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  1. Clear the contents then add to assets from selection, if saving as a template I would also clear the contents first
  2. If you are using the same layout on a regular basis then maybe save as a template
  3. Select the cells that need a double underline and then go to Decorations in the Paragraph Panel, you can have multiple decorations.
  4. Another way is to drag the stroked shape over the thumbnail of your image, make sure the shape has no fill just the stroke.
  5. Are the bookmarks showing up in Preview after export ?
  6. I haven't had a problem with any I have tried so far...Have you tried rebooting the Mac? I find it can often resolve some of these problems It is early days and I am sure they will get it sorted for all of us
  7. Passthrough worked for me with PDF/X-1a:2003 no bombing and the exported PDF looked like the original (Mojave)
  8. Just to add, there is a very clumsy way of re ordering....by renaming, not recommended though 😀
  9. Can confirm that no matter what export setting I tried, with include bookmarks ticked they do not appear in Preview (Mojave) I can rename & delete but not change the order, but I did manage to nest one while I was tying to re order. While trying this it is easy to accidentally click on the little icon on the right which I suppose suppresses that bookmark in the export...but can't check 😀
  10. Can confirm they do not show up in Preview on the Mac, tried all export settings and they never show up
  11. Yes that too .... more caffeine needed again 😂
  12. Hi jackamus, you need to select the QS tool again it will reactivate the shape you have drawn and the dot will appear
  13. Hi @versvs, that is an old link, try this one Creating Global, Spot and Overprint Colours
  14. Hi, I was just having play with John's excellent help with curved text in the thread below (thanks John) When you hit return in the beta nothing happens, adjusting the slider has no effect, when you hit apply it works but you don't know what you will get while adjusting. Doing the same in the release works and you can see the effect before hitting apply Running a MacBook Pro on Mojave
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