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  1. I used to a while ago play around with making some simple animation projects and wanted to get back into the swing of it. So since I have been building / painting Zoids this past couple of months I wanted to make an animation around it. Making A Zoid-HD 1080p.mov Programs Used: Affinity Photo (iPad Pro) Affinity Designer (iPad Pro) After Effect CC (M1 Mac Mini) Final Cut Pro (M1 Mac Mini) Still Images:
  2. I'm still getting this bug when project file saves can be over written and not be opened. This version of the issue is when closing the project can cause said file to be duplicated and clicking on it will not open but project but act more like a sub folder (both of the duplicated files act this way.)
  3. Update: I'm still getting this issue... its kinda annoying having to move the project over to my Mac just to connect lines together...
  4. Hello, I’ve been having a issue with Affinity Designer on the iPad, when I have more then 2 line created with the “Pencil” tool and try to “Join” the lines the app will crash. e.g. If I highlight all 3 lines, then go to the “node tool” and click “join” the app will crash. If I select two lines then “join” it will not crash. However if I then select the line (that was use joined together) and select the 3rd line and “join” the app will still crash. Here is a video: IMG_0140.MOV Project file: App Crash.afdesign I’ve also tried copying these lines into a new project and it will still crash, along with iPad re-start. I’ve been having this issue a couple of times now when connecting lines. Thank you for your time. Andrew,
  5. Hello, I’ve been having a issue with Photo version 1.8.6 on iPadOS 14.1 where if I select a “vector group > Filters > Lens Blur” and move the blur amount down and if I go below 4% blur the app will crash to Home Screen. (This issue only happens on the iPadOS version, if I move the project file over to the Mac it dose not have this issue when dealing with blurs) This issue happens in both the project I was working in and if I would create a new blank project the same crash will still happen. See below for video: IMG_0153.MOV Had issues uploading the file to the forum, so here are some iCloud links: Original Project I had the issues with: https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0ruPR7n-i4iqsZ-K2b5A2Clvg New project I created with and still had the issue with: https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0mzVykn5EJ8DVG9_ZcPKl8upw#Other_blue_crash Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  6. Even July is already over (by 10 days at the time of this posting!!!) Check out Julys illustration I continue my year-long need to drawing monsters and merge it with my love of retro games and arcades!! The illustration was made with Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro. Check out more illustration: https://bit.ly/36d5NtE Affinity Designer: I started the project in Affinity Designer (on the iPad) where I sketched out the core idea and layout before moving into a vector where I created the monsters, arcade logo, and background neon objects along with the ghost. After this, I moved over to the iMac + Maya where I worked on creating the 3D arcade assets + textures. After this, I moved back into Designer where I placed the 3D model arcades, brick wall texture and work on all the other small vector items. Affinity Photo: Now it's time to move into Photo, where I drag and drop the file from Designer over to Photo (on the iPad Pro) where I start working on raster effects, such as applying some brush texture effects to the vector monster to give some more levels of effects and style. All brushed used in this project is either the default Affinity ones or one from frankentoon. From where I was on adding some 2D shadows with a pixel brush and added in some layer adjustments and layer filters to the image to finish it off. Anyway, I hope you like the image and I hope you all have a great day. Before & After: Close up!!: What do you think? and I hope you are all doing amazing!!!!
  7. Hello everyone, I’ve been having a issue with Affinity Designer on the 12.9” iPad Pro (2018) with a project that crashes seconds after open. This project is a large document for print, it haves 2 artbords both at 1016x2032mm with a file size of 81.6mb. I was wondering if the crash may be due to Affinity or the fact the project may be hitting the limited of the iPad power and causing it to crash? Here is a video of the crash. 720p.MOV I’ve also attached the project file: Arcade_101_Side_Art_02.afdesign Thank you for your time. Andrew.
  8. Hello everyone, Back with another illustration. Similar to “Light houses” this one is also a mixture of vector illustration with photography. The main vector objects (the monsters/creatures) where made in Affinity Designer then moved into Affinity Photo where I started with the background, removing all the people, followed by removing any text on the signs and labels around the train and replace it with my own text (a bit over kill since there kinda small to read and most people will never see it but was still fun to do) followed by placing the vector objects in, colour correcting the scene and adding shadows and other textuers such as dust and lens scratches. Overall the project was fun to mess around with and I’m happy with how it came out. Made with Affintiy Photo + Affinity Designer and made on the iPad Pro. Main image: Close Up: How it was made: Thank you for your time, Andrew.
  9. I had a another version of this bug happen (kinda) but with out the app crashing. I was moving between to projects (the main document and a asset document) when moving between these two documents it caused the “Main document“ to: No longer open No longer have the document size information or colour value displayed to the right No longer have the save open within the menu Can not be dragged out of Affinity to the files app (along with an error “Cannot load representation type com.seriflabs.affinity-photo.documand” Document size 2560x1440px, file size 111.3MB See attached video: IMG_0004.MOV
  10. @Chris B This bug is not limited to only “Project saving > opening a project while prior project is still saving” But can happen if “Project is saving > App crashes due to save > Either the last open project prior to save or project next to the saving project will be overwritten. This bug happens in both iPadOS apps and I was originally thinking it was due to large file size apps(1GB+) (since the app would take longer to save and crash to the amount of information it was saving (with the large files it would not matter how much you changed in the file to cause the save crash, it would be working on a large amount of changes or simply cratering a vector box, it could then cause the app to crash while saving) If you are trying to recreate the original crash save issues your self, with a basic Affinity project I don’t think it would be possible due to how fast the software can save the infomation, you would need to be really quick to open another project. You would need a project while where it take a bit to save (due to the large canvas size and file size) In terms of not being open a document while another is saving is true, most of the time the app dose not but for some reasons it still allows you to open app. lets say you where working on a project, exited it, it took around 10 seconds to save, but some times the app would allow you to open another file while it was still saving (lets say you click it while it was at 8 seconds out of the 10) and this then may be another bug in it self Tho this bug is not limited to this way of occurring (and is rarer to happen this way (when a project is saving and you open another project)) Like with yesterday’s update on the project save overwritten. It seems it happens more with the fact of the app simply crashing while saving. (And from my experience not limited to large files (since the new project to happen this to Was only 14.9MB with a document size of 2010x2560px) Outline: Work on project > closes to save > app crashes > file that was saving will do one of two things 1) cause either the last file open or the file next to it, to be a duplicated version of it self Work on Project Closes Project to “Save” App crashes The file that crashed will then do one of 3 things: Cause the project that was open prior to crash to be overwritten with the project that crashes causing it to be a duplicated version and take on any changes made to the other project (like the first post) Causes a project next to the crashes project to be infected and create both projects to have the same preview as each other but the project way look like a project but is in fact a folder (like the video from yesterday’s post) Cause the project to crash simple duplicate it self (not harming any other files but like number 2 even tho this project looks like a project once open it will open like a folder allowing you to create new files and such The 2nd and 3rd ways if happen always act the same: When the crash fist happens and you open the app, both files will look like a normal project (like in the video) but when you open it, it works like a folder (and can be nested inside of another folder for example Home > Folder Main with projects inside > Nested glitch project that turned into a folder Tho inside the glitch project that tuned into a folder, even they it has a preview of the project, it will not be located inside however if you create a new project inside of it, it will cause the preview icon to change to a normal folder window where you can see the different projects sqaure icons You can then move this project outside of the folder (causing it to be back to the home screen and not the folder outside of it (due to the fact Affinity dose not handle sub nested folders) how ever you can not then move the file back (see more info via the videos: on this post: This seems to be a hard thing to re-create due to how random it is, and I’ve not really been able to force it to happen. But is normal due to the 2nd and 3rd ways where when the app it saving it crashes then will either just simple duplicated and turn into a folder or infect a file either close to it or last opened prior to the file that was saved. Another way to also get this to happen is when a large file is saving and you switch apps, after a while being out of the app affinity will have to re-start when you go back to it (due to ram or somthing) and this to can cause a issue with the file that was saving.
  11. Oh I see, it all depends on workflows and yes if you don’t use iCloud then I guess it would be a bad option. Tho in the settings you can change the default save location but I think it’s limited to either on the iPad (local storage) or iCloud Drive. (But we are getting off track from the original post about a bug and talking more about backing up / saving the work it self. Tho thanks for the information on the matter and did not know affinity had a “save as copy” so this will be helpful none the less.
  12. Love the design amazing job and I really like the use of gradients and noise effect. Great job.
  13. Great job, love the use of textuers that link well with the theme of the magazine and each page layout feels different in there own way.
  14. This post is more of a question/issues and the section you posted it in is design for people to share there works. You might want to post your question in one of these groups: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/50-affinity-support-questions/ For example if your question/issue is in relationships to the desktop apps post them here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-mac-and-windows/ Or if its for the iPadOS version post them here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/43-affinity-on-ipad-questions/ <now moved>
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