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  1. Poziomka

    pdf metadata

    I tried so. The Fields palette contains only a set of basic items such as Author, Tags etc. No title, alternative text for the image or custom tags. I hope they will appear in the next version.
  2. Hi I agree with mccluredave1. ePub fixed format would be very helpful. Embedding audio or video in pdf requires a flash player to play and does not work on tablets (and desktop without FlashPlayer). Free iBooks Author generates publications only for Apple (iBooks), and what about PC? ePub floable can be done by converted from many formats using Clalibre . It is harder with a fixed layout, I am voting for fixed layout!
  3. Hi Is it possible to export to PDF with better use of metadata? The metadata passes, but editing in Acrobat Pro is required to display the title and not the file name. Maybe to expand the Fields palette so that you can tag fields and then move it to pdf? It would be convenient when creating PDF UA.
  4. Thank you David It's just hidden! I like this feature of adding endings in a frame - it's probably unique. I need to browse the menu more thoroughly.
  5. Yes arrow heads. I wanted to do it flexibly, not every elements separately. I can do it separately. The point is that when I change the path (I change nodes and curves), the text and other attributes will adjust automatically! At the moment I will be satisfied with the line without endings. I look forward to the new version.
  6. Thank you Dave, I would not have thought of looking for these attributes in the text frame options! Half the work is ready, but the start and the end doesn't work. I can control variable thickness, but I can't add endings! Maybe in the next version Thank you
  7. Hi On Publisher I can enter the text on the formatted path (stroke and endings). However, I have a problem with changing the path attributes! The stroke palette formats the text on the path! Any idea?
  8. OK Good idea with customize tools. I reset the tools and now I have an icon Earlier I pressed F and did the transformation. The tool worked, only the icon was not changed. Thanks
  9. Hi I think help is common to both Mac and PC. On the PC (Designer v and beta there is simply no icon! I did not write that the tool does not work at all, only that it is missing! The fact that pressing the shortcut "F" activates the tool and works! OK. But.... I think this is an bug! Hope only on my computer.
  10. HI I usually work in a mixed environment Mac, PC, iPad. While working on a PC in Designer, I did not find a tool that I liked (on MAC and iPad), The Point Transform Tool. Where is it hidden? Or maybe it's just missing!
  11. Yes I am for, it would increase the independence of cloud services. Similarly, installing fonts, e.g. directly from Google.
  12. Hi Thank you for your help. However, these methods do not work. I checked earlier. The contents of all channels are always copied. Obviously visible in the area of the selected channel. Eventually, I found the method. Right click on the channel and select create a grayscale channel. I can then move it or copy it.
  13. I have problem copy only one channel like red from picture and paste or create new from clipboard! Always I got all channels! However, when I cut a channel, the content in the selected channel disappears. It means I have cut out the content, but all channels are sticking. it is similar when I create a new one from the clipboard. Can I just copy / cut a channel? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  14. If / when you can count on the support for colour svg fonts and variable var variable fonts? MAC and WIN systems recognize them, even AD shows them on the menu but then they are black
  15. Poziomka

    superscript ®

    I prefer typographic support, and there are more and more fonts supporting the appropriate glyphs. So I am waiting for the new version of Designer and Publisher Thank you