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  1. Same issue here and it's completely random. One design exported at 96dpi can be 6mm x 6mm when imported into jscut (online) although the root design in affinity designer is 50mm x 50mm. Export something else at 96dpi and it can be either huge, or tiny. No consistency at all. I'm having to use inkscape (yuk) to create svg's for import to the gcode creator. I had spent an age trying to calculate thread pitch and stepper rotations as I though my cnc was off. It wasn't of course. It was affinity designer's export function.
  2. I've just completed my first bit of illustration with Designer and I really love it, some of the tools and features are BETTER than Illustrator, really nicely implemented. I imagine this feature is actually harder to realise that we expect (I can barely code anything, well, maybe some Arduino stuff). Still, it would be lovely to have the feature added. As for the price tag comment. Hey, I'd happily pay £400, 500 or £600 for well-functioning software, it was Adobe's adoption of the rent-seeking payment model that finally did it for me. Small studios cannot support these kinds of costs. For now, the entire Serif suite has served most of my needs, almost seamlessly, so well done team.
  3. Wow. I bought Affinity Photo as I was tired of Adobe's pricing model. Ditching Illustrator too I thought Designer would have this simple function. The ability to freely transform shapes. Another voice for the 'please add this vital feature' choir.
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