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  1. Aah now worries now as I’ve worked out what I was doing wrong. I had 3 artboards open and when I looked at my layers both images were sitting outside of the artboards. That makes sense now. I moved the images to sit within one of the artboards and it exports fine now! Thanks very much for your speedy reply! Best wishes UkeyD
  2. Hi JFisher, can I send this via direct message It's my CV so don’t want it all over the forum. Thanks UkeyD
  3. HI I’m having the same issue. I have two images that overlap in my document and these particular images are missing when I export to PDF. I have tried rasterising and grouping the images but it doesn’t make any difference. Not sure if the bug has been fixed or I am missing something. Thanks for your help
  4. bleeds

    Hi MEB, Aah yes you’re right I was mistaking the margins for bleeds in the set up. But there is an “include bleeds” check box when exporting so that would make me think this would appear on output but it doesn’t. What would be the reason for the check box? I found another post asking about bleeds in Affinity Photo with a helpful answer - that you can only do this in Affinity Designer. That’s good to know it’s possible. I wonder if this would be useful to have this feature in Affinity Photo too as it seems like a simple addition when wanting to do a quick export straight from Affinity Photo? Thanks again UkeyD
  5. bleeds

    Hi there, I cancelled my Photoshop subscription after having a chat with a friend who recommended Affinity Photo. I’ve been trying to work on a document today and not having much success. I want to export a photo to pdf which will include bleeds. I’ve checked the ‘include bleeds’on export and have bleeds set up in the document. Unfortunately when I open the PDF the bleeds are not showing on the PDF. The crop marks are showing but they are marked right on the edge of the photo. I’ve included an example photo. Thanks for your help UkeyD