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  1. Did I just imagine it or was there a post in the New Features and Improvements about Affinity RC2 (1790) which has now disappeared?
  2. In the fixes for Release Candidate it states that Copying of settings from Release to Beta isn't working on Windows [HUB-295] has been fixed. However I find this not to be the case. The option is still greyed out. Both the release & beta versions were installed via the exe file. Clicking on HUB-295 shows zero results.
  3. That's true Walt. I hadn't thought of that. Perhaps in the next beta release the behaviour could be close without confirming if no corrections have been made & a revert to previous behaviour if some adjustments have been made.
  4. I notice that in the latest Beta (1769) there is no longer a requirement to cancel development before closing a raw file. Not sure if this is a bug but I personally prefer it this way.
  5. They didn't Walt. i was just going by Ash's post in 2.1 New Features and Improvements to say that they would shortly be available. Obviously I was too hasty!
  6. I have tried a few downloads of the exe version of Affinity Photo 1742 but they keep coming up as version 1736. When will the 1742 update be on the website please?
  7. Thanks to you both. I will wait for the 2.1.0 release version. All looking good with the beta so far.
  8. I too have unsandboxed (EXE) for both 2.0.4 and for & .1732 but, for me, the option to copy is still greyed out. There is a 2.0(Beta) folder in both .Affinity & AppData/Roaming\Afifinity\Photo. I tried copying the 2.0 folder between the 2 locations but the problem remains.
  9. Hi, in the exe download version of Affinity Photo on Windows 11, there is still a problem I reported earlier that, under settings, the option to copy settings & content from the release app is still greyed out. I was hoping it would be resolved in the latest update to the beta version.
  10. Hi, EmT, that has now sorted out the problem & the correct version is now installed. However I still have the problem I reported earlier that, under settings, the option to copy settings & content from the release app is still greyed out. Thanks for your help in resolving the download issue.
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