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  1. It would be important to improve the export quality of PNG and JPG. Affinity Designer is a great app, the biggest disadvantage is the poorer export quality than Adobe Illustrator.
  2. On the Affinity website you can see several works, graphics. All these works have been exported in an excellent quality. Try exporting in such great quality. https://affinity.serif.com/de/designer/
  3. I don't know how you exported the text. But I need a slightly better export quality for my work/presentations. It needs to be at a very high level.
  4. The text quality is already better here. For the export, I tested Illustrator, Corel Draw and the free Inkscape. All three programmes deliver a much better export quality than Affinity. Affinity can only export text well if it has been rasterized beforehand, preferably at 600 dpi or more. The problem therefore lies in the anti-aliasing of the text.
  5. In both exported texts, the outlines of the letters in the continuous text are very unclean and pixelated. The result is unsatisfactory. It is reminiscent of inkjet printers with poor print quality. Unfortunately, the gamma setting does not seem to have an improved effect on export quality. This export problem should best be looked at by the Serif staff so that it can hopefully be fixed with an update. Adobe has various Bicubic export settings that allow for smoother text quality. Unfortunately, Affinity does not have these settings. Bicubic Smoother: Good for enlarging images based on Bicubic interpolation, but designed to produce smoother results. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/export-artboards-layers.html#export-as
  6. The export quality in Affinity Designer has not yet been improved. However, the problem of export quality has been known for years. Adobe delivers professional export quality and Affinity unfortunately does not. What use are new functions such as a spiral tool that I hardly ever use if the export quality is simply not right? Serif obviously doesn't realise how important flawless export quality is.
  7. Hi Callum, when using other colour profiles, the CMYK palette looks correct. This pallete was made available here in the forum by Affinity Team a year or more ago. They are real CMYK values. For example black 0 0 0 100.
  8. Affinity Designer 2.2.1 Catastrophically poor colour reproduction of the CMYK colours black and grey. The colours are not displayed as shades of grey, but as unclean shades of brown. You can't work professionally with this! Colour profile used: PSO uncoated v3.
  9. Hi @NathanC , the problem is mainly with ISO Coated v2 (ECI). I have changed to PSO Coated v3 and the "Rasterizing" results and exporting as PNG and JPG are fine again.
  10. 100% zoom does not change anything! I have also tried rasterising other typographic work in Affinity Designer 2.2.1 - the result is very poor. Even after exporting as PNG and JPG, the quality is miserable. The problem is mainly with ISO Coated v2 (ECI). I have changed to PSO Coated v3 and the "Rasterizing" results and exporting as PNG and JPG are fine again.
  11. The "Rasterizing" function in Affinity Designer 2.2.1 gives catastrophically bad results. The letters are completely distorted! In Affinity Designer 2.2, the "Rasterizing" function still worked perfectly. This document has 300 dpi, font Fira Sans.
  12. This problem also exists in Affinity Designer 2.2. Antialising when exporting JPG and PNG is not optimal, especially with typography, round letterforms. This has been reported here in the forum several times. Unfortunately, Serif has not yet done anything to improve this. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/186456-affinity-210-better-antialiasing-required/#comment-1097044
  13. These are good functions. However, the export quality of PNG and JPG has still not been improved. A pity.
  14. "Return" - you have to know that first! Then it's really easy. The menu is much more logical and better, because all the other menus such as transform, etc. are accessible via the menu.
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