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  1. I hope I’m not misunderstanding that but I do get notifications via the icon at the top (and if the site is open, even desktop notifications) and no e-mails. And other than setting the preference for the desktop notifications I didn’t have to do anything, so I find it strange that you’re getting e-mails and no forum notifications. Perhaps you had different settings in the old forum that the new one has guessed while adapting?
  2. I suppose this limit is also just a default setting that is meant for when the software is used for more general forums; I don’t see any issue with removing that limit on this site since it’s a forum about graphic design software and I suppose Serif has the resources as far as server space is concerned.
  3. You mean the star icon in the thread list, before each thread title? That’s the indicator that you’ve posted something in that thread. Regular unread threads without posts by you have a round dot, and threads you’ve read but not posted in have no icon.
  4. It probably requires some custom coding but it annoys me that clicking “Sign in” at the top doesn’t immediately focus the user name input field and I have to click it first. This used to be better in the old version, and from a usability point of view it makes sense to focus the field.
  5. I noticed a possible bug: I loaded my custom keyboard shortcuts but this doesn’t seem to be persisting across sessions. Next time I start AD beta my custom shortcuts aren’t recognized anymore and I have to load them again.
  6. Well, yeah, that’s just the default functionality that comes with the system, as it might be expected for more general forums with lots of competition – just as this theme/design is likely one of the standard themes that comes with it, without much customization by Serif. I suppose the admin will let us know if they can disable it and/or whether they are actually considering it.
  7. I don’t seem to be able to post anything to your stream or see my previous post, so apparently you’ve figured out how to disable this. But there is still an activity feed where we can see what you posted on the forums or whether someone liked something you posted.
  8. And I seem to remember that Matt said, the incompatibility is mainly related to text; so as long as you don’t have text in your document you may be able to open 1.6 beta documents in 1.5.
  9. Click on your user name and you’ll see your public feed (and that I wrote something there). Yes, it’s kind of a “social media” type feature whose purpose I don’t get, anyway; but I’m not on Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever new stupid crap is invented every day either, so that may be why. And I’m not too old, just too tired of useless nonsense with which people waste their time nowadays. However, this is most likely not something that can be disabled by an admin, I suppose this is built into the system no matter what.
  10. That is not the same, though. In the old version there used to be a box at the right side with the newest threads started. That was always an initial focus for me in order to discover new content. “Unread content” shows everything, every new post I haven’t read; that’s not interesting me, though.
  11. I can’t seem to find that button – everything is different in this version, it’s annoying.
  12. In Fireworks this is called “Solo Selection” (it’s a third-party extension).
  13. I’m missing the “newest threads” overview. Can we get that back?
  14. The possibility to delete posts has nothing to do with the version of the software but rather a permission setting that an administrator can set. Letting users delete their posts might have negative consequences which is why this might be disabled. I know in vBulletin forums you can at least let users delete a post as long as there is no reply yet.