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  1. Hi Steven, no I'm sorry, I have downloaded and purchased only AP2, and in the Microsoft store you can't see the price of the apps.
  2. Tks Chris, I already noticed it and reported in my previous post, see: but raw loading time is still doubled compared to v1 even with noise reduction set to off in develop assistant. Any ideas?
  3. Just cosmetic, but the new masks features hue range, luminosity range and band-pass are not translated (at least in italian).
  4. Hi Chris, reading your answer I'm confident that this issue could be resolved soon, so I just upgraded to V2, thanks
  5. Using V2 In my notebook cpu and ram usage are grown up of about 30% (using the same file)
  6. I've found what is impacting the slow opening of the raw file: in AP v2 my cpu usage goes to 100% while with the same file in AP v1 goes to 68%; I don't know if it is something that could be addressed with a future patch or it's only AP v2 who's now more CPU demanding and my notebook can't take anymore, in this case I'll have to stay with V1.
  7. Setting to "take no action" under noise reduction in develop assistant, reduced the raw file opening time to about 8 sec, better than before (13-16 sec) but still more than double compared to v1 (3-4 sec).
  8. True, but if I decide to upgrade I have a Microsoft gift card that I can use
  9. I don't think so as the price for the universal license is 119,99€
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