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  1. Oooooohhh, I see. I didn’t realize that was the command name in the tooltip. That could be improved a little, I guess.
  2. Since the upgrade to version 1.7.1 one of my keyboard shortcuts isn’t working anymore; it shows a yellow triangle (that indicates to me that there is a conflict with another option) and the tooltip “move inside” when hovering over the field with the pointer. I have several problems now: It doesn’t tell/show me with which option it is conflicting, and there is no way to search for the option(s) where keyboard shortcuts are used. What does that cryptic message “move inside” mean? Nothing is happening when I click the field.
  3. I guess the main goal of Serif was/is to release the holy trinity of Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher in a state that works for most people first, and then they can continue to implement the additional features with the advantage that they can implement them for all three programs at once. These are strategic decisions, and they decided to do it in this order, not in the one you prefer. And I’m sure they have a better overview over the customer base and how many users they would gain or lose with a certain strategy. You’re free to buy AP and APub at any time in the future once the features you desire are implemented.
  4. I just had a thought (no idea if it has been done yet): how about a petition on change.org or some similar platform, to see how much actual potential demand there might be?
  5. Some people take every statement in the forum absolutely literal like it was the bible. And even if they literally meant they would consider it – perhaps they actually have considered it and then decided it wasn’t worth it. What then? At what point are you going to accept it and get on with your lives?
  6. VIPStephan

    New Logo Please!

    New icons are out once again! They got rid of the basic triangular shape and have more sublte gradients — I like them. :-)
  7. I did this, too, but I think it would have sufficed to hit Cmd-R to refresh the updates page, and it should show up in the list of updates.
  8. The first thing that was there was Affinity Designer, and is was for Mac only. Windows users had the Plus range (PhotoPlus, PagePlus etc.). If I remember correctly Serif decided to port AD to Windows before AP came out for both platforms right away. It’s all documented here in the forums somewhere but I can’t be bothered to search for it right now.
  9. If you’ve bought it through the App Store that’s where it is also updated. If it doesn’t show in the list of updates, refresh the window (Command-R).
  10. VIPStephan

    New AD version?

    You see the version number on the startup screen (and might notice the app icon and startup screen look different if you have 1.7). And if you’ve missed that, in the menu go to “Affinity Designer > About…” to bring it back up and see the version you have.
  11. It’s not actually a bug in the software but I noticed a typo in slides 1, 2 and 6 in the German version of the welcome screen, where the discounts are promoted: in the red eye-catcher it reads “Rabbat” when the proper spelling would be “Rabatt”. Also, in slide 5 where it reads “Sparen Sie 20% auf alles in unseren Store” it should read “unserem”.
  12. I didn’t see it as update either at first. What should work is to go to the “Purchases” section (I don’t know whether that’s the right term in the English version, my App Store is in German) and there click on the program name that brings you to the specific page for the program. There should be the “update” button. I clicked it and got the spinning loading icon (but without any further progress indication); I then went back to the Updates section of the App Store and there it was with the update button, too, which I could click and it would download the update (and show the progress).
  13. VIPStephan

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Wohooooo! Long awaited and finally here! Thank you so much!
  14. Ah, thank you, @MEB that’s what it was! Yeah, @MickRose, this only works with simple curves, like when the nodes next to the one you are going to delete curve into the same direction.
  15. VIPStephan

    AD Updates

    Could be. But I suppose your actual question is when the next update will come out? And I’ll say “when it’s ready”. But seriously, it’ll be released together with Affinity Publisher (and I suppose that includes Affinity Photo as well) because they will work closely together and this close integration needs to be tested thoroughly, that’s why it takes longer than usual.