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  1. Also kind of a Moebius vibe, might just be the colours.
  2. From a quick google: Hold it Right There have a Clarendon Crossbody Wallet pattern and youtube tutorials. Clarendon Crossbody Wallet Sew Along tutorial videos(youtube playlist)
  3. They're a company that manufacturers & prints physical media (cds, vinyl, dvds, blu-ray etc.) and have free professional templates. Templates are in Indesign/ Illustrator/ PSD/ &/or pdf format Vinyl lp templates (record jacket , inner sleeves+ label) https://www.discmakers.com/templates/vinyl.asp cd digipak templates https://www.discmakers.com/templates/digipaks.asp cd card sleeves https://www.discmakers.com/templates/jackets.asp cd jewel case templates (inserts, booklets, tray card & disc label) https://www.discmakers.com/templates/jewelcase.asp ---- eta: I see firstdefence already linked to their main template page on Friday & that's what Dazmodo is referring to.
  4. If you have a licence key you can get DrawPlus X8 here https://www.serif.com/en-gb/legacy/downloads/ More information from the separate (non Affinity) Serif forums for discussing Drawplus/PagePlus and other legacy Serif software https://community.serif.com/tutorials/details/112738/redownloading-purchased-legacy-software
  5. Current free content for Photo is: "BONUS - 20 Fog Overlays by Paper Farms 20 realistic fog overlays to add drama to your images. Supplied as .afassets and standalone PNGs with a commercial use licence. User guide included. BONUS - 60 Snow Overlays by Paper Farms Over 40 easy-to-use falling snow overlays and 20 authentic snow overlays. Supplied as .afassets and standalone PNGs with a commercial use licence. User guide included. BONUS - 35 Rainbow Overlays by Paper Farms 35 overlays to add mystical rainbows to your scenes. Supplied as .afassets and standalone PNGs with a commercial use licence. User guide included. BONUS - 20 Rain Overlays by Paper Farms Add credible rain effects to your images with these 20 overlays. Supplied as .afassets and standalone PNGs with a commercial use licence. User guide included."
  6. Avast Online Security (chrome plugin) doesn't block it as dangerous or otherwise detect any problems with that site. Loads ok in Microsoft Edge too. The warning shown in the screenshot in the first post's seems to be connected to a crypto wallet extension called Metamask (can't see anything obvious on the affinity.graphics site that's linked to ethereum/crypto). eta: just visited the crypto scam database the message says you can find information about how the site's dangerous and it's not even listed on there. It's probably a false positive because an aparentally dodgy ether wallet site also uses the .graphics TLD
  7. Just tried the demo of Machine Wash deluxe - tried installing it directly to the Affinity Photo plugins folder but Affinity doesn't even recognise the plugin to add it to the menu. (installing it to a different folder that telling AP to find it via prefences make sno difference) - Windows 10 Affinity Photo version Maybe it only (semi) works with macs? eta: I've restarted the software (ap) & and already allowed unknown plugins in the settings.
  8. Found the relevant thread via google cache - gives the same answer that's already on this thread that you need to convert /have converted your indesign files to IDML first, recommends the Markzware conversion tool already mentioned & links to another post with a batch conversion script (needs at least a trial of InDesign CC)
  9. You're link goes to cubebrush's sign up/log in page but I found your store. Nice looking brushes. https://cubebrush.co/tashiro Site gave me a discount code for joining - CB-BC2C8B41 20% off first purchase for new members & I'll get a 10% discount if it's used.
  10. Just bought Affinity Photo from the Black Friday Sale - really enjoyed trying it out with the lockdown trial. Been experimenting with some of the brushes I got in the BF sale., working on an idea for a fanzine inspired by The Beach Boys song Angel Come Home. Gold Photo painted over mostly using Frankentoon Neptune & DAUB Watercolours & Washes brushes and multiple layers. Blue - flattened gold image painted over with various brushes (mostly from Frankentoon Nature, but I installed Xenon & Powder Blast brushes at the same time so prob also used some of them) Original photo - paper angel on a Hawaiian shirt napkin background. (Photo of Dennis Wilson is one I found online, taken by Ebet Roberts. Wings are from digital scrapbooking kit Broken Wings {elements} by Little Butterfly Wings. Napkins were from Tescos 😀 )
  11. They've got a page about free fronts from dafont https://affinityrevolution.com/how-to-find-beautiful-fonts-for-free/
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