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  1. My fault, habit with illustrator I checked glyphs, most fonts do not have a plus sign in the superscript.
  2. I did it this way, although the features from the typography give a bad result!
  3. Hi Typing ion markings, I found a problem with inserting a plus and minus sign in the superscript position! Despite the superscript function in many fonts, characters remain in the base position. Designer, Publisher and Photo Robert superscript problem.afdesign
  4. Hi, In Publisher How can I replace a multiple return with a page break? Find \r\r+ Replace "\M , \P - doesn't work Second question, find for example U and replace with <20AC> or other Unicode character. I tried \x{20AC} for Unicode Robert
  5. Thanks NotMyFault Nice trick. Fx and live filters works!
  6. I have a problem with the operation of blend ranges for the layer. Everything is OK as it is a layer without effects. However, when I add any effect, e.g. 3D color, etc. Blend Ranges stops working. It seems that he can not change the appearance after the effect! blend ranges problem.afphoto
  7. I have the same problem. Win 10 RTX 2060 Definitely OpenCL off helps. However zoom, scale, brush strokes and other work terrible. crashpad_handler.DMP
  8. I have the same problem. Similar behavior happened to me several times in my work with the beta version. I reported it on the forum but nothing has changed. This time the project is built from scratch in publisher and has been saved many times.
  9. Hey, Your design needs a minor fix. Namely, you have the internal bleed set to 0 and it should be at 3 mm as the others. The printing house centered the pages you submitted and probably that's why there are such strange shifts (they should also think and fit in). Try uploading pages with all bleed set to 3mm. The prepress studio is responsible for the correct connection of the pages. Robert
  10. I suggest support for photoshop paths when importing tif and psd files. The same photoshop file saved as jpg supports paths however tif or psd not! Once someone tried and made paths it's a pity to lose them!
  11. HI, I have a problem with a pdf file that contains a pattern. Pattern is low resolution when opened in Designer! I know Affinity Designer doesn't support patterns, but maybe it would load them as static cropped artwork. Not as pixels and low resolution at that. Or maybe add pattern support in designer like the one from Photo? But vector! paternX4.pdf
  12. Hi Working with the vector brush in designer, I noticed an interesting setting! The brush changes color according to the fill and stroke. I even like it, I change with x on the keyboard (like in photoshop) and I have the other color. The interesting thing is that when I change to none - I have black! Even when selected, the swatch indicates none but displays shows black! This may be an interesting attempt to avoid unpainted lines, but when checked, the program should show the correct line color values. Affinity Designer 2021-02-20 17-49-48_Trim.mp4
  13. Independent recognition of the keys from the numeric island is the basis of work. Most personal shortcuts in many programs require the numeric part because the main keys are already taken. Maybe Affinity developers will hear us?
  14. I'm having trouble creating a keyboard shortcut. In Publisher on windows, I try to add num enter as a keyboard shortcut for column break but Return (Central Enter) registers. It looks like Affinity doesn't recognize which key was pressed! Most typesetting programs distinguish between enter and return! Any idea how to get around this? Currently I use alt+enter but maybe there is a better idea?
  15. This is the actual problem. Even in the new version (1.9) 1 bit image saved as pdf and placed as a link in designer (should pass unchanged - passthrough) is visible in the project and exports to pdf x4 as 1 bit but black and white! And only black 1 should remain, white 0 - that is, none. The image retains bit depth, resolution and raster, but the biggest advantage - no background is gone!
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