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  1. hello everyone, my wishlist is short: be able to pass the image in Lab mode as in PS with the possibility to hide layers a and b.
  2. Hi Walt, I have already played with converters of this kind and the result is quite bad. Might as well do it yourself with good tools like lumariver for example. XRite Camera Calibration generates ICC profiles for C1 that are a bit specific.
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, thank you very much for your work with DxO Nik Collection! 👍 I haven't seen anything about it so far. I'd like to be able to pass the image in Lab mode so that I can work on the L layer and mask layers a and b as we can do in PS. I've seen that we can switch to Lab mode in the curve tool (for example) but we can also work automatically on the two layers a and b which is not the goal. This would allow we to create luma curves without touching the colors. If that's already possible, I must have missed something...😔 😷
  4. Hello, Ian, on my windows AF 1.8 version, there is no choice for the input profile - neither ICC nor DCP - only a choice for the output profile. I agree, an input profile choice would be a good thing!
  5. Hi Chris, with the new beta 514, juliep's example works in manual lens selection without adding a lensfun file, but does not work in automatic selection.
  6. Hi, great news if you use the Nik collection by DxO 2.3 : Viveza 2 works fine : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/79748-color-problem-with-nik-collection-plugins/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-553503
  7. Hi. I had not looked for lack of time yet, but I confirm that since the update of the suite Nik by DxO 2.3, the call of Viveza 2 since Affinity Photo beta 486 works perfectly with a zoom factor of 20% and 100% at home. I specify that I use a color workspace 4 times larger than the sRGB.
  8. Are you sure ? The DxO PhotoLab workspace is limited to Adobe RGB and I don't use it for this reason. Your profile has exactly the same gamut as the Adobe RGB, I use significantly larger workspaces. The plugin works very well with PS, I don't think the problem comes from him ...
  9. Hi Gabe, you can see here for example : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/99436-colour-profile-conversion-for-dxo-plugins-beta-180486/&tab=comments#comment-532673
  10. Hi Tom, it's true when the distortion is linear all over the field, but some lenses are known for their distortion in mustache (especially wide angle) and in this case it does not work very well.
  11. Hi Chris B, unfortunately, it does not work. I tried this including with the exact syntax that appears in the exifs ie the original HSM termination and several other combinaisons. In any case it did not work and it seems that there is a problem with the procedure under Windows. This is good news if the next beta improves this.
  12. Hi Julie, I'm well aware ... Usually developers read the topics, but if you have a direct way to let them know, don't hesitate.
  13. Hi Julie, Unfortunately, I do not have good news for you ... I tried with your photo without result. Then I tried to reproduce the issue with one of my lenses that does not appear in the lensfun database, a Nikkor 28-105 AFD zoom. I get exactly the same problem as you (with darktable using the same lensfun file, I could recognize it)! I deduce that this procedure is inoperative on Windows, the video being made with Mac OS. At this point, only a developer can trace the problem. It should also be known that the maintainer of the lensfun base has big problems of disponibility and because of this, lensfun is updated with big delays and the procedure is quite forbidding. In addition, in lensfun, your Sigma lens has been tested with a Sony and not a Canon. The APSC crop factor for Canon is 1.6 while it is 1.5 for other brands. As a result, the distortion values would be a bit distorted. There is also a conflict in your image at the level of the exifs and the maker notes, in these last appears the zoom 75-300 Canon while it is the Sigma which appears in the exifs ... Sorry for not being able to help you ... the hand is to the developers.
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