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  1. Hi, it's me again Have had a couple of crashes while experimenting with the new document window, I have uploaded the reports to the Dropbox Link that @Jon P provided earlier I can't remember the exact recipes, I think one crash occurred when I tried to create a new file from an existing template that I created in .518 We will probably need to see this file and see what we can reproduce between the different builds, can you upload it here
  2. Murfee

    Slight Delay in typing

    Hi @Jon P, File is uploaded and renamed to the latest Beta version
  3. Murfee

    Slight Delay in typing

    OK.... but our internet upload speeds are painfully slow I don't think that the images are the problem as no changes were made to the file between version 502 and 518. The only changes made are the overflowing text boxes that the Preflight showed up today.
  4. Murfee

    Slight Delay in typing

    Hi Jon, uploaded now. It is just a file I use to add info on how to do stuff in the Affinity range. It has a bit of all sorts in it. I hope you don't need the linked files...they would take forever to upload
  5. Thanks Jon, I will have a look.
  6. Sorry...I feel awful for all this moaning after all your hard work I experienced a slow down when typing in a document that had a few images in it in version 502, this was fixed and working fine in 518, it's back but slightly worse in version 523. It is not excessive but it is taking a couple of seconds for words to appear. I tested with the same file in all 3 versions. MBP touchbar on Sierra.
  7. Really like the new Preflight Panel, there is a slight display issue with page numbers in dark mode, they are black and hard to see. Not a problem for me as a quick double click takes me direct to the issue ... major time saver This is on MBP running Sierra
  8. New Document PanelPanel is now resizable and modeless.Reworked categories and subcategories.Added multiple user template folder support.Added Page Preset label (allow for `Custom`). Thanks for this, its a step in the right direction...unfortunately for me it seems to have a mind of it's own. It was fine until I changed to the template tab, then the right hand panel wanted to be over on the left side, when I selected the preset the text on the far left was hidden and left a lot of dead space on the far right. Being able to adjust the inner divider might resolve this. Resizing seemed to make matters worse, moving the far right of the window pushed the panel further to the left overlapping the left hand side completely. I couldn't find the Page Preset label that allows 'Custom' but it might just be hidden due to the display problems. Running MBP with touchbar on Sierra Edit: A restart of Publisher returned to the original layout. Each time you click templates, then click presets the right panel moves further to the left
  9. Murfee

    Xmas cookies/gingerbread

    Thanks, these are very nice and so useful
  10. Thanks...I have been using tab for this for so many years in other software that this might take some getting used to...I will see if I can change the shortcuts to something I might remember
  11. Hi Pauls, This works fine for me...until I need to change the level in a numbered or bulleted list, is there any way that Publisher can distinguish between lists & plain paragraph indents?
  12. Because you would need to click and enter the Export Persona and then click to export....it is an additional step in the workflow that is not needed for most cases, I have just tried a few things and I can export individual layers or slices directly from the Export Persona, the main export menu is also available.
  13. They do, but they only show the centre of the page if it is portrait orientation, its ok so far for the couple I have set up so far but it would be better if they could be dynamic and show both orientations
  14. If I am honest I think I found it by accident

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