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  1. THANK YOU! I've been struggling with this exact problem, getting parallel, but also intersecting lines. Awesome! I tried drawing letters with two strokes enabled, and now it's easy as a breeze..! EDIT: PS, I also just discovered you can draw open ended roads by setting one stroke to "butt cap" and the other to "square cap"
  2. Thank you, it works..! Now if only that exact same function were available for vector masks everything would be better.
  3. Is this feature still not on the steps? It seems like such a logical feature, to be able to mask a path/shape out, not masking everything but that path/shape.. The workaround always have me creating much more complex paths to remove something. Let's say I want to hide a circle in a pixel png, I need to produce(via subtract) a shape that encompasses the whole image except the circle, instead of just creating the circle and hit "reverse mask". Is this complicated to implement?
  4. Exactly, this was an example - it's mostly a problem while tracing something, I'd like to curve a single line on the fly without curving the next or previous one.
  5. Do we have any idea at all when it's due to release? I can't seem to find any ETA..
  6. Well that's certainly a reasonable answer.. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! It seems what you're doing here is essentially creating an extra node, which is an OK solution I guess. My pen tool does not snap to the grid like yours, however..
  8. Thanks! This shape was just an example though, but I see when you manipulate the rectangle nodes, your handles snap to 100% vertical, this does not happen for me - any idea why? I have to eyeball the vertical.
  9. Hi Ben, sorry to drag up an old post, but what you're doing in these videos is exactly what I'm trying to do. However, the only handle-snapping happening for me is the length matching of the two handles on one node - I cannot hold shift or anything else to have handles snap to other handle lengths, positions or nodes. See attached video. What am I missing? I've tried turning on and off all the options. Screen 06-28-2018 11-25-57.avi
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a way to alternate between straight and curved lines while drawing with the pen tool. Lets say I want to draw a horizontal line, then 90 degrees down, followed by a U-shape and finish with a 90 up. I can't seem to do this without either the second or 4th line also curving. So how do I draw this below image in one go, without manipulating it afterwards with the node tool?
  11. Can the measures displayed by holding CTRL be "baked in", i.e. saved visible with the file? As I work now, I draw my technical drawing and save as PDF, and then use the measure tool in Adobe Acrobat - is this not yet possible in AD, create the classic double arrow with the measures as an object or overlay?
  12. Latest Windows version. I did try what JimmyJack mentioned, but I can't make an arrow with that, since the pinch point ends up in the middle, i.e. the pressure is applied symmetrically on both ends instead of what is indicated in the pressure curve.
  13. Why doesn't this work for me? No matter how I change the pressure, the line doesn't change..
  14. I have no idea if this site is safe or not, but i found it googling "Vector distressed mask", you should get som vector files from such a search, and be able to use the file as a mask. From there I'd think someone else in here can tell you how to truly merge it so it's a single layer. https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/grunge-overlay
  15. One more question has popped up, after a customer needs to edit something in my file - can they open my file(exported as "PDF for export") directly and AI and edit everything seperately? Will text be editable, or show up in AI as paths/curves? EDIT: Customer now states she cannot edit in AI because all the layers are closed/locked?