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  1. I recently had an issue with my desktop and lost a lot of programmes including Affinity Photo. I need to reinstall but cannot find a way of doing this without having to buy it again. Is there anyway of downloading it so that I can use my existing code? Secondly, how many computers are we allowed per licence i.e. desktop and laptop? I need to buy a new laptop and will need to install it on that so do I have to disable it somehow on my old laptop? Would appreciate help with these questions.
  2. Thanks Lee. I'm a Windows user but was thinking along the lines of using Pictures. However, as I'm a historian I keep a lot of document scans in there so it gets a bit crowded and complicated. I need to work out a defined file hierarchy for use with Affinity, possibly on a separate SSD as I have upwards of 10,000 images a year under normal circumstances. I was wondering whether anyone has found a specific catalogue app that works well. Its just that Lightroom or Bridge is so convenient to use as a catalogue so that an alternative to use with Affinity would be very nice.
  3. I'm just moving from LR and PS to Affinity and am interested in seeing how others import and catalogue their files from the camera. I know Affinity does not have a catalogue so what is best practice for identifying images to work-on in Affinity. Any comment would be appreciates.