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  1. Blast! Latest download from MAS (1.8.2) still leaves Nik plug-ins (I tried with Viveza) not working properly - no labels.
  2. Hi MEB, and thank you for the welcome! The files are definitely RGB8/16 - and I'm also getting the no labels problem on Viveza even after reinstalling the Nik collection, and I'm on a 'standard' hardware config on Catalina.
  3. Whoops! As you were, I had inadvertently opened a file in AP that had been edited in DxO. As those two don't talk to each other (I've been trying to get round the non-font problem) it gave me layers in AP and the plugins don't like it. They have to be merged. However, when I then pass the merged layer to Topaz, it won't let me edit them in Adjust AI (etc) as it passes a file to Topaz that it doesn't seem to like. The only way I can get Topaz to work on it is to forget the plugin process, export the tiff and go from there...... oh dear.......sorry to add to the woes MEB.....
  4. I was experiencing the same problem of no fonts in Nik plugins as at AP v1.8.0 (apple store, running on Catalina), but today APv 1.8.1 seems to have greyed out all plugins....... Good to know that AP guys are working on it.
  5. Oops - many thanks for correcting that. His approach is different from many others that do tutorials (bound to be some overlap obviously), but he's a professional designer and artist so he introduces a lot of good stuff on YouTube. Personally I think he's worth supporting on Patreon for what is a modest amount, and you get the resources he uses in the tutorials - which is great for practising on. Depending on how much you contribute, he will also give feedback on your work too.
  6. Actually, The full link is https://www.patreon.com/Sarikas.
  7. Hi hope doing this is ok - I'm not being paid etc, not even been asked to do this: I stumbled across this site https://www.patreon.com/home and a contributor called Olivio Sarikas. I have found it to be one of the best creative places (for very low amount). Its not really for covering all the basics of Affinity Photo (but it certainly helps a lot) but goes beyond that in very creative ways. You can find him on You Tube, but if you want the files, links, resources and want to support the work in a modest way then this is the way to go IMHO.
  8. I haven't had a chance to read the links you kindly provide, but I will (thanks). Very interesting, I hadn't known the Nikon connection, less about the other Google software. Shame really, as its good tech.
  9. I've posted the idea elsewhere, but perhaps its more appropriate to post here. Id be interested in the view of others, and perhaps from Serif too. Google have stated they are not going to be doping any further development of the Nik Collection. Over time it will therefore wither away if no one takes an interest. As many of you clearly know, they are a great set of useful tools (and free) that IMO complement AP both as technical tools and in terms of cost. There is a possibly good business case for Serif to consider taking the tools on board. As Google aren't into the Nik for making money directly, they must be interested in the side effect of usage data, possibly including users utilising other Google services. So, Nik/AP users stand to benefit from future development to maintain the usefulness of the tools, Serif gain from maintaining/extending the user base, Google could still get their data, but from an increased user base. Note that the ability of Google to hold/use such data remains the same as now i.e. you have to opt in etc. So, what say you all? Am I talking rubbish, no one interested, no business appeal for Serif?
  10. I know it's available as a plugin but, now that google have confirmed no more development of nik collection, what chance/ value in obtaining it to extend AP and/or to maintain the tools and perhaps tightly integrate? Seems to me to have value as a tool set, as a positive means to bring more users to AP, and makes business sense both to Serif and to Google (who can only otherwise disappoint current Nik users, of both the paid variety and those who got it for free) - why let it atrophy...... Regards.
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