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  1. Now it has worked after all! One must activate "Space between same styles"! Great!
  2. No, I cannot remove this distance. With me it looks exactly like on your screenshot.
  3. It creates an empty line that cannot be removed. What can be done?
  4. Can you please show me on a screenshot where these Space After and Space Before settings are?
  5. How can I make paragraph breaks between the heading and the following text? When I do it, I suddenly have an empty line between the headline and the text. Is there an instruction how to format text in Publisher? In Word everything is so easy and works, in Publisher it does not work!
  6. Overall, text styles do not work optimally. When I format a headline with a text style, suddenly more text gets bold.
  7. Text alignment "Justification left" does not work. Instead, justification is made complete.
  8. With me the text styles look unreadable. What does it lean on? How can this problem be remedied? It is an IDML file.
  9. Hello Gabe, Obviously this bug occurs with Pantone colors. Especially for duplicated objects that do not have a global color. I am very annoyed. Professional work with global colors is not possible!
  10. Global colors do not work properly. Editing colors also changes other graphics to color, although global colors were not assigned. Are you using the latest release version? YES!
  11. Microsoft Word: Insert page break To insert a page break at the end of a text, place the cursor behind the last character and press [Ctrl] + [Enter]. Is there a page break in text frames in Affinity Publisher? Which key combination?
  12. Hello stokerg, The document consists of 100 pages. Each page has text. The text is linked in frames across all pages. So if I delete a page, the whole layout is wrong. The same problem if one insert a single page (not a double page) in the middle of the document. It would be desirable that the Publisher automatically corrects layout, left and right page. So that the text and pictures are always in the right place. If you have any advice on what can be done to avoid this problem, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  13. Nach langem ausprobieren hat die Tabelle-Formatierung mit Rahmen doch noch funktioniert. Jedoch sind die Funktionen nicht selbsterklärend und Affinity Hilfe zum Publisher hat nicht wirklich geholfen. Das kleine Pulldown-Dreieck neben der Umrandung dient dazu die Umrandung auszuwählen.
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