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  1. Thank you Serif! I tested it and it is fixed. The keywords are not disappearing.😁 Thank you for the fix!!!!
  2. @MarvinR@Murfee Good to hear, but still irritating to open file into APV2 and can't see all your keywords.
  3. @MarvinR Wow! Well hopefully Serif fix it soon. Thanks!
  4. @MarvinR So it is not just the OS on a desktop or iPad. So it is the Export to JPG.
  5. That narrows it down. Maybe it is because my iMac is running Catalina 10.15.7. Unfortunately I can't upgrade OS since my iMac is 9 years old.
  6. It possibly Exporting to JPGs format. Tested by saving the photo as a native Affinity Photo file and then reopen, the keywords are there, but if I export the photo to JPG, the keywords disappear. So it seems it is not the external drive but exporting a photo to JPG from Affinity Photo V2 that is the problem.
  7. Thank you for asking that question. I just open the photo and typed in keywords and saved as jpg to my desktop. Then reopened it, once again the keywords (except the last keyword) disappear. So it is not just photos stored on a external drive. Hmmm
  8. AffinityPhotoV1 screenshot is of the original photo with keywords form Affinity Photo V1. AffinityPhotoV2 screenshot is what I get when opening the same photo into Affinity Photo V2. And I also attached AffinityPhotoV2 screenshot Resaved in which I resaved the photo from Affinity Photo V2 and then reopened it into Affinity Photo V2. The keywords are still missing. BUT after a little exploring, this seems to happen when the photo is stored on a External Drive. I hope this makes sense.
  9. I have found that when opening previous photos that contain Keywords, only the last keyword is there, all the others are gone. And after putting in keywords, saving the file, and then reopen, the keywords are stilling not saving.
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