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  1. Thanks for your suggestions, I will check them out!
  2. Hello! Firstly, to the developers: thank you for making Affinity Photo! It is a great app which does a LOT, and it was so reasonably priced I couldn't even believe it. I am an amateur photographer, and Affinity is my first foray into digital editing/post-processing, and currently going through a course on Affinity Photo to learn how to use it to its maximal potential. I use a Mac and I use the Apple Photos app for storing my photos, but it is not very good. It's fine for storing finished JPEGs and it is nice it syncs across my devices, but I don't want to put my RAW photos in it and have them lost in the mad file structure of the photos library when I come to editing them, also use up all my Cloud storage and Mac SSD on RAWs. So this is what I would like: to have some DAM software that works well with Affinity Photo and external drives, and use that to catalogue my RAW photos in external drives. Then edit the ones I want to edit, and store those as JPEGs in the Apple Photos app for accessibility across my devices. It is slightly annoying that Apple Photos is not really the best photos app from what I can tell, and yet it seems to be the only one Apple lets you use with iCloud, unless I am wrong about that? I have some questions: I heard via old posts on Reddit whilst searching for DAM software that Affinity might be getting its own DAM software to work with Affinity Photo, is this true? Is it coming soon, or is there a timeframe for it? Or is there an app that users of Affinity would recommend to use as a DAM, bearing in mind I want to use principally external drives for storing RAW photos, and have them catalogued in such a way that I can find them easily in case in future I need it. Or do you just recommend editing those RAW photos you want to keep, and then chucking the rest, as this may become expensive in terms of storage? Thanks for your help! Best wishes, Joseph
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