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  1. Thanks @MEB I spotted the fix and thanked the Devs in the announcement post for .127
  2. Murfee

    Colour Burn Blend Mode in 32 bit

    Thanks for responding, I have experimented with the S & L controls but I can’t get close enough to the 16 bit mode, I will keep trying. I just wasn’t expecting such a big difference in the results. Again thanks for your help.
  3. Murfee

    Designer and text in perspective

    Hi Angelos58, some of the filters in Affinity Photo can be made live, just tap the little lightning bolt that shows up when you select the filter
  4. Murfee

    Colour Burn Blend Mode in 32 bit

    This is the recipe I was following
  5. Hi, There is a difference in results between 16 bit & 32 bit when you add a new HSL layer then adjust the luminosity to 90% when the blend mode is set to Colour Burn. I was following instructions given by @>|< on 17th February. I am very grateful for these instructions, thank you (for some reason I can not add the quote to this post) Would it be possible to get it working the same in 32 bit or is this the expected result? Thanks for any help
  6. Murfee

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thank you so much for this update, particularly the Brightness fix.
  7. I prefer curves as well, but sometimes a quick brightness adjustment gets the image where you want it. I am disappointed with this decision and agree that it’s a mistake, I just hope that they reconsider.
  8. Thanks for letting me know @MEB this now makes the Brightness Contrast unusable in 32 bit, it worked fine before the 116 beta, the result you now get is just washed out
  9. A nice surprise to see another beta this morning, I am not near my desktop for a few days so can’t try it out yet. I was wondering if the bug logged has been fixed yet... I am not nagging. If not fixed, is it due soon ?
  10. I can confirm the same display issue running on Mac Sierra
  11. Thanks, looking forward to the full release of 1.7 for Photo, Designer & Publisher
  12. Hi Looking through the help files in 116, there are supposed to be some multi brushes in the categories Decoration tools & Crayons. For some reason I have not got these categories, are they coming soon? or is there a problem with my installation of Photo 116. Thanks for any help
  13. Hi Just to let you know that the Posterise Adjustment Layer does not seem to work in 32 bit HDR, it works as expected in 16 bit