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  1. Figured it out. Turns out that only adjustments on the layer level are taken into account, not ones under a level.
  2. Hi, When I export LUT with my adjustments, the adjustments are not applied to this LUT. They do not show even on the preview, showing the original image. This LUT does not work being re-applied to AP or to my video app. Strangely enough, exporting LUT from my second AP installation on a different Windows machine works as expected. Is there any setting that can affect it?
  3. Scenario: Open an image. Add "Black and white" adjustment layer. Select Inpainting brush, try to inpaint on the image. The brush strokes color is not red, as usual, but dark-gray, as if the adjustment layer applied to it as well.
  4. Currently only key shortcuts can be saved/loaded. It would be nice and convenient to be able to save/load all preferences from the Preferences dialog.
  5. Scenario: Create a shape (any - rectangle, triangle, etc). Right-click, select "Convert to curves" Right-click, select "Convert to text frame" Fill in some text. Click on Node tool, move some nodes on the curve. Click on "Break curve" icon on the top toolbar. Affinity hangs a computer, so it has to be rebooted.
  6. Scenario: Open many (20+) images. The image that ends up visible, does not have its tab selected (and visible) since the tab is not within the panel dimensions. Therefore it is not possible to close this image until several other images are closed.
  7. Scenario: Create several layers. Press Ctrl-E to merge them. Immediately after this press Crtl-S to save. Affinity hangs indefinitely while displaying a message "Merging layers".
  8. When I change the brush blend mode to overlay, it works Ok and produces the blend as expected. However, when after that I select "Do not set blend mode", the mode still stays "Overlay". Is this expected? To revert from "Overlay" mode, I have to set the mode to "Normal".
  9. Please, make "Darken margins" a default mode for cropping.
  10. Screen flickers when rulers or grid (or both) are visible. Flicker.wmv
  11. Hi, When I duplicate the layer, reverse it and use "Color Dodge" blend, I get a pure white in 16 bit RGB (as expected), but in 8 bit I get quite visible blotches of color. Is it "as designed" or can be considered a bug?
  12. Adobe and Raw Therapee allow for at least 4 EV exposure correction. Affinity Photo has only 2EV available. Of course, you can develop and then return to Develop Persona and add another 2EV, but the results does not look good comparing to Adobe or Raw Therapee.
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