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  1. Thank you for your help, SrPxI found out a solution!! Just go to Affinity Preferences / Tools / Tablet Input Method / High Precision.Now the double click is turn off.
  2. I can't turn off the double click, it annoys me a lot when I'm drawing. I recorded a video explain how is my problem. I'm using Windows 11 and digital pen Intuos 5. Help.mp4
  3. How can I turn off the double click in Affinity Photo? It annoys me at drawing. I'm using Windows 11 and Intuos 5, here is a video recording my problem: Help.mp4
  4. Hello, how can I export one brush to other category? I have this one in a category and I want to move this one to other category. Is it possible?
  5. Hello Callum. Yes, take a look at that image, you can see how it become blurry when I try to scale a separate layer. You can see that bug trying that: copy a line art draw, cut some part of its, paste in other layer, scale that layer, merge with line art draw layer. Repeat that and you can see how the image loses resolution.
  6. When I move/scale/rotate some line art drawing, others line art decreased resolution. Maybe it isn't clear to see it on the video, but it is happening with me. 2022-10-23 14-02-52.mkv
  7. I have two questions about the Zoom tool: * Is there any way to desable the snap in zoom tool? * Is there any way to change de defaut shortcut like space+alt+click? For zoom out, I'd like to change the zoom out shortcut to space+x+click.
  8. Thank you very much! It works very well for me now. Is there a way to set up the 4th buttom on keyboard? The pen buttom works fine, but on keyboard it would be perfect.
  9. Hello. I'm interesting know more about that X-Mouse. I've sent you a private message. Thanks.
  10. I was using the Eraser Tool. In the record I was trying to increase the eraser size.
  11. Changing brush size by Ctrl + Alt doesn't work very well, because sometimes the brush size isn't the same as the change icon. Brush Size.mp4
  12. I bought the Affinity Photo, the first impression was good, nice interface and tools very similar to Photoshop. But after some weeks, I found many bugs and weird tools settings. * The ALT Color Picker doesn't work very well. This shortcut should help me a lot when I'm painting, but that bug really disturbing me. Besides, the Color Picker Tool has a weird setting that chooses a color and sets that to secondary color, I really can't understand why that setting. * Changing brush size by Ctrl + Alt doesn't work very well, because sometimes the brush size isn't the same as the change icon. * I hate that snap in zoom tool, it annoys me a lot. * There isn't an Opacity Button for brushes. * I need to pay attention to changing the layer order, because in "wrong" movement it creates some kind of mask. In Photoshop I just move it anyway and it works for me. I'm sad, I'm using 1.10.5 version and it is not working very well for me.
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