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  1. I understand, the thing is that the Color tab UI is not updating if the apply to selection is unchecked, and why this happens only to Image type and not Pixel type, hence the confussion about the usage of this tool.
  2. If a moderator/dev can take a look at this topic and comment if this is the expected behavior or a bug then this topic can be moved to bug reports of feature request.
  3. But if you uncheck the Apply to Selection then the Color panel is not updated and you cannot take the hex number.
  4. Thank you both for your reply. @Lagarto thanks to your video I found the issue, if you have the Image type layer selected in the layers panel and start sampling the color, this layer is recolored which it doesn't happens if you have a pixel layer type selected. Color picker.mp4
  5. Thanks, it is working for a pixel type layer which samples correctly but if you sample it on a Image type layer, the layer will be recolored. Not sure if this is a "feature" or a bug.
  6. Thank you for the video, really appreciated, sadly there are couple of drawbacks with it 😔. Firts issue is that it seems I cannot control the sample radius and the second issue is that I'm not able to copy the hex value. Cheers, Juan
  7. Hi all, Often I have to get the hex code from sampled color, for this we can use the Color Picker or by double clicking on the Color Chooser, the problem with any of this methods is that to show the hex info the color is applied to the layer and I just want to get the hex code without being applied the color to the layer/image. Is there a way to do it? Cheers, Juan
  8. Ups, sorry. I should have done a search before ☺️ Mods are free to delete this topic.
  9. Hi all, WIth the latest Beta I'm unable to load (drag and drop) any picture from Unsplash. Pexels and Pixabay works fine though. Cheers, Juan
  10. Hi, I'm experiencing a strange behaviour with the latest Beta when I duplicate a layer that has a Live Filter on it. Here is a video and the file attached. Cheers, Juan Live Filter.afphoto
  11. Thank you @walt.farrell, @PaulG, indeed the latest update was hidden from me, but now everything is up and running.
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but within the latest beta of AD and AP I'm unable to activate Hardware acceleration. Mods can move it to the right place if needed. I'm on Win 10 Home Build 18363 and latest Nvidia driver on a RTX 2070 SUPER.
  13. I open DXF in PhotoLine and save it in some other format that Designer can open.
  14. Hi all, Is there a way to hide temporary the Liquify Freeze Tool mask? Just like the Hide mesh checkbox. Cheers, Juan
  15. Like you I decided to keep my perpetual R21. I had Prime since version 9 and upgraded every time, but now I couldn't justify the price step from Prime to the whole package since I don't have use for mograph and those. I have been following that thread as I think any other C4D that jumped the ship since the subscription model was announced. I think Serif team is aware of that since they have even a video on youtube about selecting objects with the cryptomatte pass, but it relies on the magic wand and not a true cryptomatte support.
  16. Yeah, after they decided to go to subscription I said that I will not support that kind of business model. And honestly so many architectural plugins are now abandonware, so I didn't have any reason for continuing with it. Although I know about Cycles4D, didn't know that it supports cryptomatte.
  17. +1. Even more now that I have migrated from C4D to Blender completely.
  18. You can stop by here and let the devs know your interest.
  19. Hi all, I don't want to open a new topic for this. I just noticed that a new Photo Beta for Windows was released and in the changelog it says that the brush parameter change is Ctrl+Alt and in the mouse we need to keep pressed left and right button... you are using 40% of your fingers just to change interactively the brush size and hardness, not good at all. I'm so sorry but this is far for comfortable and ergonomic, specially for people that suffers of the carpal tunnel were you keep pressure not in one but in two fingers. I hope this wouldn't be hardcoded and let the users customize the key binding as pleased. I hope the developers read this and re-think about this decision. I would love to remap it to Ctrl+RMB for example. My two cents. Juan
  20. Hola, Puedes tomar un pequeño video de lo que pasa para ver? O si puedes comprarte el archivo para revisar.
  21. I agree, the cancel operation should be performed by hitting the ESC key.
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