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  1. Hi, I am still a newbe on Affinity. I need to print some photos with various US sizes to 10x15cm (in Europe) I tried creating a new canvas with needed size and dropped the image onto the canvas, and adjusted the new image layer to fit in new canvas. When I export image as new jpeg, the size seems a little off - it shows size in pixels rather than cm. Any suggestions?
  2. Wow, you did what I was hoping to do, is it possible to upload the affinity version so I can see the edits you did and compare?
  3. Interesting, thanks. This was take 19 of 20... via tripod and remote! It's neat to see how you did the edits. I'm watching tutorials as well.
  4. I am using ver 1.10.4 on a Mac, this is my first attempt to create a mask and do some layer adjustments. I was looking through all the videos and couldn't find one that discussed working on backgrounds - that seemed to relate to this image. I'm just trying to clean up the background so it isn't too distracting and can be used for white space. I was able to use the selection to to cut out the couple. I am attaching the afphoto version. Any suggestions? I am coming from years of using photoshop. Really am loving Affinity's interface, just having a hard time finding everything I need! DL-shoot-4199.afphoto
  5. Sorry, here's the file! Someone on the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AffinityPhotoTipsTricksTuts posted this, "copied "ახალი სიცოცხლე ცენტრი" and pasted into a "new text line"..." It worked. I guess I just needed to create a new text line rather than opening previous one. Attaching the font used, and the file. (working version as well now!) New_Life_Center.afphoto bpg_arial_2009_[FONTS.GE].zip New_Life_Center_-_Kartuli.afphoto
  6. I need to change the text in an affinity file from English to Kartuli (Georgian). When I add "ახალი სიცოცხლე ცენტრი" It just puts boxes where each individual letter goes. How can I add custom language? Thanks!
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