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  1. How do you know that? Do you have the roadmap from four years ago in front of you to compare?
  2. It is true, however, that often you have to offer something before the demand comes.
  3. By “production” I mean to create websites that are presented to the public out of the box. No serious professional web developer would use Fireworks to create the code for a website and upload that to the internet like that. Yeah, that’s not production-ready code, though. You used FW as designing tool which is fine and what it’s made for, but not to create websites in a website-builder-like fashion which is what I read out of a lot of comments here.
  4. SVG doesn’t currently have any support for non-centered strokes, but that is not the problem of Affinity or Illustrator (or Inkscape, or whatever else), it’s a problem of the file format which is specified by an independent entity. So, if you have strokes that aren’t centered, every program has to make a decision on how to handle this when exporting as SVG: either keep the object type/attribute at the expense of slightly changing the look or keep the look and convert the objects/attributes to universally supported ones. But to make a point with a different argument: you can’t even reliably interchange AI files between different versions of Illustrator, i. e. AI files from newer versions of Illustrator will not open properly in older versions. So I would say it’s a little unfair to expect that from a completely different program.
  5. The thing is that every switch between some programs will also include a mandatory change in habits and workflows, there is no way around that. If you can’t adapt then keep on using whatever you are more happy with. Not every user interface/workflow fits everyone. Funnily, I have a direct comparison with a very similar development in music notation/scoring software. I’ve been using the “dinosaur” Finale for more than ten years to create music layouts and had various issues with how this program makes me do things to achieve what I want (i. e. the workflow). Then I learned that there is going to be a new player in town, which is now known as Dorico, and how it does things very differently than Finale. It doesn’t yet do everything that Finale does and the workflow is different but just knowing that the development is more active for Dorico than for Finale and how the different workflow makes it so much more fun to work in it, I can’t complain that it’s not as mature as the older programs. The fact that all three programs will support each other’s files (I’m already including Affinity Publisher here) lets me conclude that whenever there is an update in one there will also be updates in the other two. So, the fact that updates have been slow recently just makes me think that when the next one comes it will be even bigger and for all programs. And I dare you to find another suite of programs in the same league that has more updates. What many fail to see is that not everyone has the same requirements when it comes to features and workflows. For many users Affinity already is an alternative and/or replacement for Photoshop or Illustrator. It’s unfortunate that it isn’t for you (yet) but that’s not everyone else’s mistake, and most certainly not Serif’s. But this, again, is not the problem of Serif. Convince your team to use Affinity and you can seamlessly hand off files to them. ;) Adobe is not a law of nature that can’t be changed, it’s a choice of the users/customers using it. You’ll never get full compatibility between native file formats because how would Adobe profit from that? Likewise Adobe will never support Affinity file formats, and, in fact, nobody is asking them for it in turn.
  6. Perhaps you could export to PDF? This is also a widely supported format which can contain vector data.
  7. VIPStephan

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I was just gonna say that (on your behalf).
  8. VIPStephan

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Not nearly as in-depth as it could be, though. But I don’t want to take this thread completely off-topic.
  9. Well, the file I have is an EPS file, and exporting this to SVG produces paths; so I suppose AD adds some meta information to the shapes/curves that tells it what it actually looks like, and that EPS files are missing.
  10. Is there a simple way to convert circular curves into actual circles? I have an image with a lot of circles (visually) which are technically just curves. And I want to export this as SVG. Curves are converted to SVG paths and are much more elaborate (in terms of code) than circles, so I could have a much smaller file size if the circles would be exported as circles instead of paths. However, for that I need actual circle shapes in AD, so ideally I’d need some way to convert these curves to circles.
  11. VIPStephan

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    The way you often express yourself (and continue to beat a dead horse) it doesn’t sound as altruistic as you try to make it with this statement.
  12. Just to add to my own incomplete response: what I mean by that is that you could also watch Illustrator or even Photoshop tutorials on how to achieve such text effects and would probably be able to reproduce that in AD (or AP).
  13. This has nothing to do with a “text library” (whatever that is). You just choose an appropriate font, type some text, and apply background and/or border colors and some shadow effects to it. You can also save these effects as styles for later re-use. AD styles panel tutorial And this is also not specific to Affinity software, the principle is the same in any other graphic program (Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).
  14. VIPStephan

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Fireworks usually asks whether the copied item (doesn’t necessarily have to be text) should be resampled or not.
  15. No, because activating all controls isn’t always desirable. I know that there’s a keyboard shortcut for that, too (Ctrl-F7) but activating this setting to be able to hit a button in a dialog is even more disruptive than using the mouse.