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  1. Same here. It is not consistent as to when it can occur. I have had it occur when it is the only adjustment layer I have added or when I have several adjustment layers. After each crash there is not chance to report the error. Also, after each crash I can reload the file and do the same thing and curves will work without a problem.
  2. TEcHNOpls Thanks for the information. Thanks.
  3. Since installing notice that the Beta symbol ("B") shows on all afphoto files including afphoto files generated from the release version. It can get confusing as to if an afphoto file was created in the release version or the beta version. I have mine organized by putting all beta output into one folder. The bad thing is that if I double click on an afphoto file that I want to open in the release version it will always open the beta version. It's not a big problem but could get confusing. Running Windows 10 with latest updates. Thanks.
  4. I am getting the same message opening any file in AP. I am using Windows 10 with all updates. I haven't added or removed any brushes that I know of. I just installed .63 today. The message doesn't seem to affect anything because you can start to edit as normal. Thanks Update: This message only appears if you drag and drop the file in AP. If you open the same file using File-->Open from the menu then the message does not appear.
  5. Here is a video on YouTube by a fellow named Wei Chong that explained Blend Ranges/Blend Options in Affinity Photo in a way that really give me insight into using Blend Ranges. I has very few views but for me it was very helpful.
  6. It looks like you can make the change in the "Assistant Manager" (the thing just right of center on the tool bar that looks like an exclamation point to me). If you click on that in the Assistant dialog you will see "Adding adjustment layer to selection: Add adjustment as child layer" is what the setting was when they dropped this beta. You can change that to "Add adjustment as a new layer" and that will be just like it was in previous releases. I think when they did the drop they forgot to change this setting.
  7. Windows 10 8GB RAM Install no problem at all. Colors normal. Help functions. Startup and Shutdown exceptionally fast. So far my normal use of the program in quick test has no problems. Nice work.
  8. For Affinity Photo: There is an option to put a + sign in the center of the Selection Brush Tool. Would it be possible so that this sign is changed to the minus "-" sign whenever you switch the subtract mode? The reason I asked for this the Selection Brush Tool seems to start in the mode it was last used it. I believe that most of the time when you start the Selection Brush Tool you want to be in Add mode. If in fact the Selection Brush Tool is in subtract mode then you have a visual clue so that you know to switch the setting. Thanks
  9. When you first open the Macro Library all the macros are expanded. Could there be an option for these to be displayed in a collapsed state so that only the title of the macro is displayed? It would make working with the display a lot easier when first opening rather than having to manually collapsed everything. Thank you.
  10. Faris, I believe that Affinity might be closed for the holidays this week. I know they are always very responsive. I haven't had that situation happen to me so I can't give any advice on the matter.
  11. I was just getting ready to ask for this too. Very nice if we could set the center point for the vignette live filter. Thank you
  12. Fixed in (RC2). Checked and it worked with the mouse and Wacom Tablet Pen. Thanks
  13. With the Flood Select Tool selected I have tried dragging left and right with the mouse and with the pen using the Wacom tablet. However, I never see the Tolerance number in the display change. Yet, from the area that gets selected it seems to indicate that the Tolerance is being adjusted because more or less is displayed. Also, withthe Flood Select Tool it appears it spends a little time working to make the selection. But, there is no indication that the app is doing anything until the area selected changes. It would be nice if there were an indicator that the selection was being made so that a person didn't keep moving the mouse or pen around and changing the tolerance. It would make using the tool a little easier. Thanks
  14. Follow-up: After reloading did extensive edits on the same tiff file that I had the problem with and everything went smooth. Not a repeatable error.