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  1. Hi @Sean P I am also getting this every time I try to use the colour picker a second time, I am using Sierra, no colour profiling, no external monitors. Using the MBP built in screen profile. I am getting this on release & Beta versions of all 3 apps. It doesn't matter if the source is global or current layer.
  2. Hi When I replace an image in Publisher the text wrapping does not work properly, the only way around this is to delete the replaced image and place it as a new one. I searched and the only reference I could find was this post from December. I am working on Sierra.
  3. This is still the same in version 149 RC1
  4. No worries, it is just a bit frustrating...my workaround until a true mirror function is added, is to mirror the curve then use a different brush that faces the opposite direction
  5. Yes but the text is facing the same way as the original, I can get it to do that but I am trying to achieve a true mirror. I can do this with shapes but it will not work with the Vector Brush
  6. Thanks for trying, is Arttext pasting images on a path instead of typing text using the Artistic Text tool?
  7. Murfee


    The settings were exactly as I left them on the public beta when I first launched the customer beta on the Mac. All studio panels & assets were still there.
  8. I have done all of that, they always end up facing the wrong way or upside down, have you tried it with a vector image brush that has an obvious top and direction ?
  9. Its not really working, they end up facing the same way...I need them facing the opposite way and the right way up A true mirror Image doesn't seem possible when using the Vector Brush
  10. I can get this to work fine on curves that I have drawn, I am trying to do something using the vector brush, whatever I try and however I flip or reverse the curve it will not work. The curve path mirrors but the brush doesn't. I have attached the result below, I want a mirror of the curve on the left...I end up with upside down bees ...the only way I can get around this is to create a new brush with the bee facing the other way Do you know a way to make this work as I need to do this sort of thing quite often.
  11. Hi It123, You need a mask for each gradient you want visible, then offer the mask to the thumbnail of the fill layer, the gradients are still editable if you go back to the fill layer and select the gradient tool. A quick sample is attached
  12. To create a mask so that adjustment layers only affect the area needed while keeping the Image layer intact is one reason that I would do that, if I nest the adjustment as a child layer I can resize as needed without losing any of the original image quality. This may be an important factor for anyone doing compositing. Edit: It is possible to create a pixel layer from the selection by refining, then output as a new layer. The selection brush works on image layers but the flood select tool needs to work on a pixel layer