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  1. Thanks @R C-R The MWG guidelines are a primary source for us, so we do try to abide by them when it doesn't conflict with usability concerns or constraints set by camera manufacturers.
  2. @h_d We don't delete fields when populating Core IPTC fields. At present, there is a problem reading the Caption-Abstract IIM field in the first place. It is not part of your document. That's why you don't see it when you save/export. Thanks for your report and look out for a fix in a future version!
  3. @BillCar Thanks, that image has the metadata in it. Regarding the missing "Title"/"Comments"/"Subject" fields, please try it on the next beta.
  4. Thanks @h_d. As I say, there seems to be an issue with reading in the Caption-Abstract IIM field from the original image. It probably isn't necessary to set a new piece of metadata to trigger that.
  5. @h_d Affinity Photo does support the IPTC Core fields, both in their original IIM guise and when given in the XMP IptcCore namespace. Per the standard, IIM Caption/Abstract should be turned into XMP IptcCore.Description, then can become XMP dc:description for export. (The Windows "Properties" dialog is capable of populating from the latter; it amalgamates from a few different data sources for that dialog.) XMP is used internally (mostly). It looks like the IIM->XMP step may not be happening properly here. ExifTool also does not seem to perform this step when it emits XMP; this surprises me too. @BillCar Thanks for your report; I'll take a look at whether we can do a bit better with the output of Picasa. N.B. The submitted image file has no Camera maker/model metadata, nor tags or keywords. While there are some naming/terminology differences to some other software, this is somewhat unavoidable with all the variations out there in the world of metadata, and we've tried to find a balance between common sense and following the standards there. Naming differences don't by-and-large affect whether we can import/export metadata fields though.
  6. Indeed, that build of Windows 10 dates to 2015. You'll need to upgrade your operating system to at least the Anniversary Edition. Please refer to: Cheers!
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