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  1. Hi all, I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap. I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill. Cheers, Juan
  2. Hi MEB, Thank you for your reply. Although symbols are a very powerful feature is not what I would need to accomplish the task. I work as 3D visualizer and sometimes I get from clients ready render where I need to put e.g. on a wall lines simulating wood panels, and here I would need a vector fill with the ability to change the size exactly like the Bitmap in the fill tool behave. I'm aware of the Procedural texture available in Photo beta, but I would love to have the vector power of that feature over Designer. PhotoLine has this feature where the user can add/create any pattern and the objects will fill with it in a extremely easy way. Maybe it worth for you to check it out, because I'm an Serif products sucker Could this topic be moved to feature request?
  3. For me, is just about workflow and less clicks to perform any action. 1. On the HSL adjustment layer, this: 2. Reset button on the transform tab. 3. Jitter flip X, Y brush
  4. Hi all, If I try to modify the HSL control points on a 32 bit image in the blue channel for example to green, nothing happens, I have to click on the green channel in order to see the greens affected...(is better a video than words). Everything seems to work fine if I convert the 32 bit image into a 8 bit one. I'm attaching the sample file. Cheers, Juan HSL_32_bit.zip
  5. Thanks Chris B, but the interesting part is that if the document is in 8 bit color depth, the tool works as it should be. After you download my file, follow my steps and then repeat the same steps but only after converting the image to 8 bit.
  6. Is there a confirmation about this issue?
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to set the Brush Dynamics to flip Jitter randomly in X and/or Y axis? I tried playing with Rotation Jitter, but no avail. Cheers, Juan
  8. Thank you so much, really appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I'm working in a PDF document from a CAD software and I need to select few objects (shadows in this case) and I would need to "save" the selection without grouping those layers. I tried Snapshots but it seems like the command do not store the selected layers. Is there a way to "Save" selected layers? Cheers, Juan
  10. Thank you for point it. I have to say that it is a powerful feature, although I have to admit that thie flip X and flip Y could be implemented in the Jitter to make the workflow smoother, but for the time being I'm glad there is a workaround. Would it be possible for mods to move this to feature request section?
  11. Thank you, I didn't think about it. Sadly I just checked how the layers are named and this is not possible, since all the layers are without a name. But anyway, would it be possible for you to explain how I could build a Macro to select the layers based on their names?
  12. Thanks for checking it . I think the important thing here is that the team is considering to do something to support it at some point. In the short time I have been using AP and see how the beta evolve, the team has risen the confidence on me on how they are open to implement and listen to us and our crazy ideas.
  13. Thank you again for your time, I look forward to see the selection by attributes implemented. Well, we can use this topic as another example on why the selection by attributes is needed. Even if this feature is added only to Designer... my wallet is ready
  14. Thanks for the explanation. Let me give you an example: As you can see in this screenshot I have this PDF file (which is a tiny portion of the whole document) where I need to select all the layers that are shadows and this has to be done clicking on each object, but there is a point that I need to jump to another project or restart the computer, etc. So I would like somehow to "store" the selected layers without altering the order since there are patterns an other layers on top and behind of this "shadow" layers and that´s why it is so important to keep the hierarchy as it is. Another option is to have a Find option where I can select all the layers that has the same fill color for example which would be much more faster... Is this possible?
  15. Thank you for the fast reply. Do you think this topic could be moved to features request?
  16. Thank you, pretty nice trick Is it possible to add another another brush nozzle another brush or this will only accepts bitmaps? Cheers, Juan
  17. I agree, the layers text is way too small and everything looks SO cramped over there. I would love to have the same looks as is in the official release. If the developers wants to have the same look across platform, then make OSX to look the same as in Windows and not vice versa.
  18. Too bad, I wanted to test it , but I understand.
  19. i'm not experience this on Win10, it works as it should be.
  20. @Mark Ingram Would it be possible to release a hotfix with the Assets added?. BTW, layers colors and thumbnail size it came as a very nice surprise, thank you for adding them.
  21. Yeah, I have been wondering the same, the software should be smart enough to "know" what color range the user is picking. If I may add one more bit here is that the picker should work with a modifier key, for example Alt will enable the picker so the user relieve from extra redundant clicks. Just remember one thing... the less clicks the better. The current workflow is first creating the Adjustment layer, then selecting the color in the color bubble?, then enabling Picker and finally clicking on the image, there are total of 4 clicks. Now the new proposal is, first creating the Adjustment layer then holding Alt and click on the image, the total clicks have been reduced to two only, by doing this we reduce by 50% the amount of clicks and the program will become more ergonomic. Cheers, Juan
  22. Photoline has built-in a measure/scale tool which is awesome, first you draw a line over something that you know the size and then internally the software store it and you can keep measuring in that given scale. I know Photoline is not famous but it has pretty neat features that are extremely powerful like fully 32 bit workflow, scale ruler, etc.
  23. Agree, there are few items missing there. This is a long shot but maybe it wouldn't hurt to be able to customize the menu.
  24. Here we started the discussion about it with really nice ideas. Cheers, Juan
  25. Hi all, I'm fairly new with Affinity (loving it so far), but I can't find a way to see the values of an 32-bit image in the Color Sampler Info panel. No matter what mode I use it seems to always clip to 255 which is not the case of my image. Cheers, Juan