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  1. Luminar, another modern software doesn’t support bmp. It tells me that software either free or paid that has been around for some years are still supporting legacy file formats, modern software is not.
  2. Hi @maxegb, median blur doesn't work on 32 bit images. You may have developed a 32 bit image, this would explain why the tif file which would be either 8 or 16 bit works. You might consider changing the raw output format in the develop assistant to 16 bit, this will allow filters and plugins to work correctly without you needing to convert later. 16 bit works well for photos.
  3. Compounds are really useful, you can overcome the lack of multiple outlines on text and keep the text editable by using them. I know not relevant to this thread but maybe useful to someone at some point
  4. Hi @tipforeveryone, have you tried holding the alt/option key when doing the subtract? this creates a compound and seems to work
  5. Hi soundcard22, you can add author & title in the Fields Panel, if you have not used this before it is accessible from View Studio, then tick the Fields option
  6. Very strange! I don't get this effect on my MacBook running Mojave. my edges remain sharp, no softening. @Dan C do you get softening of edges?
  7. Hi @Stokestack, have you tried hitting Q to enter quick mask while you have the move tool selected ? It works for me, I can move and resize the selection.
  8. You may not like the UI but please don't assume all users feel the same way. You don't speak for me!
  9. Hi @loukash, I raised this as a feature request in 2019, it is frustrating that a basic feature has been omitted and workarounds are the only option
  10. How do you know that things are not moving forward? No there is no roadmap but there is other evidence on these forums that things are happening. V2 is not too far away
  11. I am not biased but I do find your meme to be insulting to another user, that they don’t know the difference,
  12. This is exactly the reason there is no public roadmap, as Walt says it would end up on the forums. Then the arguments and insults occur, your type of response proves that point.
  13. Hi this is a known issue with Mac OS 10.12.6, I updated to 10.14.6 and the problem was resolved I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a fix
  14. Right click on the chart and copy as PDF It's nice to see that Designer is used for this...it can be done directly in Numbers, no workarounds just a simple case of changing the Plot Series to rows from columns, the same as swapping data rows in Excel, just a different route to find it.
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