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  1. Thanks MEB, I just discovered it hasn't been fixed yet, hopefully it will be in the next beta as this is a very useful filter
  2. Hi Geertruud, welcome to the forums. Check the bit depth of your images, the nik filters need the image to be 16 or 8 bit, it sounds as if yours are 32 bit. This might explain the randomness that you are seeing.
  3. You are correct. The fill on the fx panel affects the opacity of an object such as text. Yes it is useful but it is definitely not the same as the layer fill function in Photoshop.
  4. Hi, If you click on the more buttons the app crashes I hardly ever use batch operations, just needed to reduce the quality to quickly send some snaps by email. It doesn't matter if you have selected the files or not... just click one of those buttons and the app crashes Mojave on MBP
  5. Thanks for this, much appreciated. Is there any chance that you could take it a step further and allow the selection of a ready made gradient that is saved as a swatch. Again thanks for all the hard work.
  6. I can zoom & pan in that window with a touchpad and resize or move it wherever I want it I like it
  7. Thanks for this, another little improvement would be to match any roundings, I have just tested an excel sheet that had an average formula, the sheet displays whole numbers but when imported it is displaying 6 decimal places. Thanks again for all the hard work. Stay safe.
  8. Hi @Jon P, I have deleted the top 3 categories. The third one was showing a name but when I deleted it asked if I wanted to delete 'default' (this was not the name of the category) I chose yes and they are all fine now. It was the default category that was causing the problem originally in one of the previous betas, I deleted it at the time but it must have kept something hiding πŸ˜€ Thanks for your time, I am now fixed πŸ˜€
  9. Hi Jon, it is all assets no particular pack. Have you got more than 3 packs loaded ?
  10. Hi, I am still having the problem with the Categories showing the wrong contents. The first two categories from the top are correct, the third shows the category name but no contents. the fourth category is showing the name of the fourth category but the contents are from from the third category, this is the same scenario for all other categories, they contain items from the previous category. Mojave on MBP
  11. Hi fde101, I was dragging the selected layer, the pointer changes to a curved arrow... not near Mac but will try again later. Thanks for the help.
  12. I am trying to be brave πŸ˜€, I have only managed to drag a layer ... and get it to link ... over the target icon twice....despite numerous attempts....what is the knack to getting it to work every time
  13. Hi @MEB, I am having a similar problem, in my case it doesn't matter what the colour format or dpi is. If I copy from any of the Affinity apps and paste in something like Pages the result is a very low res PDF. My clipboard contents always show text at the bottom, but nothing actually shows in the window I have reported this in the Publisher Forum because I thought to was linked to another problem. I don't know if the problem is related to this one, but it might help to get to the bottom of it for you. I discovered the problem when I was pasting from Photo to change a Folder Icon in Finder, it had always worked well but something has changed in Affinity.
  14. Hi @Cacophonix, have you tried adding a mask to your mask? Adding a plain mask to your subject mask then adding the gradient to your new mask might give you the result you are after. You can combine the masks by selecting one and creating a spare channel, then select the other and create a spare channel. Right click the first spare channel and choose Load to Pixel selection, right click the second spare channel and choose Add to pixel selection, create a new mask with this combined pixel selection.
  15. I have just seen a TV advert for it πŸ˜‚
  16. If it contains a clipping mask, Photo can export jpgs with a clipping mask.
  17. Hi Jon, I can reload 843 and it is fine, assets are as they should be and no crash. It only happens in 850, I have tried opening both versions and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the assets, just strange behaviour in 850, all is fine in 843 after opening 850 Not near my Mac at the moment so will upload the file later Thanks
  18. Hi Just downloaded the 850 version and Assets have got messed up. The first 2 categories are fine, the third category shows the name but is empty, all categories after this show a name but the contents are in the next category name down. The last category has the correct name but the contents are from the previous category name so are missing. I tried to delete the problem category - third in the list and Publisher crashed. Tried deleting another category and Publisher crashed again. Everything was fine in 843 MBP Mojave
  19. Hi Andy, I understand your frustration. There is a trick to making this simple, draw you shape that you are adding the gradient to, make this shape's layer invisible, Draw your initial gradient over the shape, you will notice that only the stops are visible, select your first stop and alt/opt click on the colour you need, click along the gradient line to add further stops and alt/opt click to directly add your picked colours. I have used Publisher for the recording but the principle is the same for all Affinity apps. You could save your gradient as a style, or add the current fill to a swatch. Hope this eases some of the pain until the gradient tool is improved.
  20. I can confirm this, I am on Mojave. All brushes are showing as broken in the main Designer Persona
  21. Thanks for the latest update, I was wondering if there has been any progress with this issue. I am working on a personal project that has a lot of copied images & screenshots, the files are getting bit big and I am holding off on making them linked until this has been fixed. Again thanks for solving one of my headaches with the TOC deleting my anchors πŸ˜€
  22. Thank you for this, I was trying to work with the TOC include as PDF bookmarks yesterday. I was tearing my hair out when I moved a couple of pages at the start of the document, all the hyperlinks further down the document were pointing to the wrong anchor, even though the anchor was still showing as the correct one.
  23. Hi Sean, also crashes if you try opening a file that contains a contour
  24. Hi Aad, you need to drag the Gaussian Blur layer over the mask layer not the background
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