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  1. SalfingerAndrew

    Crop layer like in Designer?

    Updated video (Should work now) Yeah the Rectangle Tool method is the way I've been doing it so far. Would be cool to be able to have a sub crop tool (or a option in the contextual toolbar) to be able to crop layer only like in Affinity Designer. (or like in illustrator) Thanks for the replies! and thank you MED for the video!
  2. Hello everyone!! I've been having a issue with the "Find and Replace" studio panel. If I try to copy text and then use CMD-V to paste the text into either the "Find" or "Replace With" input sections. When I try to use CMD-V to paste it would just paste the text into a text box within the project window. For a workaround I would have to right click into the input field and click paste that way. Video: Find and replace bug.mov Is this happing to anyone else? Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  3. Hello everyone! I've been trying to load some .CUBE LUTs into Affinity Photo on iPad (1.7) tho when ever I click on LUT > Load and head over to my .cube LUTs they just show up grey and unable to click on and load them into Designer (files are all ready downloaded within the files app) The LUTs work fine on the Mac version only having the issue on the iPad. Anyone know how to fix the issue? Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  4. Hello everyone, loving the new 1.7 update!! I have a question about layer/object cropping within Designer you can select a layer/object and use the "Crop" tool you can crop the layer and not the whole canvas. Are you able to do this within photo? since if you have a layer/object, select and use the crop tool you can only crop the whole canvas and not the single layer. (like in designer) If you can't do this would be cool to either have a secondary crop tool within the crop tool drop down menu (similar to the "node" tool) or when you use the crop tool have a sub menu on the tool bar to switch to layer mode. Here is a video showing how it works in Designer compared to Photo) Croping.mov Thank for your time, Andrew.
  5. SalfingerAndrew

    Object scale bug

    Hello everyone ^-^ I’ve been having a bug when selecting multiple objects then scaling them object + to fingers (to scale from center) The bug seems to happen ever now and them when scaling with two fingers (the bug also happens in both photo/designer for the iPad) If you select a object and then either scale the object first and press and hold two fingers to scale from center fixes the bug or just selecting, holding two fingers then scale the object slowly also seems to fix the issue. VIDEO: 3EA49036-C140-432B-B4CD-81F23699C82C.MOV Anyone else having this issue? Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  6. SalfingerAndrew

    Selecting nodes?

    I figured out how to use it (I was just using it wrong) @DM1 the reason for this is there are two ways to select nodes now. First way: Press and hold two fingers on the screen and then draw a shape (continue to hold two finger to deselect nodes or let go of one or both fingers to add, once you stop drawing you have made a selection, you can then repeat the same step to either add more nodes to the selection or remove some. Second way: The second way is to press and hold two fingers on the display then click once with the apple pencil (not draw like the first version), this will then then allow you to have a always on screen selection. Once you made the selection you want connect the end with with start point (like if you where using the pen tool to create a shape) Here is a video to show what Im talking about. Untitled Project 1.mp4
  7. Thats not the issue (since I can still scroll down (with the scroll wheel on my mouse) The issue was I did not see the Alignment tool since the UI for the icon was missing (I highlighted where the icon is meant to be) the same is still there just no the icon, I restarted my Mac and the icon is there now.
  8. Hmm... okay it is there but there seems to be a UI bug where the icon dose not show up. I tried a restart of the app and the icon dose not show up (will try a computer restart to see if that fixes)
  9. Yeah I don't seem to have the option to add that to my tool bar anymore.
  10. Hello, with the new update to 1.7 on Mac I seem to be unable to space or distribute objects more then one object. When I select for example two objects and try to space or distribute, the icons are greyed out. On top of that where are the advance option to change how these work (such as inputting numbers to change the width of the horizontal distribution. You used to have a single icon you can click on and would give you a drop down menu with more option now you just seem to have either a row of icons or the single icons with no drop down menu. Other that that, thank you for your time. Andrew.
  11. Only my UI reset when updating still have all other settings the same.
  12. SalfingerAndrew

    Selecting nodes?

    Hello, I just got the new version of Affinity Designer for the iPad but I cant seem to get node selection to work. You used to be able to select a node, then press and hold with your other finger to select more nodes. Now it seems there is a lasso mode is the way your ment to select them? That two fingers creates the lasso and 3 changes it mode. This works all right for the first selection but if you go to select more objects to the same selection it seems to play down a dot that creates a allways on lasso, you can connect the lines together to finish the lasso but it dose not seem to add that selection to the all ready selected nodes (like if you where to do the lasso normally) EDIT: The issue on the lasso node being placed seem to happen when you use two fingers to create the lasso then with the 3rd finger to change the mode to add pressing that 3rd finger on the selection creates the lasso node I’ve attached a video: 5F88446B-7D3C-445D-88FD-6A933AA79835.MOV
  13. SalfingerAndrew

    Affinity Designer crashes - iPad Pro 12.9 2018

    Hello, I no longer have that file since I was trying to find ways around to fix it but with no luck. Tho here is a another file that is having the same issue. Link to download https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0iDqUZyhXwPDCX_dccEl3sWiA#Affinity_Designer_Document_3
  14. SalfingerAndrew

    Book cover design for a crime series (Affinity Photo)

    Love the designs of the covers you nailed the crime book feel. Amazing job.
  15. SalfingerAndrew

    My Work - Andrew Salfinger

    Animation made with Affinity Designer + Final Cut Pro + iPad Pro Farm_01.mp4 I've been playing around with Affinity Designer + iPad Pro (combined with Final Cut) to create an animation. What do you think?