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  1. When you create a group and switch to Outline view mode you can still drag the single objects.
  2. When you rotate an item you can view the regular bounds by clicking on the "Cycle selection box" but how do i reset the bounds of an object completely so that I do not have to click on that button every time?
  3. Unfortunately it's too limited to be any useful at the moment.
  4. I.m.o Publisher is the one program that almost always has to export so an export persona seems obvious. In addition to the aforementioned requests maybe an easy/simple functional Impostion feature.
  5. Ok... ill try to explain. When we design product range packaging like boxes or labels we have a lot of base files made in e.g. AD (backgrounds, logos, design elements, ingredients etc.). In APu we place all of these files for each product range. Every single product (one page in a product range) is a combination of the different artboards in the AD base files. One element of these base files are embossing shapes, die cut shape and general markers for post production. We need to export these files in one PDF file as proof and for production. The customer expects a proof pdf with all of the embossing shapes, die cut shapes etc. (because, well... customer) and for production all those shapes need to be excluded. Sometimes you can exclude colours but when there are a lot of different shapes you'd rather remove them all together from the export. But in APu that's also not possible. Exporting this one page at a time in AD is a bit cumbersome. It's funny that the one program that needs to export, doesn't have an export persona
  6. Unfortunately there are over 50 different pages. Creating 50 master page wouldn't help either :).
  7. Yes that's exactly what is wanted, I've got one AD file with several Artboards and want to globally replace it with the same AD file but a different Artboard.
  8. Ok... I do own the complete range but... are all Affinity files interchangeable? If that's the case why not use just one Filetype? (Then maybe one program with the different personas as plugins?) Edit: And how do i save those settings? Edit 2: How to export the complete document instead of a single page?
  9. Just noticed the Export Persona is missing in APu?? How do i exclude something from the APu export? e.g. Die cut and/or embossing shapes?
  10. When you place a AD-file with more than one Artboard you can choose which Artboard has to be placed. And if that AD-file is used many times in your APu file, how do you update/replace that file via the Resource Manager to a different Artboard globally? You can replace a document via the Resource Manager but where's the option to select a Artboard?
  11. Is this removed or being removed? Because in my 1.8 beta you can still have linked files? What is the reason for not having a Resource manager? If the reason for not having resource management is the probability of missing links... You can not blame an application for missing links, it's the result of poor file management (by a user)...
  12. I know and that was one of the reasons that I tried out AD. But you can not get a grid of 200x100 px. There are a few topic about this. So instead of asking it over and over I'd rather create my own grid.
  13. Ok, Then I hope i still get a notification because that is really helpful.
  14. It's strange because you do get a notification when designer detects a changed embedded file.
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