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  1. You're link goes to cubebrush's sign up/log in page but I found your store. Nice looking brushes. https://cubebrush.co/tashiro Site gave me a discount code for joining - CB-BC2C8B41 20% off first purchase for new members & I'll get a 10% discount if it's used.
  2. Just bought Affinity Photo from the Black Friday Sale - really enjoyed trying it out with the lockdown trial. Been experimenting with some of the brushes I got in the BF sale., working on an idea for a fanzine inspired by The Beach Boys song Angel Come Home. Gold Photo painted over mostly using Frankentoon Neptune & DAUB Watercolours & Washes brushes and multiple layers. Blue - flattened gold image painted over with various brushes (mostly from Frankentoon Nature, but I installed Xenon & Powder Blast brushes at the same time so prob also used some of them)
  3. They've got a page about free fronts from dafont https://affinityrevolution.com/how-to-find-beautiful-fonts-for-free/
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