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  1. Many thanks to emmrecs01 but I think on reflection given these files were put together by amateurs and I will need to do a lot of reformatting and cleaning up of style, fonts etc. as well as fixing errors in translation that Wosven mentions I will be better off with the original text files and photos and a fresh Affinity Publisher document. I am 99.99% certain I can get the images and if the worst comes to the worst they can cut and past the text to a word file. It is only a 65 page document. I am helping a local history group and it is non-commercial so I am doing it for love not money. This is the problem…. Paid professional work tends to be a lot easier because usually people know what they are doing and use sensible file formats….. OK… sometimes they do J
  2. You are right they they may have lsot the base files. I don't mind them using Word badly.. I can fix that. All I would need is the text and images seperately. In any case the publisher files would need proof reading... they are not as accurate as they could be re spilling and grimmer. 🙂 I agree it is probably better they use something they know. In which case it will have to be Word. I will do the formating in Afinity Publisher. thans to all for the commments and suggestions.
  3. I am not even going to think about Libre Office. either putting it on my systems or trying loading it to theirs. As Wosven noted the formating is likely to go astray anyway. So conversions may not be a good idea. Therefore now I am hoping that the people who made the MS Publisher documents have the images and text files they used to build the publisher file as seperate items. It might be easier to start with the raw componants and completely new Afinity Publisher set up. Hopefully MS wil kill their Publisher and people will stop using it. The only people I have ever come across who use MS Publisher are non-computer literate ametures. Which only componds the problems. MS might be King in word processing but I do wish they would acept that other programs handle desktop publishing far better than MS Publisher or at the very least let Publisher export in other formats. I will see if I Can get them to convert to Afinity Publoisher.
  4. Obviously an RTF or doc file isn't going to work. MS Publisher is similar to Afinity Publisher in that there is a lot more formating data in there than text. Also if it was that simple I wouldn't be asking here. Unlike other MS Office programs there is no free "viewer" for Publisher. It seems that some versions can save to PDF though it is unclear if this is native or via a PDF-Printer that you have to install. IT seems to depend of version of MS Pub. Given the users I am deaing (not computer literate which is why they are using MS publisher in the first place) with It may be better to get the origional text files and images they used and start again rather than deal with the MS-Pub PDF and have to fix the anomlaies, which you know there will be.
  5. I need to import some Microstoft Publisher files to Afinity Publisher. I know... I am truely sorry but it is not my fault! I thought MS Publisher had died a long time ago but I am working with some people who think the FAX machine is moden!! Does any one have any sensible ways of converting or importing .pub files to a useable format that I can ingest into Afinity Publisher? I susspect I will have to get them to suck out all the text and pictures and start agin. Thanks Chris
  6. on the MAc Pro I have Dreamweaver. I am looking for a PC website builder. (not word Press)
  7. I have used MACs for 20 Years. I still have a PPC mac here. I have also used MS-DOS, DR-DOS, UNIX, Minix, Linux, Windows 3.1, 95/8, XP. 7. 10, OS2, OS9, FreeRTOS, LynxOS and a few others. I am an embedded Systems Engineer. I design both hardware and software. I have been in the electronics/computing industry over 40 years. My new PC cost a littl e less than the new Mac Pro. https://www.apple.com/mac-pro/ (though it has double the performance) and is replacing an older MAc Pro. I could bore you to death with the minutiue of why I am moving off MAC's. However it is a personal desision based on my specific circumstances not a global or generic reason. Other people might find that it is best for them to move the opther way thoughmany of the reasons for going to mac were deminishing. However lets not dreail the thread and look at PC based web site building tools. The most "votes" seem to be for https://pinegrow.com/ as a dreamweaver replacement.
  8. Thanks for that but after 20 years I am moving off MAC's I still have a PPC MAC (deseased I think) and will not me moving to the M based macs. This is why I need something to replace my MAc based Dreamweaver that does not involve renting the software.
  9. There's got to be far more important things to worry about? I quite like the icons but then I am strange.
  10. Hi all Just starting out with Afinity having been using CS6 for a long time. The only thing missing for me is a web deveroment program. It there was somthing to replace DreamWeaver I could finally stop uing CS6, Any chance of this? IF not can anyone recommend a reasonable Web development program? I want too finally retire my MAC Pro. Regards Chris
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