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  1. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    A fun little illustration I made with Affinity Designer + iPad Pro with Frankentoon brushes. Close up:
  2. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Places - Food App UI I've been playing around with app UI so I decided to try and make a food app. The app is based on the idea of a community-driven restaurants recommendation. Where the community shares their experiences to restaurants that are normally hidden or not many people know about to help drive traffic and bring awareness to those places. Logo Logo - Motion Graphic Logo_Ani.mov App UI
  3. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Thank you ^-^
  4. SalfingerAndrew

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Wow amazing jobs, I've been playing around with making typefaces for headlines and that, but I've always wanted to make a full typeface. Have you said earlier that you used a PC software to make the font, have you tried any of the Mac version yet?
  5. Hello, I had a couple of questions in relation to snapping in AD for iOS. The first question: is about Node snapping to the center of the shape. Let's say you have a node and you want to move that down into the center of the object, but with all snapping options "on" for the node tool it can seem to snap everywhere but the center of the object. The way I normally get around this would be to create a shape and use the move tool snapping to snap into the center, then move the node down snapping onto this other object. Below is a video: Video_1.mp4 Is there a way to snap nodes to the center without the use of other objects? The second question: When using a guide I can't seem to get it to snap to objects (similar to how to works on macOS) is there a way to get guides to snap? Below is a video: Video_2.mp4 Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  6. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Finished working on a new illustration made with Affinity Designer + iPad Pro with frankentoon brushes. What do you all think?
  7. SalfingerAndrew

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    Wow, this is epic!!!! Amazing job. How do you go about achiving this effect? And how well dose it work for none boxed shapes? Edits: also works great on AD for iPad.
  8. SalfingerAndrew

    Caricature in Designer, Raster

    Great job i love the illustration.
  9. SalfingerAndrew

    My some projects

    Amazing job, the illustrations looks great!!! And loved gthe speed art video.
  10. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Branding work for “The Omega Nerd” A video game news and review site. Made with Affinity Designer + iPad Pro. Learn more about The Omega Nerd: Website: www.theomeganerd.com
  11. SalfingerAndrew

    A few months with affinity designer, my new project

    Wow, the doors look amazing!!!
  12. SalfingerAndrew

    Some new projects

    Great work, they look amazing!!!
  13. SalfingerAndrew

    Vector portrait of a wolf

    Wow :O amazing job!!!
  14. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Posters I made with Affinity Photo + Designer + iPad Pro for a Subiaco museum exhibits running 2018 to 2019. I’m really happy with how they came out, what you do all think?
  15. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Helllo Wosven, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I agree, there was no real plan or idea behind this image that leads to the “no main focus”