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    nik collection, affinity 1.7.0

    People should make the distinction between NIk for Affinity on MAC and Affinity on windows. When DxO came out with the upgrade version 1.1, they said that version 1.1 was now fully compatible with Affinity on MAC, but not on Widows. I use Windows and have no way of checking if that is true for MAC. Now they came out with another update with some minor changes, but nothing to write home about and it still does not fully work with Affinity for Windows. I Paid $50. for version 1.0 $50 for version1.1 (Stupid) and now they want another $60 for a minor upgrade. They can fool me once, but not twice. (3 times actually) That would be $160.00 for a plug-in that is still not fully compatible with my favorite editing software, which is crazy, so I am done with them and besides, there is very little NIK does that can't be done some other way, either within Affinity or with a more friendly plug-in. Even the NIK modules that do work, do not have all the features available on NIK for PS. Not sure why people care so much about NIK. Trust me, this feeling with NIK/DxO is not mutual. DxO was in bad financial distress last year, so now all they seem to care about is milking their (loyal I might add) customers
  2. rudyumans what does (RC1) mean?

    That sounds hopeful. Thanks!
  3. Just out of curiosity, what does the RC1 stands for? Is that a new milestone in the development of 1.7? I didn't see that before.
  4. rudyumans

    Beta update?

    give these people a break
  5. If i change the blend mode in the recolor adjustment layer pop up from normal to e.g. soft light, it will not save it. It jumps back to normal. If I make an adjustment while in any other mode than normal, it will also jump back to normal. If I save the setting in normal mode (not by choice) and I change the blend mode then in the layers panel from normal to soft light and then go back to the recolor pop-up, everything is fine and I can make adjustments and save it without jumping it back to normal. Restarting the program makes no difference Yesterday i was recoloring an image and had about 10 recolor adjustment layers without problems. Layer number 11 was added and ended up below the background layer and I could not move it at all. I had to restart the program to make it work again. I had a similar problem with renaming a layer. Sometimes it let me and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, I have to restart the program to make it work again thanks
  6. it seems that the zoom frame (not sure what you would call it) in the navigator panel (photo persona) has a mind of its own in beta Sometimes it works as it should, sometimes it decides to show up at 400% or 300% or anywhere, and sometimes not at all. It's like Forest Gump' s box of chocolate or AI gone rogue . Not sure
  7. rudyumans

    zoom frame in the navigator acts funny

    Sorry, I don't know how to record something. Never needed it so never looked for it. I use the slider, clicking and scrolling depending on my mood. It happens with all image sizes, but frankly that shouldn't make any difference with most images under normal circumstances and as long as the image is larger than the viewing area, which doesn't take much with my images. Many of my images are tiffs scanned at 2400 or more dpi for restorations. (reduced at export) I don't have this problem in If you can still see the whole image at 600%, it must have been the size of a postage stamp and none of my images are that small. It seems that I am not the only one with this issue. Thanks Ron for confirming.
  8. rudyumans

    Images being rotated

    Hmm. I use several Topaz plug-ins (the old ones, non-studio), All of DxO's Nik, Corel's Particle shop, and some others and they all work fine. I don't encounter the same problem as you do. All the files are Tiffs or AP Do you have this only with Olympus RAW files?
  9. rudyumans

    Beta .188 Crop Presets

    I saw that, but just want to be sure they are consistent Walt
  10. rudyumans

    Beta .188 Crop Presets

    I was thinking about that. Is still the latest as of this writing? Maybe "they" can add the version number with the link to the beta download in stead of just "Click here to download the latest beta" Easier to keep track and I don't have to ask dumb questions like this one.
  11. Russ2, do you even like Affinity? Just wondering.
  12. what version do you use? I had problems with the selection tool and other tools in version, which might have been because of the same problems you encounter. (Not sure) I went back to version and all problems disappeared. My CPU never uses more than 3-4% or so on AP (10-15% total with an I7 processor), no matter how complex the image or how big the colony of marching ants for a selection and not even when I have 5 -10 files open in AP Don't know if one is related to the other, but I am wondering though why you use such a huge amount of memory. Even with several other programs open, I rarely use half of what your computer consumed, and I have all kinds of programs running in the background. (some voluntarily, some not) Do you have a utility to clean up your computer, like from system mechanics, or Norton? I think I would close all the programs you can and see if the problem persists (process of elimination)
  13. For some reason, none of my selection tools seem to be working in Photo and some of the other tools, like the inpainting brush tool, have spotty performance. It was so bad actually, I uninstalled this version and went back to Everything works great in this version. My preferences were set the same in both versions and my plug ins were the same too
  14. Alrighty then. Thank you Dan!
  15. Hello Dan Your last remark is probably what happened since the inpainting tool brush had no smooth edges and was all jagged no matter what setting I used. To speak with the words of Steve Urkel, was it something I did? If the difference between *.* 123 and 135 is just installer based, should I try to re-instal it? But since everything works fine now, I could just leave it and wait for the next big update 1.6.7, that is supposed to come out in a couple of weeks I understand
  16. using FFT Denoise, Affinity help says to use the alt key (windows) to zoom the pop up with the frequency patterns, but they don't say how and no matter what i try, nothing happens. Am i missing something?
  17. I believe it is the same on your official AP video tutorial. (I would have to double check that) edit: I checked and it says Option key. Now I don't know if that is the ctrl or alt equivalent
  18. So I looked that up and it said the right Alt key or Ctrl + Alt, which works (right alt doesn't), but as Toltec said, just ctrl works just fine, which would holding the alt key as well seem a little redundant Either way, my tired eyes are grateful for the help
  19. Ctrl and mouse wheel works perfectly for me. Thank you very much. That helps a lot. alt Gr. What does the "Gr" stands for?
  20. rudyumans

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Using a third program just for Viveza is a pain the rear tootsie I came from PaintShop Pro (yeah yeah, I know, don't laugh, but I never liked PS and the company behind it even less and there was no good alternative for me until AP 1.5 and I am an old dog so learning a new program is not my favorite thing) and in this version of Affinity I don't need to use plugins a whole lot, definitely not as much as with PSP, but U-points are hard to beat and if you see what they did with the U-points in the latest DXO Photolab, it's amazing Anyway, my point was that I tried the new Viveza in PSP 2018 just for giggles and it doesn't work there either, but neither did the old free one. So, the problem might be largely with DxO and not with Serif Jmoren was typing at the time apparently. So i will check my workspace, but I am for 99.9999% sure it is set to sRGB Unless something got messed up somewhere. Since I do most of my stuff for the web, my whole workflow is in sRGB
  21. rudyumans

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Am I the only one who has that problem?
  22. rudyumans

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    Installed it on my windows 10 computer and still have problems. Color Efex works but does not have any of the new functions like the brush tool and Ctrl- click on a control point to see the mask (in B/W) and Viveza still looks washed out, just like with the old one.
  23. Thank you Mike and Toltec for the very fast response. It is very helpful! I will follow both your advice
  24. Hi I am in the process of creating some picture books (picture pages and text pages) in Pageplus x9. On occasion I also create pamphlets, and photo courses. Now reading all this about publisher I am wondering if I just should continue using PPx9 or switch to designer, or wait for publisher. I use windows 10. I am also a little afraid that if I create those things as *.ppp files I cannot convert them to either a designer or publisher file in the future. I am not an expert. I am a pro photographer who create those things as a side activity. So, I am asking for some expert opinions. Should I switch to designer, wait for publisher for windows (I can wait a few months, but not forever) or should I continue PPx9. The main activity would be picture books for either self publishing or brick and mortar publishers In addition, at some point I also need to replace webplus x8 thank you in advance Rudy