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  1. I have tried the selection function in Affinity Photo 2.04. As long as the background is different from the photo subject, selection of the photo subject is no problem. However, if the background has similar brightness and colours as the photo subject, it is not easy to select. Is it possible to draw a path with the Pen Tool and convert it into a selection? This was possible in Photoshop 20 years ago. You can draw precise curves with it.
  2. This does not work! The text on the path cannot be scaled by entering exact values, e.g. 10 cm.
  3. However, this gives imprecise results. How can I set an exact value such as 10 cm?
  4. Text on paths cannot be scaled proportionally. When the path is reduced, e.g. a circular path, the text becomes larger and when it is enlarged, the text becomes smaller.
  5. Affinity Designer 2.04 crashes immediately when you try to export JPEG XL. The document consists of 3 artboards, only vector graphics and typography. I have Windows 11.
  6. Thank you for this test, which also confirms my results in Windows 11 with Designer 2.04. @Ben Now it's up to you to correct it. One can also expect Serif to carry out such tests themselves before the software is published. I am therefore surprised that such errors are first pointed out in the forum after the software has long been on the market. It is not possible to work with it now.
  7. Works in a roundabout way: You export PDF and then simply rename name.pdf to name.psd. Then you have a text as text. However, I am not sure whether the files are then correct in terms of size. Can you please try this out?
  8. PSD! The text is always exported as a pixel layer and not as text. This is a problem. In Photoshop you then have a pixel layer and not the text that you can edit. This means that files exported from Affinity as PSD are completely unbreakable for graphic design.
  9. PSD export makes no sense because fonts are rasterised, i.e. they are converted into pixel layers. You cannot work with these exported PSDs in Photoshop. Completely unsuitable for graphic design.
  10. @BenYou have only partially fixed the problem in version 2.04. Cutting the letter S with the knife does not work.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. The reason why the boolean operations don't work with some fonts is irrelevant to me as a designer. I need a working software to be able to work with it. In Affinity Designer 1.06, the Boolean operations with this letter S work perfectly. Therefore, your reasoning is incomprehensible to me. Just programme Affinity Designer 2.03 as Affinity Designer 1.06. @BenIn addition, I have reported here several times that the export quality of PNG and JPG is not very good, no matter which settings you choose. Possibly it is also due to this large zoom? Unfortunately, the professional export quality as in Photoshop is not achieved. That is a problem. Perhaps antialiasing settings should be improved so that typography can be exported in awan-free quality.
  12. @Ben Here is the file with S. I converted S (Open Sans) to curves. s.afdesign
  13. Thank you for this information. What video - software did you use to make this video?
  14. I tried it with S exactly like your video. It worked. However, there is a problem with the S shape. After setting the contour to -0.085 mm, S has a small hole at the top in the enlargement.
  15. I have tried this cumbersome solution. It does not work! One cannot expect customers who use software to constantly inquire in the forum because the simplest functions does not work. What about customers who are not registered in this forum and cannot work with Affinity Designer 2.03! Such bugs should be an absolute exception and should be fixed within 24 hours. Waiting weeks or months for an update is a bad service.
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