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  1. I seem to remember Serif mentioning that it’s not on their agenda to do any Linux version, not because of lack of money but because of lack of resources (time and programmers). They are already struggling to keep their promises on the Mac and Win versions so the last of their concerns is to start development for yet another platform.
  2. What you’re saying is technically correct, R C-R, but it’s also a little nitpicking. Of course, when creating images in a graphics application, the least concern is that a user agent might not display it as image. The point in an export preview is how, for example, a JPEG would look like, and what file size it would have, at 35% or 85% compression (and in the original dimensions); and there are measurable (or visible) differences that are equal regardless of user agent. What UAs make of an image if it’s changed (distorted/scaled/…) directly in the UA is not particularly the problem of the designer of the original graphic.
  3. How about an indicator in the dock icon itself? Firefox has a loading bar indicator over the dock icon when you’re downloading something.
  4. Yeah, the requirement to always be online when using a font is also a negative factor, in my opinion. And you never really own a font, you are just allowed to use them while you’re paying the subscription fee. I’m the kind of guy who tries to stay away from Cloud and SaaS as much as possible. Then I’d rather modify an open source font for my needs (if I knew how to do this).
  5. Sorry for the late response but I only noticed it just now. What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. An ICO file is just a raster graphic as well (and an outdated format, for that matter). You can export your vector as PNG and, as I said, use an online converter for the odd ICO you need. There is absolutely no need for multiple sizes of an ICO file because that’s a proprietary format by Microsoft and only really needed in (equally outdated) MS applications/OSs. If we’re talking about favicons for browsers there is ever only one size used, and that is 16×16px. Modern browsers/applications use more modern file formats like PNG (I think some even SVG) and these can be used in different sizes. My conclustion: Don’t bother about ICO favicons anymore unless you’re supporting outdated browsers/applications.
  6. What “qualificartions/abilities” do you need to download an application, try its functionality, and tell people what works for you and what doesn’t?
  7. Yeah, unfortunately there is no such option yet. I’m still using Fireworks for the odd task where this is necessary/more convenient but don’t let that hold you back from buying AD and getting familiar with it anyway. Eventually this feature will come.
  8. People only see their side of the coin. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Different professions/user groups have different requirements. We only hear from those that are complaining but for a silent majority AD works as expected (or even more than expected). Compare the rants here to the people complaining about Adobe and their products – I’ve even heard complaints that people are paying a monthly subscription and all they get are minor changes, or updates take very long either. So, yeah, I think there’s not much more to be said in this thread.
  9. You don’t seem to realize that the UI is what makes people productive (or impedes productivity) because if they can’t work with a UI because they can’t see sh*t or they are constantly frustrated by it then they can’t be productive. A user interface isn’t created because it’s supposed to be praised for its beauty but because it’s supposed to help people achieve their goal and be as productive as possible. How would you create graphic content with an unworkable UI? (not that the dark UI was unworkable, but just making a point)
  10. I share the feelings of Matt and I think it was in another beta-related thread. We’d have to look through your posting history to find examples of said negativity.
  11. And I have the feeling that Germans make one of the largest part of Serif’s customers. Would be interesting to know some statistics about where customers are from.
  12. Why wouldn’t one expect that? For me that’s totally logical that an exported image can only be full pixels and that any half-pixel bleed would have to be exported, too, in an extra row of pixels. It was always annoying to me when I got PSD or AI website designs by people that were not familiar with website/UI design, and their shapes would be all over the place, exporting with blurry edges. Perhaps that’s why I’m familiar with this issue? But other programs (PS/AI) are doing this as well.
  13. I deem it pretty important, actually. I’m using AD for web design and hyphenation is now possible with CSS in common browsers, so that would be very useful for page comps.
  14. And Fireworks can even find more than text. You can also search and replace colors, fonts used, and URLs (this is only relevant for the web prototyping/export features, though). And you can search a certain selection, a page in the document, the whole document, or multiple files.