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  1. We do still have some localised strings to update, so @R C-R is correct that the wording is a little different for en-us for the time being. That'll eventually match the en-gb strings when things catch up. I think the white background on the treeview is likely OS version-specific as we don't see it on Mojave or Catalina. Thanks for the report!
  2. Oh, that's a good idea. I'll think about it. In the meantime, if you only have one body/lens combination, you can go into Develop Assistant and tell it to just always take your Most Recently Used lens profile. Then you won't even have to select the profile manually any more.
  3. Indeed, that build of Windows 10 dates to 2015. You'll need to upgrade your operating system to at least the Anniversary Edition. Please refer to: Cheers!
  4. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, this particular camera/lens combination does not give us enough information to disambiguate between the two possible lenses. Hopefully the manual lens selection will be a good workaround for you though. This is just the kind of situation where we see it getting the most use.
  5. After determining the lens profile to use (be that automatically, or by manual selection), the resulting correction information still needs adjusting to account for focal length & aperture being different to when the correction data was generated. Unfortunately, many fixed-focal-length lenses don't report that focal length to the camera, so the information is not in the image metadata. In those specific cases we can actually take it from the name of the lens instead, which we'll start doing in a future build (thanks for the report, @larsbre!). A more general solution to missing metadata (e.g. when using a non-electronic zoom lens) would require sliders or similar in the Lens Correction panel.
  6. Just wanted to add, we actually compensate for this when the two crop factors differ.
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