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  1. The date/time widget does use local time (if you change your system settings you'll see the widget adjusting to match; on Windows you have to restart the app to see this update though), but it looks like the value we're initially passing into it has the local time offset erroneously re-applied.
  2. This is by design. Content migrated from v1 is not "linked" across the apps, and there is currently no way to "link" Document Presets.
  3. Hi Ewart100! We are just about to release an update (2.0.3) - after you install the update, your other Affinity apps on the same iPad should then work with your Universal licence. Previously, you had to use the Register Purchase feature for that to work, but this restriction has now been lifted.
  4. This is generally expected to work at present. Would you be able to attach a sample doc so we can investigate the specific data that is lost? Support will be able to provide a Dropbox link if you wish to keep it private. Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately there's no proper Windows API support for this feature; we'd have to use their own font selector dialog control (via ChooseFont) or scrape the registry for the list of hidden fonts, which poses its own problems. Nice idea though!
  6. Sorry, Amber, that's my fault - I gave Dan incorrect information! The insert option absolutely should be enabled - this is fixed for the next update.
  7. That preference applies to new categories (i.e. "Create Category"). Imported categories will always be linked by default.
  8. This usually means your image is missing Aperture or Focal Length data. It may be that HDR Merge is dropping it?
  9. Unfortunately, we do not support the sidecar feature on iPad at present. However, you should be able to use the "Import from XMP" option in the metadata studio.
  10. You could try putting the apps into the LocalSystem zone - this should allow them to start up. However, if you purchased through the Affinity Store, you'll need to activate the app, which requires (one-time) internet access. We would suggest then that you use a less locked-down zone, if only temporarily.
  11. Sorry, I forgot that button is only in Photo! If you could tell me the full/complete path of that ws.dat file, that would be very helpful. Thanks
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