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  1. You know they will. I was just looking for a difference since I don't seem to have the same problem. Process of elimination.
  2. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Did you all clean your registry and empty your *.tmp files? What I did was, I actually deleted the Beta when they came out with as the released version. So this latest beta was a clean installation on my computer and not an update of the previous version. Not sure if that makes a difference, but so far so god.
  3. I don't see that problem in DFine and Sharpener Pro (output) I don't need those very often, but if I do, I prefer Topaz for those functions anyway RAW conversion is still done in Photolab 2 Elite and Photolab is hard to beat for noise and sharpening. No matter how much I love Affinity (and I do a lot), Photolab and Capture one are still the best for RAW conversion in my opinion. Their output quality is still unequaled (and output quality is all that matters for me)
  4. I just converted a TIFF file from 16 bit to 8 bit and still the same problem
  5. didn't test in in the different bit depths, but you have a point. my tiffs are 16bit . I will try later. PSP X6 wasn't optimized for 16bit. Particle shop (one of my favorite of Corel's plug-ins) still isn't
  6. Ok Did some more testing and found out that they only work in JPEG regardless of the color profile. Tiff files are still the same as before. so, the color profile doesn't seem to be the problem, but the file type is and that is only in Viveza. I tried and as far as I can tell, no problems in any of the other modules
  7. so far, so good here on windows 10. No problems (yet?)
  8. All my Nik modules, incl Viveza, work fine now in beta on my windows 10 computer. Thank you for fixing this. Hopefully it didn't take too much persuasive powers to convince DxO p.s. I can live without NIK, but since I have it, it is nice it works and despite all the power packed into AP, it does come in handy from time to time.
  9. rudyumans

    nik collection, affinity 1.7.0

    People should make the distinction between NIk for Affinity on MAC and Affinity on windows. When DxO came out with the upgrade version 1.1, they said that version 1.1 was now fully compatible with Affinity on MAC, but not on Widows. I use Windows and have no way of checking if that is true for MAC. Now they came out with another update with some minor changes, but nothing to write home about and it still does not fully work with Affinity for Windows. I Paid $50. for version 1.0 $50 for version1.1 (Stupid) and now they want another $60 for a minor upgrade. They can fool me once, but not twice. (3 times actually) That would be $160.00 for a plug-in that is still not fully compatible with my favorite editing software, which is crazy, so I am done with them and besides, there is very little NIK does that can't be done some other way, either within Affinity or with a more friendly plug-in. Even the NIK modules that do work, do not have all the features available on NIK for PS. Not sure why people care so much about NIK. Trust me, this feeling with NIK/DxO is not mutual. DxO was in bad financial distress last year, so now all they seem to care about is milking their (loyal I might add) customers
  10. rudyumans what does (RC1) mean?

    That sounds hopeful. Thanks!
  11. Just out of curiosity, what does the RC1 stands for? Is that a new milestone in the development of 1.7? I didn't see that before.
  12. rudyumans

    Beta update?

    give these people a break
  13. If i change the blend mode in the recolor adjustment layer pop up from normal to e.g. soft light, it will not save it. It jumps back to normal. If I make an adjustment while in any other mode than normal, it will also jump back to normal. If I save the setting in normal mode (not by choice) and I change the blend mode then in the layers panel from normal to soft light and then go back to the recolor pop-up, everything is fine and I can make adjustments and save it without jumping it back to normal. Restarting the program makes no difference Yesterday i was recoloring an image and had about 10 recolor adjustment layers without problems. Layer number 11 was added and ended up below the background layer and I could not move it at all. I had to restart the program to make it work again. I had a similar problem with renaming a layer. Sometimes it let me and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, I have to restart the program to make it work again thanks