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  1. Hi, I have a problem with a DNG from a scan. This DNG is correctly read by the final version 1.6.5, but the beta reads only the low definition thumbnail. AF 1.6.5 opens the DNG in the develop persona module, and AF opens the thumbnail embedded in the photo persona module. Both versions do not treat the same image in the same way. The test image is here.
  2. Hi, is the support of Wacom Inklink considered for Photo and Designer?
  3. laurentia

    [AP] Color problem with Nik Collection

    Normal, it must be feeded back .. it's nice to say that the problem is known, but the small problems of color management drag since the very beginning ...
  4. Hi, that's how the problem manifests itself for me: - image developed in Affinity Photo and passed to Persona Photo, - Color Efex call by the filter menu, - the image appears desaturated in the Color Efex window without filter loading, (see the attached file) - application of a filter, for example a cross processing and return in Affinity Photo, - the image appears normal as before the call to Color Efex but with the application of the filter. Then I tried something else: - export of the developed image in TIFF then exit of Affinity Photo, - opening of the exported image, the TIFF, directly in Color Efex in stand alone, - the image appears normal in Color Efex, no desaturated, according to the Affinity Photo window. I think that there is a problem of color management in the passage of the image from Affinity Photo to Color Efex, but that in return, it is the original image that receives the application of the filter (passage of your very large 32-bit space into a smaller space, hence the desaturation). Obviously, this can be a problem since the corrections made on the filters depend on what we see in the Color Efex window!
  5. Yes you are right ! I took a picture in .afphoto which contained a setting layer. Thanks a lot, I had not thought about it. Problem solved.
  6. Hi, would this be related to this announcement info of v1.6? "Improved Photoshop Plugin support"
  7. Hi, unfortunately, the plugins nik have become inoperative in version 1.6 despite their good statement in the prefs.
  8. Hi, after update in 1.6, the Nik plugins became inoperative (dimmed out in the list). However, in the preferences, they are well declared working, and "unkown" are authorazised like the screencapture joined. I specify that these same plugins work well in CS6.
  9. Hi Lee D, Yes, I'm talking about camera profiles, "input profile" is a generic term. I know this has been removed and I consider this like a mistake in color management: opening a raw in a matrix space does not allow to take into account the colorimetric characteristics of the camera as its profile alone can do. It does not seem very difficult, it is an option of DCRaw, like other converters, and it is enough to list the profiles present on the machine that have a device class "scnr" and only them (icc and icm profiles of course).
  10. laurentia

    Focus merge freezing with release version.

    Hi. I think this comes from the place where the profile information is read by Affinity Photo (for example, CS6 reads the right profile correctly with exif balise not ignored in prefs). In some areas the Adobe RGB profile is indicated: And in others, there is nothing usable: At this time, I don't know where AFPhoto reads this data. (It's the same case with the Mac version)
  11. Hi Thanks a lot for this ! This version for windows does not know the worries that I have with the Mac version ... It only miss the input profiles in the develop persona, are you considering reintroducing this function?
  12. laurentia

    Some problems reappear in Photo 1.5 retail

    Hi Andy, I can't relaunch the 1.5 GM Seed which worked well, but as said in my first message, the settings are the same. The two Nik plugins already had this problem in version 1.4.3, but I thought it was resolved. For the recent files, they have of course been opened with the retail version.
  13. Hi, I can see two problems that were resolved with the latest betas and reappear in version 1.5 retail: Two Nik plugins again require a global support while they worked well until then. The settings are the same as in the previous beta. The addition of the global support permission is inoperative: http://laurentiaart.com/WP3/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Support-global-plugins.png Newly opened files are no longer redisplayed after restarting. The two still displayed files are inherited from the previous version 1.4.3: http://laurentiaart.com/WP3/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/recent-files.jpg
  14. Hi, I suggest to add two features in AP road map : - the rendering intent into printing process. - real input profiles into Develop Persona.