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  1. CorelDRAW can export EPS with text. A very practical function. I am disappointed with Affinity Designer overall. Especially because PNG export has a much worse quality than export from all other programs like Illustrator CC, CorelDRAW. I have reported this as a bug. To date, this has not been improved.
  2. Affinity Designer: When exporting EPS, is it possible to export the text as text and not as vector graphics?
  3. Hi @Sean P this is a big problem! Professional export of vector graphics as PNG or JPG is not possible! Quality is much worse than Illustrator CC and CorelDraw. Even free Inkscape does it better!
  4. @Patrick Connor @MEB I am dissatisfied with the antialsing in Affinity Designer. I will probably switch to Illustrator CC now. Is expensive but export quality of PNG is much better. It is absolutely incomprehensible why Affinity Team cannot or will not improve anything. For me, the perfect PNG esported from Affinity Designer is very important.
  5. Even the free Inkscape does significantly better, smoother PNG export than Affinity Designer. It really bothers me that the smoothing in Affinity Designer is just bad.
  6. Even the free Inkscape does significantly better, smoother PNG export than Affinity Designer. It really bothers me that the smoothing in Affinity Designer is just bad.
  7. Feature Request: Exporting Illustrator Ai files would be a great feature. CorelDRAW can export Ai files. This is a great advantage.
  8. Anti-aliasing looks especially bad with text and vector graphics on a dark background. The outline of the letters is not smooth. This really needs to be looked at and improved by Affinity Team! Background in this example is CMYK 80% black.
  9. This works wonderfully with CorelDraw. For me it is important that Pantone is transferred and displayed correctly by this tool.
  10. If you apply a Pantone color with the Colour Picker Tool to another object, this color will not be displayed as Pantone. This makes working more difficult. So my suggestion is that the Pantone colors are always displayed after the transfer to a shape or line.
  11. @MEB Hi MEB, In Affinity Designer on the monitor, the smoothing of vector graphics is also poor. I use View Vector. Here screenshot.
  12. "Blend Gamma setting for the text object to a lower value" - Unfortunately, this does not improve the export of vector graphics and text to PNG. Moreover, it is too complicated for everyday work. For vector graphics, PNG export must be at the level of Illustrator CC and CorelDRAW 2021. Therefore, an improvement is necessary for Affinity Designer to be used in the professional field.
  13. For me it is very important that the PNG and JPG are just perfect. It would be nice to get feedback if the smoothing will be improved soon. I use Designer and Publisher.
  14. I know that. However, this is not functional. The new CorelDRAW 2021 offers much better possibilities: Multi-page view and single-page view. https://www.coreldraw.com/en/product/coreldraw/?hp=hero-pc
  15. Hi MEB, I used the font Segoe Ui, 10Pt and 80% black. No other settings were made, neither in Affinity nor in Corel. The result of the PNG export is not satisfactory in Affinity Designer in terms of smoothing and sharpness. I use Windows 10.
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