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  1. Hi Mark, good news ! Many thanks !
  2. laurentia

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    Hi Chris B, Mark's reply is explicitly about color management when going into plugins. This issue is still pending (except Analog Efex 2 and Color Efex 4). But here it's about plugin not working anymore or not. It's not the same thing. This also includes the DxO Viewpoint and FilmPack plugins that cause a crash without error message.
  3. Sorry, but a zoom factor of 33% or more does not solve the problem. On this screencopy, the zoom at 50% remains the same as what I showed above and the zoom to 100% gives what you see there! I do not think it's good ... I also trust that Affinity will find the solution.
  4. It's depending on the destination. For the web yes, otherwise certainly not.
  5. @Asser82, a printscreen copy is always without profile. You have to assign one profil at openning.
  6. Hi Mark and thanks, DxO support is usually very responsive, and as a developer, it should make things easier. I'm currently rebuilding a new PC, I will not be able to test before 2 or 3 days ... (Sorry, I do not only that)
  7. I confirm this issue with a TIFF file in sRGB and Prostar RGB within Viveza 2 : Strangely, it's correct within ColorEfex 4 ...
  8. @Mark For this test, my image is developed in Affinity Photo with Prostar (same gamut as ProPhoto and TRC L*) as output color space, then reloaded in persona module for applying filters. In this case, is the profile embedded in the "afphoto" file when he is saved ? You say that you have tested viveza 2 with an ok result, how explain my second screencopy ? My two monitors are wide gamut and correctly calibrated in L*. My usual wokflow is: development in Capture One Pro then passage in PS for corrections and filters that C1 can't do. In this cases, all works correctly.
  9. Hi Mark, Like WMax70, it works well with ColorEfex 4, but it still does not work with DFine 2 and Viveza 2 ... (file in ProPhoto)
  10. Thank you Mark, I'm looking forward to the next beta!
  11. Hi altae, of course it works, but it's a dirty solution ...
  12. Hi WMax70, I use Capture One Pro as a raw converter ... I use the Nik Collection for special effects like cross processing and others from PS, but I will have liked to do it from AF Photo if only it could work properly ...
  13. laurentia

    DNG not recognized in beta

    Hi HVDB, yes it is a scan. Pushing the expo cursor at max, we get this: While we should have that:
  14. Unfortunately, the problem still has no solution in the new beta 331. Regrettably, I will end up giving up Affinity Photo. As it stands, I still can not give up Photoshop ...
  15. laurentia

    DNG not recognized in beta

    Hi Mark, Unfortunatly, the issue is still present in the new beta 331 with the same black screen instead of the image : The test image is still here.