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  1. Hi Errka, Thanks so much. I googled and found this too. If you select the whole group and click on the group with the pen tool , the stroke palette appears and I could then check the box from there. Thanks for your help and to Rory Townsend who made this helpful video. Best wishes UkeyD
  2. Hi there, I notice when I shrink a grouped object and there is a shape with a stroke, (with or without dots and dashes) the stroke doesn’t shrink with the rest of the grouped objects so I have to manually adjust the shape independently from the rest of the group. I tried googling for help but and coverted to curves as suggested but still no luck. I don’t want to have to rasterise the group as I want to keep the potential for all the objects in the group to be editable and keep as Vector. This is also an issue when importing a Vector logo from Affinity Designer into Affinity Photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks UkeyD
  3. Hi there, I've just updated my Affinity Apps Designer and Photo in the App Store but I notice I can't update Publisher though App store. It only gives me the option to buy it even though I have already bought it. I am wondering if this is because I bought it just after the beta version and maybe I bought it directly from the Affinity website? I can't remember. Anyway just trying to figure out if there is a way to update all Affinity apps through the app store. Thanks UkeyD
  4. Thanks very much Pšenda. Are any videos to explain the node tool as I find videos easier to understand? Thanks so much.
  5. Hi Garry and Pšenda thanks so much for your help. I got it all working by checking everything but haven’t unchecked anything yet as I have been working on a job and needed to get it finished. Will have a look at unchecking gradually and see how I go. That’s really helpful thank you. I wasn’t sure where predefined preset was so haven’t tried that option. Thanks again UkeyD
  6. Thanks Garry, Do you have a suggestion for what to keep checked and what to switch off as a default setting?
  7. Aah ok it seems I have to check every single tick box in Enable Snapping for anything to work!
  8. Hi, I’m not sure what I’ve done but snapping seems to have stopped working on all my Affinity Designer documents. I’ve tried resetting factory settings in preferences to see if this helps and switched on enable snapping but it still doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Best wishes UkeyD
  9. Hi thanks for your reply. I don’t need a programme that outputs code. As I mentioned I’m just doing the design and was wondering which one of the Affinity apps would be better. I’ve gone for Designer as recommended. Thanks again UkeyD
  10. Hi thanks so much. That’s really helpful. In the past I used Freeway to make websites which were pretty good until responsive design came along and then it became a bit of a headache. Now I’m just doing the design part and passing these on to a coder. I notice that Publisher and Designer both have presets for web design. Thanks again UkeyD
  11. Hi, Which programme do you recommend for web design - Designer or Publisher? Thanks UkeyD
  12. Aah ok I can see what happened. I bought the subscription but there was a technical issue with my purchase. It wouldn’t show up in my Adobe account that I had subscribed to Adobe XD. So I had to make a call and it was resolved. Now I can activate all the fonts. Thanks so much for your help with this. Best wishes UkedD
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