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  1. Thanks for the update @dominik . I am still waiting to hear from DxO support. I imagine they are pretty busy. Butch
  2. @dominik yes the plugins look ok on my 1920x1080 screen running in demo mode both as a plugin and when I ran HDR Efx Pro,.
  3. Waiting to hear from DxO support on this issue dominik and will be sure to post when i get an answer. DxO support has been very good in the past about resolving issues. Everything except Veviza 2 works ok in the demo mode. So, I really think the activation situation can be addressed by them. Butch
  4. Downloaded the trial version and with the exception of Viveza 2 everything worked acceptably that I could see. Viveza 2 showed a heavy pink color cast and there were no changes I could make to the document color format that would correct the situation. However, since I was more interested in the other parts of the Nik Collection I went ahead and bought it. But, when I tried to activate any of the Nik products it failed with the message that I was not connected to the internet. I then tried to run one of the products standalone which worked just fine but again it failed when I tried to activate. Last night I submitted a trouble report with DxO and when they respond I'll post here how it worked out. Running Windows 10 latest updates. Butch Situation Resolved with not being able to activate DxO Nik Collection running on Windows 10. @dominik Got the response from DxO Monday, June 11, 2018 I heard from DxO Support a shot time ago. They resolved my problem of not being able to activate my copy of DxO Nik Collection running on Windows 10 with latest updates. These are the steps they had me follow: 1. Uninstall DxO Nik Collection 2. Go to the folder C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses 3. Delete the two files nik2018demo.lic and nik2018.lic (you may only find one) In my case the file that was there was nik2018demo.lic 4. Reinstall DxO Nik Collection Following those steps I was able to activate my paid copy of DxO Nik Collection and run plugins in Affinity Photo. I hope this may be of help to others. Dxo Support was very prompt in working with this. I submitted my support ticket on Thursday. I started a dialog on Saturday and the situation was resolved on Monday. Given the support folks were responding to a new release I was very pleased with their support. Butch
  5. MarvinR

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Just able to download today and give it a test. Very, very happy to see these corrections. Nicely done!
  6. MarvinR

    Saving to Google Drive not working

    Have experienced the same thing. Also using iPad Pro 10.5" with Apple Pencil and iOS 11.2
  7. MarvinR

    Watermark to a Photo Batch

    I have not done this with a watermark but I do run batch processes that execute macros. I think these would be the steps you could take: 1. Create a macro for your watermark text and placement. 2. Run a Batch process that executes the macro you created for your watermark. When you run a Batch Job you can indicate: 1. Which files to include in the batch, 2. What file types you want to save. 3. Where you want to save your output file. 4. What macro do you want to run. If you go to the link posted below to the Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials you will find a tutorial on how to create text, creating macros and batch processing. The tutorials on all subjects are excellent. I am just a user of Affinity Photo and not a tech person on this site. The area where you placed your question (Resources) is for resources being made available. I think this is problem a better area in the forums for asking a question and getting a response from tech but I just can't think of it off hand. If you look at the titles of the various areas of the forum you may get other thoughts. EDIT: Just found the area on these forums for asking questions. The name of the area is Questions. Hope this helps. Peace
  8. MarvinR

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Thank you, Always appreciate your videos too.
  9. MarvinR

    Unhandled exception

    Same here. It is not consistent as to when it can occur. I have had it occur when it is the only adjustment layer I have added or when I have several adjustment layers. After each crash there is not chance to report the error. Also, after each crash I can reload the file and do the same thing and curves will work without a problem.
  10. Since installing notice that the Beta symbol ("B") shows on all afphoto files including afphoto files generated from the release version. It can get confusing as to if an afphoto file was created in the release version or the beta version. I have mine organized by putting all beta output into one folder. The bad thing is that if I double click on an afphoto file that I want to open in the release version it will always open the beta version. It's not a big problem but could get confusing. Running Windows 10 with latest updates. Thanks.
  11. I am getting the same message opening any file in AP. I am using Windows 10 with all updates. I haven't added or removed any brushes that I know of. I just installed .63 today. The message doesn't seem to affect anything because you can start to edit as normal. Thanks Update: This message only appears if you drag and drop the file in AP. If you open the same file using File-->Open from the menu then the message does not appear.
  12. Here is a video on YouTube by a fellow named Wei Chong that explained Blend Ranges/Blend Options in Affinity Photo in a way that really give me insight into using Blend Ranges. I has very few views but for me it was very helpful.