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  1. The windows file system is called explorer I am told by people in the know, but either way, anything other than importing like with LR would be fine with me.
  2. Well the Asset Management feature of DxO Photolab is not all that strong. Mediocre really. Personally I don't use the developing persona, although it has been improved a lot over the years, it still does not meet my standards. I use Dxo Photolab and I don't think that anybody, incl LR, can touch Photolab or C1 as far as output quality goes. So, a stand alone DAM like Bridge that utilizes windows explorer , or the MAC equivalent whatever that is, with an export function ("open with") would be my preference. Being able to get images from camera or card would be nice too (DxO doesn't do that)
  3. Interesting enough, my XP-Pen Deco-Pro works now better than ever. Especially after enabling the force pressure function LOL. (which should be enabled by default for dummies like me IMO)
  4. I agree! I use Bridge now, but not too wild about it.
  5. Interesting enough, my XP-Pen Deco-Pro works now better than ever.
  6. HI @Gabe I don't understand "new user". New Windows user? I don't know how to do that and if that's what you mean, I would be reluctant to do that. The problem seems to be more common than just on my computer. I tried both ways window ink on and off both in the XP-Pen driver and 1.8. Either way makes no difference Something I forgot to mention and might be related. When I use the tablet, the regular mouse no longer works in 1.7. Can't click on any tools etc. and still does not work after I unplug the tablet. 1.8 freezes up and I have to restart the program.
  7. Hi @Gabe Thank you for your reply, but the Artist is a display tablet. The Deco's are not. Different drivers. It worked fine in Affinity 1.7. and, as said, it works fine in other programs with the same windows. I only have one computer. If I follow the process of elimination, the problem has to be Affinity 1.8 related. That's why I posted it here in the bug thread even though the same problem came up in other threads recently. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/111371-pressure-sensitivity-not-working-with-182/&tab=comments#comment-602356
  8. I know this issue was brought up in other forums in the past, but it is still an issue it seems I tried the pen pressure with the XP-PEN DECO-03 and the DECO Pro (same driver) and I tried it with Windows ink enabled in both Affinity and the driver and I tried it disabled in both without any difference. Same result, which is nothing. This is the same for 18.2 and 18.3 Beta and Affinity Designer 1.8 I use Windows 10 and since the pen pressure works fine in other programs such as Corel Painter, the windows settings seem ok. Am I missing something?
  9. I have the same problem with the same tablet. Yes, windows INK is enabled both in affinity and the XP-pen app. It makes no difference if I disable them (in both). I also have the latest driver for the Deco 03 I reported this also in the affinity photo bugs threads @Callum
  10. I don't see that problem in DFine and Sharpener Pro (output) I don't need those very often, but if I do, I prefer Topaz for those functions anyway RAW conversion is still done in Photolab 2 Elite and Photolab is hard to beat for noise and sharpening. No matter how much I love Affinity (and I do a lot), Photolab and Capture one are still the best for RAW conversion in my opinion. Their output quality is still unequaled (and output quality is all that matters for me)
  11. I just converted a TIFF file from 16 bit to 8 bit and still the same problem
  12. didn't test in in the different bit depths, but you have a point. my tiffs are 16bit . I will try later. PSP X6 wasn't optimized for 16bit. Particle shop (one of my favorite of Corel's plug-ins) still isn't
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