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  1. Hi, I totally agree! Windows users are not like Apple users, they need to see under the hood and the "WindowsApps" folder is not accessible even as an admin. My few useful programs are accessible by shortcuts and there, it's impossible. I also ask for the return of ".exe" files
  2. Hi, By default, Windows uses sRGB. For the solution, it's sufficient that the user has the choice of the profile to be assigned exactly as in PS when the right box is checked.
  3. Hi, That's the basic problem! Why assume that the original space is sRGB?! Ok, we have to start from something, but it is better to leave this choice to the user! A drop-down box is not so difficult to code, it has been done elsewhere without difficulty.
  4. In fact, Photo seems to first make a presumably sRGB assignment and depending on the choice made in the preferences, displays it as is or converts it in the workspace. In the case of an image defined in ProPhoto RGB for example, you can easily imagine the damage! The cleanest solution would be to let the user make the assignment of his choice instead of making an arbitrary one that has little chance of being the right one.
  5. No one has said otherwise and that is not the question. The user can see what is happening and the developer knows what he has written. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You don't seem to understand the problem. Converting an image from one color space to another is done by matrix translation of the RGB values of each pixel. Without the knowledge of the source color space, you can't calculate the correct values in the target space. It's as simple as that. AF Photo can only assume that the image is defined in an arbitrary space, a priori the sRGB, and then performs its calculation which can only generate errors and a degraded image if the starting color space is different and more wide than sRGB. It would be better if Photo offered the user a wider choice, one of which would be to assign the space of his choice before opening the image (like Photoshop). Usually this choice does not have to be the workspace but the space in which the image was originally created. This is where the result of the conversion will be good.
  6. Hi, the problem address images without an embedded profile opened in Photo. - By default, the image is displayed in Photo as being in sRGB. But is this an assignment or a conversion? If it's a conversion, what is it based on, since we don't know what colorspace it was created in? - If the "Convert open files into workspace" box is checked, Photo displays the image as being in the workspace defined in the preferences and displays the warning message. But again, is this a real conversion or a profile assignment? If it's a conversion, the problem is the same: what is it based on, since we still don't know which colorspace the image was created in? It would be good if in this case of an image without a profile, Photo asked the user what to do and left the choice of the space to be applied to avoid conversion mistakes. Photo
  7. hello everyone, my wishlist is short: be able to pass the image in Lab mode as in PS with the possibility to hide layers a and b.
  8. Hi Walt, I have already played with converters of this kind and the result is quite bad. Might as well do it yourself with good tools like lumariver for example. XRite Camera Calibration generates ICC profiles for C1 that are a bit specific.
  9. Hi everyone, First of all, thank you very much for your work with DxO Nik Collection! 👍 I haven't seen anything about it so far. I'd like to be able to pass the image in Lab mode so that I can work on the L layer and mask layers a and b as we can do in PS. I've seen that we can switch to Lab mode in the curve tool (for example) but we can also work automatically on the two layers a and b which is not the goal. This would allow we to create luma curves without touching the colors. If that's already possible, I must have missed something...😔 😷
  10. Hello, Ian, on my windows AF 1.8 version, there is no choice for the input profile - neither ICC nor DCP - only a choice for the output profile. I agree, an input profile choice would be a good thing!
  11. Hi. I had not looked for lack of time yet, but I confirm that since the update of the suite Nik by DxO 2.3, the call of Viveza 2 since Affinity Photo beta 486 works perfectly with a zoom factor of 20% and 100% at home. I specify that I use a color workspace 4 times larger than the sRGB.
  12. Hi, at home, no Affinity software is listed ... (C1 12.1.1, Win 10 updated)
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