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  1. Hi @evtonic3, I haven’t tried with symbols but have used shapes along a path. Draw the path, copy the shape, use the artistic text tool to activate the text on a path but don’t type anything, just paste and the shape will appear, keep pasting until the path is filled to the end. You might need to experiment with sizing and spacing. Not as elegant as a proper symbols or shapes on a path tool but might help you achieve what you need until a proper tool is developed.
  2. Hi @Lorox, if you have the move tool selected and hit Q, the Quick Mask opens where you can edit the selection
  3. Hi @Limolb, have you tried View>View Mode>Clip to Canvas? I do think that a Preview Mode would be better, this can remove guides, margins etc in one click
  4. There is an easier way Sample the area that should be white Fill a new Pixel layer with the sampled colour Invert the filled Pixel Layer with the Ctrl/Cmd I keyboard shortcut Change the blend mode of the filled pixel layer to Colour Dodge
  5. That is what I was doing, normal workflow for me...I always change the group blend mode as passthrough can have some undesirable effects with masks for me as well.
  6. Edit linked on the Master Page Layer in a Page will update the Master for me without detaching and getting the dashed orange bar.
  7. Hi @anon2, I see what you mean, I added a blur layer after I had changed the blend ranges and it worked as expected, possibly because I was also using blend modes and combining multiple layers, I did get the result I was looking for. Probably more luck than judgement. Just had another look and further changes to blend ranges have no effect with the blur layer in place. More caffeine needed 😀
  8. Hi @DannyBCreative, I am using the latest beta and this is working as normal, I think it will be released soon. You could try it now, normally betas are for testing but this round has been bug fixing and Serif are recommending to use it rather than the release version if it fixes any errors that you are experiencing. It will work alongside the release version which you will need to keep installed for the beta to work.
  9. It seems fine in 32bit, but really nasty in 8bit, not at a desktop but just had a quick look on iPad
  10. Hi Olk, have you tried the latest Beta, there is a fix that might solve your problem. Normally Serif do not recommend using Betas for production work, but they are recommending that you use it if affected by any of the bug fixes they have listed, this fix might work. I use Mac so can't test it for you.
  11. Just did a bit of testing, you are right. If you go straight to the fill and gradient tab, neither node is selected. If you go to the Gradient tool and apply it then open the gradient tab the left node is selected. I am just so used to this that I didn't even consider it might be a bug 😀
  12. You are welcome, just glad it helped. Sorry I have no idea why the colour well allows you to select a colour, perhaps it should be disabled until you have selected the node.
  13. You can't remove it now Walt, well I can't on a Mac, if it is there in the main document text style heading it will pull through to the TOC...whether you want it to or not. I wouldn't want bullets to pull through but I do need numbering to pull through, the changes in 1.8 have made this more complicated than it was in 1.7
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