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  1. It's a joke, isn't it ?
  2. laurentia

    DNG not recognized in beta

    Hi Mark, Yes, version 284 worked well
  3. laurentia

    DNG not recognized in beta

    Hi, Unfortunatly, the issue is back in the new beta 293 with a black screen instead of the image : The test image is always available at the link above.
  4. Surely not ! This will be a poor and dirty solution. Converting to sRGB will truncate the colors and return to the original space will never give back the lost colors! The right solution is to transmit the correct color informations.
  5. Hi HVDB, The 1809 update was a big problem at launch, so it was delayed. New launches depend on the hardware configuration of the computers. My desktop PC was updated on February 20th and my laptop on March 5th ... Do not worry about it ...
  6. And here too ... with KB4482887 just installed.
  7. Hi WMax70, your raw is not shot in sRGB. In the camera, the color space setting only applies to photos shot in jpeg. In his software, Nikon has taken the bad habit of adapting the workspace to the profile defined in the camera! In the preferences of NX-D, there is a box that must be checked for the space defined is well used, as in the screenshot below. If you have ProPhotoRGB.icm on your system, you can try to put it in workspace and develop your image with it. Is your monitor wide gamut? Is blue lighting on the scene a LED light? On my screenshot, I put melissa which is the LR workspace.
  8. Sorry but here, is correct everytime.
  9. With which software did you import into AF on the second screenshot? Do you own CNX-D from Nikon?
  10. @WMax70, I think it's a problem of non-truncation of gamut ... Can you try to develop this image with CNX-D in ProPhotoRGB instead of sRGB, for example ?
  11. Hi, here, this works fine for AP and AD.
  12. There are my last screencopies with a 8bits sRGB jpeg and Viveza2, Dfine2 and Color Efex 4. Only Color Efex 4 displays the right colors ... I precise that I use the DxO suite, I don't have the free Google suite anymore. And I use wide gamut monitors ... with Viveza : desaturate with Dfine : super saturate with Color Efex4 : good see the orange seat ... I also precise that with the same image in my old CS6 and the same plugins, I always have the same good colors as the original. It's unfortunately unusable because the corrections are done on the image displayed by the plugin.
  13. @ WMax70, I have never developed in Affinity, the lack of camera profiles is redibitory for me. I only use Affinity as a bitmap editor. I'll do tests again later ...