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  1. I've already asked for this feature here, a long time ago...White, grey and black picker for color balance - Feedback for Affinity Photo on Desktop - Affinity | Forum (serif.com)
  2. I've used Affinity Photo 1.9 beta to try to correct this photo, I've attached the .aphoto file so you can follow all the passages I've made. slides-20210102_0055.thumb.jpg.45e4e4f970ca945e9a8f67167d5b24e3.afphoto
  3. Hi Patrick, in beta in My account content I installed Luminance and Inksy street art brushes but they disappeared after updating to; no problem, I downloaded them again, I just wanted to let you know. Cheers
  4. Tks Mark, however it would be better it there was a delete/cancel button like in the other live filters
  5. Tks Carl, I didn't noticed it, maybe because this feature is partially hidden in my pc ...and I can't scroll down or resize the interface to access to history and channels
  6. Tks Walt, but, as you said, clicking on the Photo Persona or simply click on Done without doing anything will lead to an unwanted layer that you have to delete afterwards
  7. Open a photo, apply a liquify live filter and you'll get artifacts on many photos (hardware acceleration disabled). Furthermore, inside the "liquify live filter persona" I can't find a way to cancel the operation (if I change my mind) to return to the Photo persona, you can only press "done"
  8. What do you think regarding the size, better small or medium? Looking at the space available on my desk I would say better a small one but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Hi firstdefence and thank you for your answer, I knew already what pen tilt is, but I don't understand if it is needed/useful for a better work (hair retouching, healing, masking, etc.) or not; now while after reading the article you linked me I know that in some cases (designer) tilt pen could be a disadvantage, at the same time I didn't learn anything new regarding tilt pen advantages in photo editing to remove my doubts/hesitation.
  10. I don't know about the desktop version but my AMD HD 7970m supports only directx 12 lev 11.1
  11. installed normally but crashes every time you open a photo, no issue with hardware acceleration off. f93c6a42-09b3-4eb7-b904-186a82fc7f28.dmp Log.txt
  12. Hi all, I'm going to buy my first pen tablet for Aphoto that I'll be using only for photo retouching (not drawing); I already googled a lot but it's not clear to me if pen tilt support will be useful or not. Any suggestions to help me are welcome. Tks in advance
  13. I don't understand why on Raster (multi gpu) I had initially this results (1110) and now I have this (232)
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