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  1. Thanks for this update! Waiting for it because there were some issues with my 1.8.6. Happy with the new features and its fast.... Really fast on my M1!!! 😀
  2. Klopt, thanks! 'k Zag ook dat alles netjes werkt in 1.9 beta. Maar een blad aan leveren in een beta...? Hmm... Dan toch maar weer ff terug naar 1.8.3 en... eem wachtn
  3. The problem/bug is stil there in version 1.8.6. :-(
  4. Ok thx! I already used the beta but this is for commercial work. It's saver for me to work for this doc. in 1.8.3. Thanks anyway!
  5. Just simply hang/freeze, I send a copy! Thx
  6. Thanks a lot! Opening the document in 18.3 no problem at all. Really strange this 😞 Also when I do a new 'save as' in 18.3 the magazine don't open anymore on the Mac in 18.4. (also try this on the second Mac.)
  7. I Cant open my work anymore. (Magazine) hanging beachball and I don't know why.. System Mac OS newest Affinity Publisher software 1.8.4
  8. Many thanks for al the good and hard work! Publisher is a great solution for professional desktop publishing. Really stunning software that even brings older Mac's to life! 😀
  9. I often have a crash in Publisher while working with the "Swatches Panel" and change a color. (line or fill) (Mac OSX 10.14)
  10. Hi Palatino, thanks for the answer. Very useful information. its works good indeed. 😀
  11. How can I check my color separations in Affinty Publisher? I still have to use an old Acobat Profesional unfortunately. Don't want a CC subscription. But I would like to use the latest Apple OS and that is no longer possible with the old Adobe packages.
  12. Recently I started a part-time job where I have to work with a Windows system. I only have a long time Apple experience with Mac OS. But no discussion about Windows or MAC OS please... I would like to know what the best software is for font managing using Windows and Publisher Anyone here have a tip include auto activation of course.
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