. and all of them are working correctly with this script enabled. All shortcuts respond as they should, defining them in HitFilm for example is the same as I described above for Photo - by first, ALT alone is recognized as CTRL+ALT+... but next, with any letter it is correctly defined as a shortcut ALT+... and is working as it should afterwards. In your question - are you referring to ALT+V as an example (like I did) or is it important for you in certain app? ALT+V was an example only. By default with this script - left Alt+F opens File menu, left Alt+V opens View menu and so on, and this is the same behaviour as without the script. When you define shortcuts like ALT+F or ALT+V they start to work as defined by you and no longer take you to the menu. And again, this is the same behaviour as without the script πŸ™‚ So no interference there. File tagging in FastStone by ALT+1, ALT+2... is also working correctly. Switching tabs in RawTherapee with ALT+E, ALT+D... is also working. I'm testing this for 1-2 weeks and so far so good... πŸ™‚ I haven't encounter any issues like with old script, when dialog windows disappear, using some tools canceled their effect and so on.
  8. Hi there, I found another solution to this ALT accessing menu problem πŸ˜ƒ Since new functionality in Affinity Photo 2.1, blocking ALT the way I did it earlier, interfered with more tools and was causing more troubles. I found a video exactly about this problem of accessing menu with ALT and found one of the AHK script mentioned there working perfectly. The idea is as follows: in Windows when you press left ALT alone you access the menu. But when you pair the ALT key with another key (like with many shortcuts), focus does not move to menu. So the solution is to pair this left ALT key with another key permanently. And for that purpose a virtual key is working perfectly, because it is not used for anything else, so you are not sacrificing any real key or shortcut. You trick the system that every time ALT is being pressed, a virtual key is also being pressed. For me a virtual key "SC0E9" is working correctly, and the script looks like this: LAlt:: sendinput, {LAlt down} sendinput, {SC0E9 down} KeyWait, LAlt Return LAlt up:: sendinput, {LAlt up} sendinput, {SC0E9 up} Return This is working all the time in Windows for all apps, and is not restricted only to Affinity Photo. So the menu is blocked also in Designer etc. One thing to remember when defining new shortcuts with ALT... When in a field for defining a shortcut - you press ALT and it shows Ctrl+Alt but when you finally press another key (V in an example below) it is replaced by Alt+V correctly. I haven't encounter other flaws or issues so far which is promising
  9. Thank you both for checking this. I rechecked this again on my own on the newest beta and release 2.0.4 and now it is working correctly as it should. So perhaps I encounter some kind of random one time issue and I misinterpreted this as a bug. I should have rechecked it thoroughly first before creating new topic about this. I apologise for the confusion πŸ˜‡
  10. I've noticed that when using levels adjustment layer and showing clipping with Alt + left mouse on black/white sliders - adjusted value reverts to last setting when Alt is released. You can first release mouse button and it seems it is working fine, but as soon you release Alt, the value and slider reverts to previous position. When you hold Alt and adjust slider with left mouse click, then adjust it once again by another mouse click (still holding Alt) - releasing Alt reverts value to the one back position before releasing ALT. The same behaviour is in official Photo 2.0.4.
  11. If I may share my insight after using latest beta... πŸ™‚ Maybe lets revert to previous method of assigning mask and keep right click for opening additional menu: - left click on the mask button = mask - alt + left click on the mask button = empty mask - right click = opens menu with additional options I have a filling that this may be more obvious solution, right click is usually for opening additional context menu. And previous behaviour of adding mask/empty mask was familiar for a lot of users and was fast for only adding mask/empty mask without the need for opening additional menu. Therefore no functionality will be removed, like alt + click for empty mask but new functionality will be added, like right click for additional options. Thanks for considering it and being open to all users suggestions πŸ™‚
  12. Yes, for me too - on Windows 10 in beta The same behaviour as you described above.
  13. I've noticed the same thing recently. Does not work in Photo and Designer beta on Windows 10. However, wheel is working correctly in Quick FX panel, but does not work in Layer Effects window, same behaviour for all sliders among all effects.
  14. I've found that this problem still exist in Beta in Photo and Designer. Probably it is connected or similar to problem with focus which stays in recent opened dropdown fields. The result is that all shortcuts are not functioning. Here is a thread about this: When you try to rename a layer or just click on its name but without renaming it in the end, and then selecting other layer, the highlighted field is still active, focus stays there and shortcuts don't work. When you deselect layer by clicking on an empty space in a layer panel, the highlighted field disappear but focus is still on that field and non of the shortcuts work either.
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