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  1. Hi PanthenEye, You're right, as a frequent user of 2:1 isometric grids (Not in AD) I can definitely say that the grid system in AD does not work! But when fixed it has the potential to be one of the better ones out there. As mentioned in a previous post: If you look at the image above you can clearly see that the 2:1 grid does not align with the guides set to 5 and 20 mm (the bottom of the axis handles is set to 10x10mm) which IMO is absolutely useless because that means it is not a 2:1 grid. If AD could fix that it would probably be the argument for me to switch from Ai to AD.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I understand that when referring to spacing between lines at an angle this would be correct, but when designing isometric tiles for games/web I need to specify a distance between crossings/horizontal axis (screens/pixels unfortunately don't do angles). When I need a spacing of e.g. 100px I need it to be 100px wide. In that case it is completely useless and relying on functions which produce inaccurate results isn't useful either. (I'm not saying your function isn't correct but the way it's handled by Ad). So when it's not a bug or broken this is a feature request. Let me change width vs spacing or let me set the horizontal axis (which is basically the same).
  3. Hi, In my work I often use isometric 2:1 grids. In Ai I used to create them myself and was very interested in the isometric grids in Ad, but the spacing does not work unfortunately, making it completely useless. Example: I created a grid with a 5mm spacing and draw a few guides with 5mm spacing. All the grid crossings should line-up with the guides. Hope this gets fixed, this was one of the reasons i bought Ad, together with the promised Mesh fill tool and Mesh warp/distort tool ;)