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  1. Thank you very much John for your prompt reply. You are quite correct, the file was developed as a 32 bit (HDR) image. Developing it as a 16 bit or converting it in the document menu allowed all the plugins to be used. In fact developing the file as a 16 bit image (using the develop assistant) actually gave a better starting image. Once again thanks for your help. Geogg
  2. Hi, can anybody explain the following please. I am using Affinity Photo 1.8 with Nik Collection 3 in Windows 10. If I develop a raw file (Canon CR3) the developed file is then opened in the photo persona. Clicking on the Nik tools plugins only gives me the option of HDR Efex. If I then export the developed image as a jpeg, close the image then open the jpeg all the Nik tools are available. Any help would be appreciated. Geoff
  3. Mine would be 1. Support for Canon CR3 raw files 2. History pane in edit & develop 3. Easier way to draw straight gradient mask eg by holding down the shift key.
  4. Thanks Gabe, I think I have just found the problem. The DNG files were originally CR3 files from my Canon EOS M50 converted using Adobe dngconverter. I set the preferences in the latter to embed fast load data. I have just tried reconverting without embedding this & the files open correctly in both programs. I am hoping that, when version 1.7 is released, it will include support for CR3 files which are used by the EOS R as well as the M50. Do we have any idea of a release date yet? Once again thanks for your prompt response. Geoff
  5. I have a problem with DNG files not opening correctly in Affinity Photo but the same file opens ok in the latest customer beta. I have attached screenshots to show the problem. I have tried a complete uninstall/reinstall of version 1.6 to no avail. Can anybody help please. Thanks , Geoff Foote
  6. Thanks again Alfred. That certainly helps. I am doing my best to get to grips with this excellent program and have just received the workbook. Geoff
  7. Thanks Alfred, I think I've got a better handle on it now. Does this mean that Source Layer Ranges are used on the base layer while the composition ranges affect the selected adjustment layers etc. Also if you use the former to get a transparent background can you then save this as a mask? Thanks again.
  8. Could someone please tell me the difference between Source Layer Ranges & Underlying Composition Ranges in Affinity Photo & when to use each of them. Thanks.
  9. I use On1 Photo 10 plugins with Photoshop Elements & Lightroom. Other plugins such as Nik tools & Topaz are compatible with Affinity Photo 1.5 &, as the latter is superior to Elements in particular, I would like to use Affinity Photo in conjunction with On1. Thanks, Geoff Foote
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