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  1. I have the same need: Make a selection Create an adjustment layer (usually Levels) Adjust RGB sliders based on the histogram of the selected area showing in the Levels panel A very quick and effective tool in PS.
  2. One more vote for having blend modes apply for brushes when painting on masks.
  3. After a few too many "why isn't this tool working?" moments in PS I turned OFF AutoSelect and never looked back.
  4. I found this thread because today I had a case where this capability would have been very helpful.
  5. If I add a mask to a pixel layer and modify the layer with the Warp Tool, only the pixels are affected, the mask doesn't change. I don't understand the logic here, the tool should work on the mask as well. Like in that "other program".
  6. You're right...VERY destructive. I'd like something a bit more friendly.
  7. This one caught me today. I spent considerable time constructing a mask for an image and was shocked when the Warp tool only modified the image.Why would you ever want to warp an image without making the same change to the layer mask?
  8. I asked for this improvement to Select Color Range in the Feature Requests forum, still hoping to see it someday. This is one of the holes in AP that makes me still pay for Photoshop.
  9. I use the Select Color Range tool in PS almost daily. The limitations in the AP Select Sampled Color tool makes it frustratingly useless in my applications. I would like these features added: Add or subtract from selection with additional clicks on the image. Additional options for viewing selection beyond marching ants, e.g., overlay, black on white, etc.
  10. I would like the values entered in Refine Mask for an adjustment layer mask to be saved with the mask (like the PS mask Properties Panel) for future review or modification. Now every time you open the Refine Mask dialog all values start at zero instead of how the mask is currently defined. AP is using the current values to correctly display the mask, I'd like the dialog to be pre-populated with those numbers.
  11. So I should include the grey card and adjust exposure in AP to 55,55,55? I can live with that, but I suspect I won't be the last one tripped up by this major variance from CR/LR.
  12. I understand those explanations but they don't apply to the actual problem. The comparative image I posted is of AP with the image assistant turned on. Both Camera Raw and AP Develop report the card as 128,128,128 (or so) but the AP image is much too light. If I include a grey card in a photograph then adjust the exposure in AP so it samples at 128,128,128 I don't think I'm going to like the result. Still assuming I'm doing something wrong. Windows 7, Canon S120, AP, Camera Raw 9.1.1
  13. I expected the values to be around 128 because that's what the card image measures in Camera Raw. The AF image is visually much lighter than medium grey, the sampler from Photoshop measures it at about 180, 180, 180. I assume I've done something wrong in Affinity.
  14. I should preface by saying I'm new to both Affinity and camera raw processing. I take a photo of a standard grey card as raw (.cr2) and open in Develop (Assistant turned off). The onscreen image is medium grey. I set a sampler point in the card, the rgb values are 55,55,53. Why aren't they all 128 (or so)? If I enable the Assistant (and the tone curve) the rgb values are all around 120, but the image is much lighter than the grey card.
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