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  1. yes I know that because I sometimes send files to other companies and they are angry because of no bleed. however I know for a fact that this shouldn't be a problem as even printing software ie. RIP software has a bleed option builtin, and it can be added via shortcut or click of a button like here: Where it can be decided if it should mirror edge to bleed, add color or extend edge. This is to make life easier, both clients and printer operators. Truth be told - many of them are too lazy to know option exists, as it's easier to make clients prepair perfect files, and just ignore clients that don't provide properly (as per each print shop requirements)...
  2. I just wanted to add something to @Blake_S : I work in print house. We add bleed ourselves. I want my PDF to be exactly as I want them to be. That's why I created preset. There is no definition of PDF for printing standard, as various printers and operators have different workflows. Some machines need different color contours to be cut, others you can set your own color etc. In your case you need some settings, but don't say it's some kind of standard as it's not. I'm a living proof of it We work with flags. They are sewed at the sides, but different application, flag types or designation need different bleed for the sewing. I know each type from my head, but clients don't. For me, it doesn't matter if he adds 0.5cm or 1cm if I need 2.5cm I always have to open and adjust. Sometimes flags are hot-cut, and than 10x20cm is printed 10x20 without bleed. Sentence : " Files with no bleed are not suitable for print. " is just wrong and not true whatsoever.
  3. I would try to reset windows. I had similar problem in the past with gimp and couldn't resolve it. But after windows reset (which is a pain) it worked. In Run window input PowerShell Type: systemreset -factoryreset Press enter
  4. Make it dynamic. Would be less clicks when possible, and compacted when need be. Like less space available like your case. It's not impossible. For me on PC with lower resolution it's also cluttered sometimes but things as important as personas are always visible. Why we have this dualism in UX ? Things are ok somewhere and unacceptable elsewhere? I thought they aim to unify workflow. Better yet as I suggested somewhere else - give us option to customize toolbars and let everyone set like they want it instead forcing someone's opinion on all saying 'we know better'. Or make double row at the top. Stop hiding features behind buttons. We have space, why not use it? Wouldn't You agree?
  5. @JDWrightBrainShare a file with us if it's possible, we can try and check to confirm.
  6. I have just checked it on my iPad and switching to Node Tool does work. However clicking or double clicking to warp group thumbnail, name or around those does nothing, both pencil and finger. Can you try it yourself on iPad? Here's a video IMG_0033.MOV
  7. If this is the answer, then question stands - why on PC double-clicking onto warp group autoselcts Note Tool, and on iPad it doesn't?
  8. I've tested it on PC Designer, and it works as it should, handles are always visible and it's even zooming into them to help change their position. Can any1 repeat this on iPad and confirm its a bug or a feature?
  9. I mean, this sounds like a childish argument to me : "(...) roadmap was removed because some users were seeing it more as a promise than a roadmap subject to changes and adjustments." Since they now don't care about informing anyone about anything, why care that some small portion of forum users were upset that something wasn't listed or weren't implemented as intended. Make a roadmap topic in the News and Announcements. Put a roadmap in there. Close topic. Give moderators order to close all topics regarding roadmap. By doing this I think there will be more people happy than not. And all people whining will be silenced. It could actually help since now, most topics of this forum are either praising or whining.
  10. Hi. I'm trying to warp text. After I unclick it and than decide I would like to correct the warp I'm no longer able to do so, as handles are either not visible or unclickable at all. On PC it works 👌.. it's iPad only issue or am I doing something wrong or not seeing something obvious? IMG_0032.MOV
  11. I think we all waited for the @Ash post here which answered many questions we had. Going forward with this idea of openness, I have a proposal for Serif staff members: I remember back in the days when there was a roadmap for V1, but then it was canceled due to reasons known for Serif. Since we're now in V2, I would humbly ask to consider going back to this idea. We all visiting the forums daily see that big red info at the top that response time is elongated due to v2 premiere. That's understandable. But since many of us still wait for the things we asked for 3-5-7 years ago and some of them even simple are still not implemented - I think we could all benefit, as a community, from the list of things you want to add in the future. Since there are many features that were "considered" to be added years ago, and didn't ever found its way into the suite, I can't see any cons to this idea. You still can just write something and don't provide. But many of us, me included, we could sleep happier knowing that this or that will eventually come since it's on the list. If you're afraid this roadmap topic would push users to show their dissatisfaction - just close the topic like you did @Ash with V2 pricing post... I would understand if this would a CIA forum, or FBI and there are some things top secret, but then again - we are here not only as customers but a willing to help fan base, we truly love your efforts put into the software. Could you share more with us? In the past, we've seen many posts all over the internet regarding your lack of communication. There are many speculations than etc., and I think it all does more harm than help to Affiniters as w whole group. This could be so easily strengthen with more communication, and what could be more appreciated that a list of the "soon in suite" things? Please at least consider it, and if the answer will be again "NO" that try at least to elaborate why you choose so. The second thing needing a separate topic is polls. This would be great if we would be greeted by a poll that would state "Hi, we need your opinion since we are now working on this and that and we would like to know what else would you like to see". And users could pick and choose or write down what they need. Simple action and everyone who bought the app would feel important and that he's opinion matters. I really think that a person or a company that uses "I know better" view on things is considered poorly. If you know better what are needs are, atleast share that opinion in the roadmap If you don't make a poll like this, I will do it just for fun Enjoy your day, everyone. Take care!
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