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  1. Sorry, if my question is too stupid or doesn't belong here. I want to design a guitar pick in AD, based on a triangle, with all sides being exactly the same. I tried messing with circles, triangles, heart shapes, but whatever I did - I couldn't get all sides to look the same. Is there a tutorial that shows me how to make an object with exactly the same dimensions on all (in this case) three sides? See the attached picture Thanks
  2. It's a proprietary online thing that's online / web site for my cutter (Glowforge). I exported also a PDF from Affinity. Then it works perfectly. What's weird is that the SVG measurements are also off in Inkscape (everything stays relative in size though)
  3. Hi, I've drawn an object in Affinity Designer which has an exact size that I want it to print (respectively cut it in). In order to do that, I take the file, export it as an SVG file and upload that to my cutter. I first thought that my cutter reads something wrong, cause the size was off - the object was larger than it shoud have been. I work with a document that set to Millimeters instead of inches - if that makes a difference. Then I imported the object into Inkscape and noticed that the size in the SVG file was actually not correct. So I resized the thing in Inkscape, sent it to the cutter and got the right size. So either I'm doing something wrong in Affinity Designer or there's a bug. Is that a known issue? Is there a workaround (in Affinity Designer, without the extra step of resizing the object in Inkscape) Thanks
  4. Hi, I just bought Affinity Designer today and tried to do what in Illustrator would be an offset path. Googling for a solution I found, that this function is not available in AD. To be honest, I'm not sure if I really understand the workarounds when you want to grow an object, but in my case, I have a vector shape that I want to make smaller and have the smaller vector shape have the same distance from the outline of the bigger vector at all points, so I can't just create a copy, resize it and center it in the larger vector object. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Designer? Thanks, M.