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  1. this is true only for those as you said "reputable" printing companies. Keep in mind these are 2%. I know many reputable printer operators from my country and I rest ashured all of them want to be percived as they know what color matching is, but truth be told they don't. And yes, there are specialty printers that take pantone inks but these aren't in digital I think. And to be honest I don't think the OP is someone who works with clients who can afford ordering quantities that will be printed from Pantone inks like CocaCola does etc. While it is a possibility to order ink and use it as spot colors - you would have to dedicate one acctuall machine for that client. This would require him to constantly order new prints for all that hassle to be worth invested money. Pantone states some ****it that let me quote : " No effect on print head durability " well, it depends on thousends factors so short answer is yes it will. If I would start a partnership with CocaCola or some other big brand who will keep my machine fed with new orders of prints, hell yeah, I will fill it with 8 spot Pantone Colors, and print 500sqm/h on fabric
  2. One should always ask the client having Pantone choosen, if it satisfies the client. He's the only one who can be sure. There are some Pantones who are "richer" in color than their CMYK values. In general when I work with Pantone they are my guide, but I always inform the client that in my specific workflow I use CMYK and I can than use my eyes to check in the Pantone CMYK Bridge if I'm close with my estimation. But this comes at my 10y experience. If I would to create logo for a client I would first show him the Pantone chips and let him choose the colors himself. When he would make his mind, than I would use deck for conversion, keeping in mind that in CMYK there aren't as many colors achieveable. It looks like this : CMYK -> Pantone -> RGB. So starting with RGB is tricky, as in the begining you can get in trouble picking the colors that is not printable at all. Designers make that misteake a lot, and even quite large brands have their Pantone mismatched everyday. In the end it always comes to the client and what color he thinks is the right one, even if it's slightly or more off. Think of the Logo as a home decor problem. When you go to the decor agency, they will always start with real color chips, so you can see with your own eyes the real color of the items you will be than buying. This will be wood, concrete, wall paint, floor, carpet or anything else. It won't be RGB or CMYK it will be real "chips" that you can take in hand and examine in different light conditions, some of it will have different type of finishing which will affect color aswell. This is a very muddy topic working with color. There are a lot of places you can make a mistake. I would only advise you NOT to use any online converters, because they use their calculating technics, and you never now if it's proper or not. I would invest in Pantone guide, preferably with chips, or order chips that might be right for your client, and go from there. It will be far better to have a chip send to the printing company, it will make their life much easier than just giving them Pantone code or worse - RGB value.
  3. they are both eyedropper :P, and yes I know the one on the tools panel is getting me there faster, and is doing exactly what I described. Is the one on the color panel some kind of the relic of the past? which was than reintroduced in the form of the dedicated tool?
  4. Could anyone try to answer the question - why is there a requirement for additional click after picking up of a color? I mean is there any other situation in which one would require picking a color, but wouldn't need it to be already choosen one? I belive Affinity users make thousends of miles on their mouse pads combined, just having to go back to picker to click it. Please explain Maybe I don't see something that is lying on the ground before me.
  5. Hello again. I'm moving forward. For now the only thing left is - I have to make 16 'gliterry, sparkly' type of polish.... I instantly lost hope for making it vector based, and instead made my way into encapsulating (is this the word?) the bitmap into the shape (with simple click-drag into next layer) it looked promising, by She says it's not properly lit. Now I fight with the unknown. I want to preserve "sparklyness" or "glittery" of the nail layer, but finished version has flaws : 1. Color reproduction is bad, and I mean it, it's way off. In reality it looks silvery bright ! 2. My camera gets caught into the refelctions thus making some part of the nail darker! 3. If I move away to get less camera into the photo - I lose quality of the details.. Please kill me
  6. Looking on the harsh shadows below the first mask, I assume maybe you have used flash, and thus introduced glare on the surfaces. Using diffused lightning could save you much time in post. Just saying 😘
  7. Wouldn't it be easier to photgraph without glare in the first place ? 🙂
  8. Have you tried converting to curves? I shown you on second post how to do it
  9. Just to mess-up more with you guys, looking on your developed version of my RAW file - look here for what is JPEG straight out of camera, as I always schoot RAW+JPEG. I think it's still superior to your developed photo of my son. I would really apreciate your opinion
  10. Here's my son in the woods. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/01e201f37ae58510497a37fb9f964d6620200531231324/97247bd67bb0d75910c488d5e078bec120200531231341/519194
  11. maybe post the file so we can try it? i never experienced similar behaviour (i7 8700K, 1080) I just tried it, and on my 144hz screen such manipulation is silky buttery smooth to my eyes.
  12. If the magazine is made for reading only (I imagine it is), why don't you export text as curves to avoid all the problems? Usually we save text or embedd fonts into pdf while we think someone will use Find option to jump to text or for someone else to edit the text. As goes for the screenshot I in Windows use "Lightshot" app which free and easy, offers many nice things.
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