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  1. I have a problem with Publisher 2.1 I open the work started in version 2, page elements fall apart! I correct the page layout and save the work. After reopening, the project again scattered. Frames on the left side land on the right! Everything on the film APublisher problem.mp4
  2. You're doing it wrong. Intersect applies to vector objects. And you want to mask the image (jpg). You can do this from the layer palette or from the layer menu. From the layer palette Select an ellipse in the layer palette and right-click. (See mask 1.jpg) From the context menu, select mask to below. (See mask 2.jpg) As a result, you will get (see mask 3.jpg) From the layer menu Select an ellipse in the layer palette. Go to the top menu Layer click and select Mask to Below (it is at the bottom of the menu). My favorite method is: in the layer palette, press hold the layer with the photo with the left mouse button and drag it to the name of the top layer (ellipse) when you see that it is already inside the ellipse - release the left mouse button. (See mask4.jpg) That's it
  3. The end character does not work in footnotes. It works only on the first sign. In a regular paragraph, it's OK Test in AP win 2.04 and beta foot note initial words.afpub
  4. As I wrote earlier. The PS paths saved in the JPG file opens in Photo correctly (see zip in previous attachment - I couldn't add a JPG file), the same file saved as PSD or TIF loses paths! Many people still use them, e.g. Apple. The use of vector masks is OK. But once I got a print-ready tiff, why correct it? Just use it. I'm writing because maybe someone developers will read and slightly improve the existing import of tiff and psd files.
  5. A PSD file containing paths opened in AP cannot see paths! The same file saved from PS as JPG with paths opens in AP with vector masks! Path 1 was set as clipping, and it is. The others are not active, and it is OK. Could it just work in PSD or TIFF files? PSD paths to AP.mp4 magicmousehero.psd magicmousehero.zip
  6. According to typesetting rules, the footnote should be placed at the bottom of the column. However, it is placed below the table, despite the settings below the column. Cheers
  7. Can I get to the tracks from Photoshop in Photo? Exactly the paths in psd or tif. In JPG files path activate automatically, but wrong, because despite the lack of cutting off, it cuts off.
  8. If that's not a problem, could object type thumbnails zoom in like layer thumbnails? When I select large layer thumbnails, the object icon remains the same - small
  9. Something is wrong. I have the latest beta version of AD, but I don't see this tool on the tool palette! From the description, it works similarly to the one in Corel Draw, but where did it hide?
  10. How do I set options for footnote text added in a table to appear at the bottom of the frame instead of below the table?
  11. Thank you. I thought so. No information on the site. Copy paste is good for designer, but not for dozens of pages in publisher:(
  12. I sent the file for proofreading to a friend who still has a previous version of the program. The file does not open. Unfortunately, the friend has an older computer/system and cannot install v2 Now we work the old way, proofreading text on a pdf file. Is there any way to save to an older version?
  13. Measurements are a fantastic addition, could they remain permanently as objects? Please! It's just one step further.
  14. My fault, habit with illustrator I checked glyphs, most fonts do not have a plus sign in the superscript.
  15. I did it this way, although the features from the typography give a bad result!
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