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  1. Many thanks to all. I'll study all options. My goal is to stay away from cloud based solutions (using somebody else's servers to make changes to my own files is an environmental crime in my view, and also, I really am not interested in having all my devices just as temporary looking glasses to my property residing in some other country) and as long as I can I also avoid subscription based software. I understand the drive for software developers, but my volume of handling never ever justifies the continuous drip from my assets. I would have welcomed modular apps so I can choose just the functionality I need and leave it at that, but it's the world we live in apparently. Sorry of my rant. I think differently still. Brings out an opinion once in a while. Trying to move forward with your suppportive suggestions. Again many thanks!
  2. Is there anyone out there that can help? I am still desparately lokking for an easy way of managing my photos now that Aperture is no longer supported. I purchased Affinity to enjoy the more advance editing possibilities, but it does not replace the ease of use of Aperture. Also, Apple's Photo app does not help at all as a photo manager as that can't work with RAW files (NEF in my case). I am holding off upgrading to anything passed MacOS 10.14 now because after that my Aperture libraries will be totally useless I'm told. I know that Affinity has not featured a management system yet (still hoping for that) but has anyone a workable idea of moving thousands of photos from many Aperture Libraries to a sensible way of finding them back later again? I know I can extract the master folder from the libraries and store them separately. I will loose any sorting to subject I've done within Aperture as the Aperture library master simply stores by date (it is something I guess). But this is still a massive time consuming operation. Perhaps there is some software out there that can help? I would would be most keen to learn about anything here. Many thanks for any helpful thoughts in advance. Diederik Amsterdam
  3. So, it's May 2019 now. Any updates on the development of this? I would just need, as many other I gather, a simple tool to store my RAW files when taking them from my camera. AF can be used to edit the keepers, the rest can just sit on a disk until I think I should have another look at them. Any simple data managementsystem would do. If of interest, I would not have a use for batch jobs, so that can be left for another time, if developers are breaking their brains over it.
  4. Any news on the DAM already? (it's 2019 now) I am about to have to stop using Aperture and really convert my workstreams to working with Affinity Photo. However, Photo Library Management is the real show stopper still...
  5. got it, via a long rerouting process, but it's ordered now. Ah, and now you got me interested in your RAW converters I might be interested in as well! Nikon D750 and D7000 here... I expect to have the same purpose for APh here.
  6. Err, it seems to be only available in German. I do understand and speak German, but it would not be my language of choice for this kind of read.... I seem to be unable to find the publication in English (it's grayed out on the link you provided )
  7. Many thanks again. I really appreciate your efforts. I will however stay away from Apples Photos as it will grab my photos and attach all kinds of unwanted rubble to it like face recognition, places, times, type etc etc which one cannot get rid of. A very strange way of forcing people in how they want to view their photo's. I'd rather keep it to my self really. And as for different areas of photos I work with I have different external disks or at least different folders, it would need almost as much attention to set it up and use for each different area, that just using the finder and copy it twice from memory card to another location is probably easier, more foolproof anyway. :-) I hope to find though an understanding on how APh expects me to think about personas and developing. At the moment those are the two things that are the most unclear to me. I suspect it makes sense to those of us already fully used to PhotoShop, but as said, I'm a novice here. Thanks for the tip on the printed manual (when everything else fails, read the manual ). I will definitely have a look into that. Unfortunately flying out tofday to Ireland for 10 days of travelling, so I wont be able to order it in time to take with me as holiday literature. A gift for when I get home...
  8. Ah, many thanks. So for data management I'll stick to the Finder on my Mac, as Photos has the very irritating habit of interpreting what I would want to do with my photos. It lists them in all kinds of very unwanted ways. (this is another nail in my moving away from Apple, but it will take me a few years I'm afraid). It will mean extra handling as Aperture had the nice feature of copying to the work folder AND the backup folder (on my external disc) simultaniously when importing from memory card. I will search for an app that can do just that. That would speed up things dramatically. Customizable UI is probably very nice, once I get the hang of it. I have very limited needs as I always try to shoot first time right. It's just perspective and some lighting adjustments that I am interested in. Especially the perspective tool is the reason for switching to something else but Aperture (and the fact that is discontinued). Haven't found it yet, but I didn't expect that right away in the first hour of exploring this massively powerful application :-)
  9. I am new to the Affinity community. I am frantically going through all the tutorial videos. Lapping it all up like a spunge. But, what I haven't found yet, is an explanation of the basic setup rules of the app. It feel slike everything is geared towards users coming from PhotoShop, or at least people that are very familiar with the tools and interface of PhotoShop. So lots of explanantions are set up as a guidehow to do your familiar things, but now within Affinity Photo. I haven't come accross a tutorial for newbies that have no PhotoShop background at all. I come from Aperture. I have trouble understanding how Affinity deals with importing photo's from my memory cards, how to set up my storage, what is the overlaying line of thought about the work process Affinity suggests me to follow? I don't seem to be able to find a basic introductory video about that. Or am I looking in all the wrong places? I was used to having a library for each year within which I had many projects. I would import (and simultaniously back up, also a great feature!) my NEF-files and take it from there. If needed I would export JPGs for sharing, publishing or printing. But in general everything would be neatly together and relatively easy to find. I'm sure Affinity has a similar, but different structure and line of thought that is build in to accomodate photo management in some way. I'd just like to know what way. Can anyone help? Either point me towards a tutorial on this topic, or otherwise explain how Affinity sees photomanagement so I can familiarise myself with that and happily work with it? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Diederik
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