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  1. @walt.farrell @Old Bruce @Alfred Ok fellas here is the source of the problem. My account at the Affinity Store had been locked by someone other than myself trying to access the account with the wrong password. So the apply couldn't log into my account. Got a notification that attempts had been made from a location that is well outside my area. Anyway, now have the download of the update and will know what to do if it happens again. Thanks again to all. Peace Marvin
  2. I did buy it from the Serif/Affinity web store but the auto update did not work. I did notice that the start time was very much longer than normal so maybe it tried and failed. But, I think it should give some sort of message if that happens. So, when the auto didn't work I read the help file and it said to use the Check for Updates from the menu. It must be something they are working on. Thanks for responding Bruce. You and Alfred are both always very helpful. Peace Marvin
  3. I am on 1.10.1 I see there is an upgrade to 1.10.3 but the auto update at start up does not happen. And, I can find no menu option to manually start the update. I am using a Mac running BigSur and my Affinity Photo was purchased from the Affinity Store. Any help appreciated. Thanks Marvin
  4. That absolutely makes sense to me. You put my mind at ease Andy. Peace Marvin
  5. Confirm problem still exist with - RC1 on Mac mini M1 (2020), Big Sur 11.4, with both Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3. Situation same as described on July 13. Peace Marvin
  6. Yes, I am. in Affinity Photo release 1.9.3 (from Affinity Store) with opening in Rosetta checked on everything works fine. On the Beta with opening in Rosetta checked on I see the same results at j3rry noted with Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3. Other Nik apps in the Nik 4.1 release work fine under Beta In Nik Collect 4 series Silver Efex Pro and Viveza were the only two apps modified. And, in checking running Because of that I think it is likely whatever changes they made to those two apps created the problem. I also tested calling both Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3 from DxO PhotoLab 4 (4.3.1) and the problem does not appear. DxO PhotoLab is not a M1 native app. I double checked everything before submitting this response. Hope this information is of some use. UPDATED: Chris B, was thinking about this so I started up Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3 in standalone mode and saw that the situation we are seeing with the bottom bar not being shown is the way both of these apps open when opened in standalone mode. So, it looks like DxO probably is doing some pre-check at launch time to see if it is being launched from a host or being run standalone and when it runs from Affinity Photo as the host it thinks it is running in standalone mode. And, I think that would explain why the save button then can't be used when running from Affinity Photo because the app doesn't know where to save to the file too. If that is true then perhaps DxO needs to start recognizing Affinity photo as a host since a good number of people are using Nik Collection from Affinity Photo. Peace Marvin
  7. I can confirm the same thing happens with beta( on Mac mini M1 (2020), Big Sur 11.4. The only work around I have found is Viveza 3 or Silver Efex Pro 3 in Nik Collection 4.1 is from either of those apps do a File-->Save As and then copy the file back into Affinity Photo to continue working with. Other apps in Nik Collection 4.1 work fine. Silver Efex Pro and Viveza were the only two apps, I believe, were the only two apps to be updated in Nik Collection 4. Both are working fine in the 1.9.3 release of Affinity Photo. My copy of Affinity Photo came from the Affinity Store. Thought maybe having that info might help too Chris B.
  8. The support team is keeping very busy. I put mine in last week and they contacted me for more information on Sunday. And, now my situation has moved on to the developers to work with it. It takes time sometimes. Hope everything works out for you. Peace
  9. Kim, I can't speak to the problem you are experiencing. However, I currently have a support ticket in with DxO considering poor performance with Silver Efex Pro 3. I believe if you checkout the feedback forum at https://feedback.dxo.com you may find something related to the problem you are experiencing or another user who had dealt with the problem under Windows 10. There are multiple experiences from current users dealing with problems related to both Windows and Mac with Nik Collection 4. Also, it would be worthwhile to file a support ticket at https://support.dxo.com I suspect customer support is pretty busy at DxO right now. Hope this information helps. Peace
  10. That is exactly what I did and it worked fine. My experience was with installing to a Mac mini M1 (2020) with Big Sur 11.4 and using the latest version of Affinity Photo that was purchased from the Serif store. if your system is different I really couldn't say. So, if you have a different system or purchased from the Mac App site then you would be better served to check on the DxO Forum at https://feedback.dxo.com or contact Customer Support at DxO (https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us). Keep in mind that there are variables between operating systems, operating system versions, and software releases so what works perfectly for one may not work for the other. Hope this info helps. Peace
  11. James, I am running it on Mac mini M1 (2020) macOS Big Sur 11.4 and using it from Affinity Photo and have not had any problems after I got it installed. However, be aware that on the DxO forum (https://feedback.dxo.com) the postings are mixed for both Windows and MacOS. So, you may want to visit that forum and read over some of the experiences people seem to be experiencing. Like I said, my experience has been good so far. The install procedure for Nik 4 uninstalls Nik 3 completely and you do not have the option to keep it in place. However, all presets and recipes are retained. I did read one posting on the DxO forum where an individual was able to install Nik 3 after they did the Nik 4 install and was successfully running them side by side. Now the reason he did that is because when you use Nik from PhotoShop, PhotoLab, or run it standalone you have the option to save the settings which allows you to work non-destructively. But, Nik 4 will not read the settings from the Nik 3 saved item. That only affects you if you have been using it from one of those apps and expecting to go back and edit those settings. That is a situation I don't have because you can't save the settings when calling from Affinity Photo. While I think the changes implemented are good. Especially being able to call Viveza 3 from Affinity Photo and save it back to Affinity Photo without the app crashing is a big plus. The changes to the interface in Silver Efex Pro and Viveza handling of Control Points means you have the old way in all other apps in Nik Collection and a new way in Silver Efex Pro and Viveza. Some people maybe put off by that. However, on the plus side you can now name Control Points and Control Point Groups; you can assign name to the Control Points and Control Point Groups; and you can save the Control Points in presets you create. For me, those there capabilities offset the need for having to cope with the old way and the new way of Control Points. The new way is sure to be implemented in the other Nik Collection apps at some point. I would recommend that you check out the link to the DxO Forum. Read of some of the experiences and see if the bad experiences are occurring to with the way you use the Nik Collection apps, your OS, and your expectations. Speaking for myself I am pleased with the changes that were made to the interface and control points in Silver Efex and Viveza and look forward to them being implemented in the other apps. I used to be a software developer when I was young. I know that the code in the Nik Collection has been around for several years and has had a couple of different. So, I expect that changes being made require a lot of forethought and consideration and that is probably why only two of the apps have the new UI and Control Points and other changes now and other apps will be done later. These things take time. I have tried to give you my honest opinion. While I am glad I made the upgrade I would not want to sway you one way or the other. So, check out the forum. Read up. The cost to upgrade from Nik 3 to Nik 4 is $59.99 until June 30 2021. Robin Whalley has an excellent video on YouTube about the changes that were made and I highly recommend that to you - "Nik Collection Launch Review". Hope this information helps you. Peace
  12. Nik Collection 4 was released today (June 2, 2021) and the install procedure has changed. I found the steps at the following URL: https://help-nikcollection4.dxo.com/install_activate I hope this helps someone avoid the frustration getting the Nik Collection 4 installed to Affinity Photo. I was fouled up because I tried to follow the steps for Nik 2.5 and 3.0. However, the new release is installed for Affinity Photo differently. Edit: By the way did a quick test and Nik Viveza worked fine. Peace
  13. Running on Mac mini M1 (2020) 16GB RAM performance was excellent. The only time I saw any hit on performance is when I had to switch to run using Rosetta so I could see if it worked with Nik Collection. When I did that the startup time was slower but once editing responsiveness/performance was excellent. Using the tools I usually use, I saw no problems.
  14. Thanks for the feedback @Gabe. You are absolutely right, the GPS bug is fixed. I ran the wrong copy of the app on my second test. My apologies for taking up your time with this. Beta - RC1 fixed the problem. Peace Marvin
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