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  1. I am also on MacBook Pro with Monterey 12.6.8 and do not have this problem in Publisher but do in Designer. The bounding boxes disappear in both apps
  2. Hi @Red Al, try following the instructions in this post. It is a security thing with Mac, it needs to record the screen
  3. Hi @Malcolmt This problem affects the current release versions, it has since been fixed in the current round of betas which will be available as a release soon
  4. Can you remember when this bug was first identified? I would like to give it a nudge with a link back to this thread... they are planning on introducing a new tool that has flawed behaviour so not fully usable in Publisher
  5. That's not something many people will want to do Imagine if you are on page 250 when you need to use the tool 😅 I wondered if it was connected to master pages...no same behaviour in a new file with no masters They need to fix the bug in Publisher
  6. I don't disagree, what do you get of you start with a new file with 60 pages, create the shape on page 58 then apply the move data tool?
  7. It doesn't make a difference, facing or single pages... transform origin the same, the triangle in exactly the same place on each page The more pages you have the worse the error Try a new document with 60 pages, go to page 58 and draw a shape then use the data move tool New document, new shape and the same settings as before nothing else in the document to influence transform origin... this is what I get
  8. On my test file the transform origin is in the centre of the triangle on each page before using the tool
  9. I didn't duplicate any pages, I added via the document add pages function. The first time I noticed the problem was on page 58 of an existing document. The shape was new and created on that page, the result was only found when zooming right out with the group selected. I can't see how the transform origin would apply in this scenario.
  10. If I remember correctly when data merge was first introduced in the betas, this functionality was in it and removed before release. I support this request and think it would be very useful
  11. Thanks @anto & @Hangman for confirming it isn't just me. I keep a document of hints, tips & new tools for my own use... when adding this tool to page 58 I couldn't find it at first, I had to zoom right out then couldn't understand what I had done wrong
  12. This is what is happening with 6 pages, all other positions & settings are the same
  13. I didn't move anything I first noticed the behaviour in another Publisher document, the one above was just to demonstrate the issue, it seems the more pages there are the more the difference is
  14. Hi Not sure if this is a bug with the tool or Publisher, I was playing around with Move Data Entry and noticed the following behaviour on different pages The triangle was the same size and position on all 3 pages the same settings were also used in the tool Page 1 as expected Page 2 Not as expected Page 3 different again An overall look at the difference
  15. It doesn't need to be an existing document, replacing an image in a new document also crashes Publisher 2.2 1903. Monterey on a MBP
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