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  1. You are right: it depends on the use case. For me it would be OK to have just a simple centered fit to canvas without margin. That being said, an option to define of a margin (input field), a checkbox for keeping aspect ratio or not and a selector for position (top left, top right, center, bottom left, bottom right) would be useful, too. My primary use case is the insertion of a custom vignette that I have saved as an asset. I drag that from the assets panel to the document and wish I could make it cover the whole canvas because the size of the asset almost never fits the image. I know there are easier ways to add a vignette to an image but I find the vignette filter just does not look that good an lacks flexibility (i.e. you can't move the area of interest, it's always in the center of the image). My custom vignette asset is a variant of what @dmstraker described in his excellent compilation of 20 ways to create a vignette with Affinity Photo:
  2. Hi, there seems to be no "one click" way to resize/scale a layer or vector object to the current canvas size. I would love to see this as an option when adding a layer/asset or as a button on the transform tool context bar, because I often have to manually resize assets or new layers when dragging/dropping objects to a document. Seems it would take just little effort to implement this and would incredibly reduce the amount of manual adjustments. What do you think? This feature was already suggested some times as in the threads listed below but it seems there is no easy way to achieve the desired result:
  3. Here is another one that I quite like: MainType https://www.high-logic.com/font-manager/maintype
  4. Hi, I think the only way to save gradients for use in the Gradient Map adjustment layer is to save your favorite gradient as a preset. You can access your presets on the layers panel, adjustments tab. There you just click on a saved preset to use it. But yes, it would be great if you could just use gradients from the existing swatches.
  5. Hi @Mark Ingram thank you for working on the color problem! The latest beta fixed that bug in the plugins that I use most often. The colors look OK now in Topaz Labs plugins (tested with ProPhoto RGB images). When testing some more plugins I found that some are showing correct colors now while in some the colors still are looking weird. The color bug is fixed in those plugins as of Affinity Photo 1.7 beta 333: Topaz Studio 1.14.4 Topaz Denoise AI 1.0.3 Topaz Sharpen AI 1.1.3 Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 Other plugins that still display wrong colors when invoked from Affinity Photo 1.7.333 are: Nik Dfine 2 Nik Viveza 2 Nik Sharpener Pro 3 Alien Skin Bokeh 2 Neat Image 8.3.7
  6. You are right, and - if I'm not completely wrong - it should not be too hard to accomplish this. It's just about sending color profile information to the plugin the right way. It might well be just an API parameter not set quite the right way, so that fixing this problem would need just a little tweak of the source code.
  7. One of the things that should not be too hard to implement and that I really would like to see in 1.7 final is a fix of the color profile problem when using a plugin: This problem is not only affecting the Nik Collection plugins but also Topaz Studio plugins. It is a quite annoying bug and should be reasonably easy to fix.
  8. Even if most of the things you can do using a plugin can be achieved with AP's own tools there still are some things that can be done faster with the help of plugins. Additionally some plugins achieve superior results and some results even cannot (yet) be achieved using standard tools. For example on a regular basis I use Topaz' AI clear in Studio to remove noise and sharpen images (letting the noise alone). The results are quite amazing. I don't know of any other tool producing such quality results. Sure you have a noise reduction in AP but I still prefer the superior results of the plugin. And there are other adjustments in Topaz Studio that have no equivalent in AP. Anyway, people are diverse. Some prefer to do all the work in one program and avoid leaving it, which is perfectly fine. Others prefer to achieve quick results using plugins, and others again wish to achieve results they cannot produce with native tools of the program (or don't know how to). But that's not the topic of this thread. This is about fixing a problem which should not be too hard, I think. It's just an issue of sending correct color information to a third party tool.
  9. Hi, I just signed up here because I saw this thread. The color problem with plugins (in my case mostly with Topaz Studio) is really annoying. I was very disappointed to see that this wasn't fix even in the current beta. It forces me to produce lots of intermediate images just to apply an effect in Topaz Studio, then go back to Affinity an open the intermediate file for further edits. Affinity Photo is a great piece of software but this bug is driving me crazy! I really hope that Serif is able to get this fixed in one of the next betas or at least in the final release version.
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