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  1. HI, I have a problem with a pdf file that contains a pattern. Pattern is low resolution when opened in Designer! I know Affinity Designer doesn't support patterns, but maybe it would load them as static cropped artwork. Not as pixels and low resolution at that. Or maybe add pattern support in designer like the one from Photo? But vector! paternX4.pdf
  2. Hi Working with the vector brush in designer, I noticed an interesting setting! The brush changes color according to the fill and stroke. I even like it, I change with x on the keyboard (like in photoshop) and I have the other color. The interesting thing is that when I change to none - I have black! Even when selected, the swatch indicates none but displays shows black! This may be an interesting attempt to avoid unpainted lines, but when checked, the program should show the correct line color values. Affinity Designer 2021-02-20 17-49-48_Trim.mp4
  3. Independent recognition of the keys from the numeric island is the basis of work. Most personal shortcuts in many programs require the numeric part because the main keys are already taken. Maybe Affinity developers will hear us?
  4. I'm having trouble creating a keyboard shortcut. In Publisher on windows, I try to add num enter as a keyboard shortcut for column break but Return (Central Enter) registers. It looks like Affinity doesn't recognize which key was pressed! Most typesetting programs distinguish between enter and return! Any idea how to get around this? Currently I use alt+enter but maybe there is a better idea?
  5. This is the actual problem. Even in the new version (1.9) 1 bit image saved as pdf and placed as a link in designer (should pass unchanged - passthrough) is visible in the project and exports to pdf x4 as 1 bit but black and white! And only black 1 should remain, white 0 - that is, none. The image retains bit depth, resolution and raster, but the biggest advantage - no background is gone!
  6. Hi In the project on a light yellow background, I used a vector brush in gray 70%. It was a global color with an overprint option! After exporting to PDF, the overprint works except where it was made with a vector brush I understand that such brushstrokes will be pixels, but the overprint option could remain. There is also no other place in the program (e.g. in the appearance palette) where an object can be overprinted!
  7. Hi I support PaRunk request for the appearance palette. It would be more convenient to control the overprinting of objects.
  8. I had the same problem. The histogram palette has noise when I was working with the patch tool. In addition, it leaves a roughness in the image similar to that shown by NotMyFault. Disabling OpenCL for Nvidia RTX helps, and everything is fine.
  9. I am interested in the possibility of basic automatic raw correction based on the scene profiles generated by the color checker. Maybe putting on the wish list will help?
  10. I know this is the result of an object's rotation. However, the circle is always the same size. Judging from the appearance in layers, probably not. Therefore, I am proposing to improve this display
  11. HI, I noticed that the same objects in the layers menu have a different size. Exactly every other one has changed size. It is a bit of a nuisance for viewing foreign projects. Robert
  12. Thank you Ron I know about my own shortcut configuration. For example export: cmd + E instead of crazy cmd + option + shift + S! My point is that when I sit down on a PC, I have to configure one of the basic shortcuts! Could it be set by default as for mac? I am voting to enable this shortcut permanently in the next update.
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