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  1. Aah ok I can see what happened. I bought the subscription but there was a technical issue with my purchase. It wouldn’t show up in my Adobe account that I had subscribed to Adobe XD. So I had to make a call and it was resolved. Now I can activate all the fonts. Thanks so much for your help with this. Best wishes UkedD
  2. So I just realised that Adobe XD does not include all fonts. The ones in my document I can only activate if I have subcribed to Adobe CC and Adobe XD doesn’t come under this. So I will need to cancel my subscription and have another think!
  3. Hi again Lagarto, I’ve just paid for the Adobe XD but the fonts aren’t showing up on my computer. I’ve tried to launch Adobe Fonts but it just takes me to the fonts in the browser and I need to access them in my in Affinity Publisher. Thanks UkeyD
  4. Hi again actually I think I’ve worked it out. Look like a monthly plan does mean you cancel after the month and not locked inti the year. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Lagarto, Thanks for your help. I’ve just downloaded the free versionof Adobe XD as I can’t tell if the monthly payment means I am commited to the year. It’s not that clear. It looks like the subscriptions have changed but I’m not sure. I am willing to pay for the monthly version as long as I can cancel it after one month. Is that how it works? Thanks for your help. Best wishes UkeyD
  6. Hi there, I’m working on a document that was originally designed in Adobe In Design. I am now using Affinity Publisher. When I open the doc all the fonts have disappeared and replaced with ones on my system so the whole layout is a mess. I am wondering if there is an alternative to Typekit where I can use the same fonts. Because Typekit is now part of Adobe I can’t access the fonts I need. Thanks for your help. UkeyD
  7. Aah I’ve just noticed I have my keyboard set to Romaji! I’ve changed it to English now and it’s working fine.Although I do wonder if this should be an issue?
  8. Hi there I wondered if anyone might know why Affinity Publisher crashes immediately when I paste plain text into a text box? I tried starting with a fresh document but It happens every time I try to add text to a text box. . Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi thanks so much for this. It really helped! I just couldn’t find the overflow text box but this did the trick. The red dots appeared instantly. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, I wondered if there was a way to export just the text from Affinity Publisher? Or if this is something that could be added to the programme? It would be good if I could send on my designs to web designers with a seperate file for the text from the document. Thanks for your help UkeyD
  11. Ok it’s on the Affinity Designer forum now!
  12. Hi, Before publisher arrived I was designing menus in Affinity Designer. I spent alot of time scrawling through text to find a particular word as there isn’t a Find & Replace tool. With the arrival of Affinity Publisher this feature is available which is fantastic but it would be really helpful to have this feature in Affinity Designer too as it does really help to speed up the job when searching through lots of text. I know I can now design menus in Publisher but while it’s still in Beta mode and for older menus that need updating in an Affinity Designer doc it would be good to have this option. Thanks for your help. UkeyD
  13. I’ll re-post it in Affinity Designer forum.

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