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  1. Can you open the file I attached a couple of posts ago with Myriad replaced?
  2. Same here, but if it is installed on the original system then that may be where the problem lies, if perhaps the user has cancelled their Adobe Subscription and can no longer access the fonts...or they need to re activate the font. Maybe Designer could give a warning that the font is missing... it seems it might be trying to access a non active font, which is why Mike was getting a file is opening message and is unable to open others...and possibly getting the crashes
  3. I have used Publisher to remove Myriad Pro and replace with Arial, just to see if you can now open the file @mikejard 23CWC Village copy.afdesign
  4. Hi @mikejard, I have just seen another post where the user can't open some V1 files. The file contained the font Myriad Pro, this is a font from Adobe CC... just a thought but have you enabled these fonts, I am wondering if Designer knows it is there but can't access it so will not open the files that contain it. That may be why some V1 files can be opened but not others, if they do not contain Adobe CC fonts then they open. Could you try removing that font from your system temporarily and see if you file opens? Do you have Publisher? if so does the file open in that It could be that Designer has a problem with Adobe CC fonts that it can't access @Gabe does this sound feasible to you?
  5. You can delete single pages, make sure that you just have the page you want to delete selected, right click and delete that page. Your layout will move and take on the the properties of the original master page, in the sample below I deleted page 2, page 3 then became page 2 and took on the properties from the master page. The content from the page itself (the shape) remains as it was As far as I know you can't delete a single page from the master page itself. If this doesn't suit your needs then maybe Smart Master Pages will help, you can add master pages to master pages, have a look at the tutorial in the Advanced section
  6. The content in the Serif Store is for people to use to create their own artwork, a big difference from paying to print art created by somebody else. I agree with Walt, there are plenty of sites already for those wanting to sell their work. Have you really considered all the time and cost implications for Serif to set up and maintain such a site, for probably very little in return. I do not think a site for creatives is the right place for what you are proposing.
  7. Glad it helped Not sure what you mean by placing content below master pages, maybe drag the content layer below the master layer. I don't know of any automatic way to do this. Maybe set up a file the way you want then export as a template to always use the same layout.
  8. Hi Fenyman, have you seen this tutorial ? Placing multipage PDFs starts at about 03:10
  9. This is an old post but might help, the second part might resolve your file being opened error
  10. Have you tried booting in Safe Mode, then reboot normally I do not have the font Myriad Pro but the file opened fine for me, is there any chance of a font corruption on your system? Do you have lots of fonts installed?
  11. I don't but @Gabe will It will help if you add where you bought the App from, Mac App Store or direct from Serif
  12. I feel for you but doubt I can help further, I suppose you have tried uninstalling V2, reboot then reinstall Could it be trying to open a file that it no longer has access to, possibly on an external drive. Try going into Preferences General & making sure that reopen documents on startup is not ticked
  13. Another thing you could check if a reboot doesn't work is your Mac Preferences, check in Privacy that the Affinity Apps have access to your files & folders
  14. I know this might sound a bit odd...have you rebooted your Mac, can often fix some weird problems
  15. Hi Mike, I can open & save without any issues, I am on Big Sur The attached has a rectangle added then the file was saved There is a bit of a difference in file sizes, don't know if this might be part of your problem or if the forum software has messed with anything your uploaded file is 9.97 MB, my downloaded & saved versions are 5.8 MB 23CWC Village copy.afdesign
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