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  1. Hi, Before publisher arrived I was designing menus in Affinity Designer. I spent alot of time scrawling through text to find a particular word as there isn’t a Find & Replace tool. With the arrival of Affinity Publisher this feature is available which is Fantastic but it would be really helpful to have this feature in Affinity Designer too as it does really help to speed up the job when searching through lots of text. I know I can now design menus in Publisher but while it’s still in Beta mode and for older menus that need updating in an Affinity Designer doc it would be good to have this option. Thanks for your help. UkeyD
  2. Hi, just wondering if the update is due anytime soon? My raw images from Canon 800D are also dull when imported into Affinity Photo. Thanks for your help UkeyD
  3. Thanks Bo, I’ve worked out it’s with the mouse not with ctrl click. Thanks for speedy reply though!
  4. Aah ok I always use ctrl click for right click menu. I see it does work with the mouse! : ))
  5. Hi I’ve just been following the tutorial for setting up pages on Publisher Beta. The Apply Master button does not seem to be available. Right clicking on the selected pages selects an individual page rather than pull up the menu for to Apply Master. I can’t see Apply Master in the main menu either. Thanks for your help UkeyD
  6. Hi there, I am creating a trifold / gatefold brochure. Each page is A4 so it’s quite big but I can’t work out the dimensions of the inside page (there are 3 pages for trifold). I know it will be printed on card stock so the inside page will need to be that bit more narrow. I know it can’t just be a third each but I can’t do the maths! Does anyone know how I would work this out? I can only see trifold templates online for documents that fold from A4 into smaller pamphlets. But this is a much bigger brochure that folds down to A4. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.
  7. Ok thanks. I only used vectors, no photos or rasterized images. I expect this is why it’s so small?
  8. Hi I’ve just created a document in Affinity Designer. The dimensions are 2.5metres by 1.7metres. When I export to PDF for print the file size comes out at about 400kb. Is this normal? I expected it to be a much bigger file size. Thanks for your help
  9. Fab! Thanks so much I was just looking for how to do this! Thanks again : )) UkeyD
  10. UkeyD

    Image missing in PDF export

    Aah now worries now as I’ve worked out what I was doing wrong. I had 3 artboards open and when I looked at my layers both images were sitting outside of the artboards. That makes sense now. I moved the images to sit within one of the artboards and it exports fine now! Thanks very much for your speedy reply! Best wishes UkeyD
  11. UkeyD

    Image missing in PDF export

    Hi JFisher, can I send this via direct message It's my CV so don’t want it all over the forum. Thanks UkeyD
  12. UkeyD

    Image missing in PDF export

    HI I’m having the same issue. I have two images that overlap in my document and these particular images are missing when I export to PDF. I have tried rasterising and grouping the images but it doesn’t make any difference. Not sure if the bug has been fixed or I am missing something. Thanks for your help
  13. UkeyD


    Hi MEB, Aah yes you’re right I was mistaking the margins for bleeds in the set up. But there is an “include bleeds” check box when exporting so that would make me think this would appear on output but it doesn’t. What would be the reason for the check box? I found another post asking about bleeds in Affinity Photo with a helpful answer - that you can only do this in Affinity Designer. That’s good to know it’s possible. I wonder if this would be useful to have this feature in Affinity Photo too as it seems like a simple addition when wanting to do a quick export straight from Affinity Photo? Thanks again UkeyD
  14. UkeyD


    Hi there, I cancelled my Photoshop subscription after having a chat with a friend who recommended Affinity Photo. I’ve been trying to work on a document today and not having much success. I want to export a photo to pdf which will include bleeds. I’ve checked the ‘include bleeds’on export and have bleeds set up in the document. Unfortunately when I open the PDF the bleeds are not showing on the PDF. The crop marks are showing but they are marked right on the edge of the photo. I’ve included an example photo. Thanks for your help UkeyD