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  1. The problem appears to have been fixed, thanks. 😊
  2. The username field is still not focused automatically when clicking the sign-in link; this is annoying the hell out of me. 😠 How about using another browser, like Firefox? Gives you no ads, too, with the appropriate extensions. And can be themed as minimal as you like.
  3. I’m having the same problem since I upgraded my OS to Catalina, and this is happening when I’m hiding the studio with the TAB key; when I bring it back the toolbar stays invisible. There is no way to get it back other than resetting on startup.
  4. Ooooh, I see. It’s so simple, but I didn’t think that I had to rasterize the layer before. Thanks. Edit: Yet, it still seems to “blur” the edges when resizing; this becomes more apparent if the selection is very narrow, and you resize it on the narrow axis. Is there any way to keep hard edges?
  5. As I’m coming from Adobe Fireworks I’m sometimes still struggling with muscle memory (or memory in general). In FW it is simple to draw a rectangle marquee over an image, for example, and then copy and paste this selection into a new raster object, or, to drag a marquee, switch to the transform tool, and be able to transform that selection (e. g. stretch a part of the image) right there. How would something like this be done in AD? In AD, I’ve been able to extract part of an image with the workaround of duplicating the image, using the vector crop tool and rasterizing the result. But now, if I resize the object it is adding semi-transparency to the edges; in Fireworks I was also used to being able to resize/stretch such an object while keeping hard edges. What am I missing here? Or am I thinking this from the wrong side?
  6. @MdmMTL, from looking at the images you posted, it seems like you would rather need Affinity Designer than Affinity Photo, because all of this looks more like vector art. Photoshop is often “misused” as general graphic design tool just because people are used to it (and has therefore als evolved into a bloated “jack of all trades”) where other tools, like Illustrator, would actually be the better tool for the job. Likewise, if you are creating graphic art, Affinity Designer is the tool that is more suited for the job. And regarding this: This can only be true if you compare one monthly installment for AI and PS with the price for an eternal license of AP and AD. Historically, Photoshop alone has cost around $800 per eternal license, if I remember correctly. That’s way more than the $50–$60 you’d pay for Affinity Photo, for an eternal license. And given that you’d now “rent” PS you’d pay more over time than for owning AP.
  7. Oh snap! I looked at the help but I totally missed that section. Thanks for that quick reply.
  8. Let’s say I have several rectangles and I want to change the width of all of them individually at once. Is there a simple way to do this? Currently, if I select all of them, the transform panel shows the collective dimension of all of them and if I enter a new value the whole collection is resized to that value at once. I’d like the individual objects to stay in place and each individual size changed. I hope you get what I mean. Is this possible?
  9. Wow, so many replies! Thanks a lot for your interest and curiosity. And thank you, MEB, resetting the canvas rotation helped. That said, it’s very unobvious that the canvas is rotated. Perhaps the UI could be improved a bit in that regard? And just for the records: the original SVG was a simple export from Sketch (but I seem to remember that I had this with other files previously). Is there anything in an SVG that could trigger canvas rotation in AD?
  10. I have this SVG: <svg width="46px" height="18px" viewBox="0 0 46 18" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <g id="Symbols" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd"> <g id="arrow-right-white" stroke="#979797"> <g id="arrows_slim_right"> <path d="M0,9 L45,9" id="Path" fill="#D8D8D8"></path> <polyline id="Path" points="36 18 45 9 36 0"></polyline> </g> </g> </g> </svg> Visually, it’s a right pointing arrow. When I’m opening this in AD somehow the whole thing is mirrored; the arrow is pointing left, the rotation handle is at the bottom and if I’m using the arrow keys to move the selection, it moves it in the opposite directions (i. e. using the up arrow key moves the objects down etc.). Is this a bug or am I missing something? Can anyone reproduce this?
  11. Oooooohhh, I see. I didn’t realize that was the command name in the tooltip. That could be improved a little, I guess.
  12. Since the upgrade to version 1.7.1 one of my keyboard shortcuts isn’t working anymore; it shows a yellow triangle (that indicates to me that there is a conflict with another option) and the tooltip “move inside” when hovering over the field with the pointer. I have several problems now: It doesn’t tell/show me with which option it is conflicting, and there is no way to search for the option(s) where keyboard shortcuts are used. What does that cryptic message “move inside” mean? Nothing is happening when I click the field.
  13. I guess the main goal of Serif was/is to release the holy trinity of Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher in a state that works for most people first, and then they can continue to implement the additional features with the advantage that they can implement them for all three programs at once. These are strategic decisions, and they decided to do it in this order, not in the one you prefer. And I’m sure they have a better overview over the customer base and how many users they would gain or lose with a certain strategy. You’re free to buy AP and APub at any time in the future once the features you desire are implemented.
  14. I just had a thought (no idea if it has been done yet): how about a petition on change.org or some similar platform, to see how much actual potential demand there might be?
  15. Some people take every statement in the forum absolutely literal like it was the bible. And even if they literally meant they would consider it – perhaps they actually have considered it and then decided it wasn’t worth it. What then? At what point are you going to accept it and get on with your lives?
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