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  1. Peejee

    Assets in Beta

    Thanks again! I did not see those import/export... Working fine now!
  2. Peejee

    Assets in Beta

    I'am working on both systems. At home on the Mac (freelance)
  3. After opening a 1.7.3 document in the last beta, I miss some Assets?
  4. Pretty fast it wil be better and better, great work!
  5. Recently I started a part-time job where I have to work with a Windows system. I only have a long time Apple experience with Mac OS. But no discussion about Windows or MAC OS please... I would like to know what the best software is for font managing using Windows and Publisher Anyone here have a tip include auto activation of course.
  6. @Lagarto Thanks for replay! Indeed it is confusing that the blacks greyscale palette in Publisher are in RGB :-( ... The only 100% kelvin colors standing in the yellow circle. I hope they changes it into real 100 K in newer versions of Publisher.
  7. @Peejee: When you Place the .rtf and .docx files, are you (a) Placing them into Text Frames that you've created, or are you (b) Placing them directly onto a page and letting Publisher create the Text Frame for you? I placing them directly onto a page and letting Publisher create the Text Frame. But also placing them into Text Frames. It is always CMYK text in .RTF. That not really cool when you create a 84 pages magazine... @ Haakoo: Bedankt voor de tip, kon het zo snel niet vinden in het forum. @ Haako: Thanks for the tip, I could not find it so quickly in the forum.
  8. Just made my first magazine in Pubisher and am happy with it. But there is one thing that I don't understand. I would like to receive the text in .RTF format from al the editors. This is due to better functioning of text styles. Only all these RTF texts are, after importing, CMYK in Publisher. If I import a .DOCX file then it is 100% black. Is there anyone here who know to get the .RTF text directly imported in 100% black in Publisher?
  9. Affinity Photo: How can I change a Black en White photo in RGB or CMYK settings?( In Photoshop I do change "Modus between Greyschale/RGB/CMYK) Ik can't find it in Affinity Photo.
  10. I would appreciate it if there was more diversity in the framework lines. As far as I know there is now only the possibility to choose a dotted line.
  11. Hi, I am just working on a new standard iMac 27 inch (2019 model quad core) with 8 GB and fusion drive. It works very fast with al the new Affinity products. My old Macbook Pro with SSD drive and 16 GB do also a good job but the iMac is faster. (I mostly work in Affinity publisher and Affinity Photo)
  12. Thank you very much! Now it s working fine :-)
  13. Is there anyone who can tell me how I get the text 100% black in the PDF while I export in Affinty Publisher. Every PDF I make with the standard setting is fully CMYK including the text.(overprint black change nothing)

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