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  1. Hi, Tks for your answer but I don't use Wacom hardware but only the Surface pen together with My Surface Pro 4 and I don't have any drivers to update. Any other suggestions?
  2. Same problem here with stable version on a Surface Pro 4; using the Surface pen with the brush tool I have only a pointer visible on screen and if I want to see the brush size (the circle) I have to move the mouse on the active area first, after doing so the pointer turns into a circle and I can use the pen, as Omprakash Selvaraj described. PS: "show brush preview" enabled or disabled doesn't change anything.
  3. Claudio60

    Italian translation

    Tks Dan, your fix has solved the issue, have a nice day!
  4. Claudio60

    Italian translation

  5. Claudio60

    Italian translation

    It's not a Windows bug as if I associate the .aphoto file with Xnview MP the "open" contextual menu is in italian: "apri".
  6. Claudio60

    Italian translation

    Hi Dan, I mean the right click in Windows Explorer, you can see it in my screenshot.
  7. Claudio60

    Italian translation

    With the program set to italian language, if you right click on a .aphoto file the "open" command is in english (open) and not in italian (apri).
  8. I completely agree with your request, I've already asked this feature some time ago: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/55679-white-grey-and-black-picker-for-color-balance/&tab=comments#comment-283319
  9. The images aren't correctly ordered, sry
  10. For everyone following this discussion, I post the the original damaged photo, the one resulting after a B&W adjustement and the final one (by stokerg and Leigh, tks again):
  11. Hi stokerg, I just downloaded the file and it seems to me you've done a good job, now I'm going to check which adjustements have been applied.to the image and see if I understand the procedure. A big "thank you" for your kindness and effort, I appreciated it very much. So, thanks again and have a nice evening!
  12. Tks stokerg, when (and if) you're done, can you please explain me the procedure you're going to follow (in order I can learn it)? PS: don't forget that I'm a newby.
  13. Hi stokerg, I just uploaded 2 files (named gennaio 91) in your Dropbox. Tks
  14. Hi all, I'm tryng to reconstructing colors on a scanned positive photo that was partially exposed to light (on the left side) during the developing process; inspecting the channels I noticed that the red channel is damaged (nothing visible on the left side) while in the blue and green channels there are some informations; is there a way to copy these existing info and paste them into the red channel so to reconstruct (at least partially) the original color? I know that with Photoshop you can do it because I read a tutorial on a book that I own (Restoration & Retouching) that explain the exactly procedure, but I'm a newby and I can't find the equivalent command/procedure in Affinity Photo. PS: if I apply a black and white adjustement layer the missing part of the photo is visible. Any help/idea would be appreciated. I'm sorry for my bad english