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  1. I've checked a bit more - it seems the problem is actually in the "S" - I can program export to "CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E/O" fine: (when you see only modifiers appearing, I'm trying to repeatedly press the S) Screen 04-29-2021 09-42-10.avi
  2. Hi Sean, I'm using norwegian keyboard, no change there. Here's a screenrecording where I have the onscreen keyboard up, you can see it "tilts" after ctrl+sh+alt is pressed. Screen 04-29-2021 09-41-09.avi
  3. Not sure wether it came with the last update or later, but I cannot use 4-key combos anymore. I normally use ctr+sh+alt+S all the time to export, but now it does nothing. Checked settings>shortcuts, and it's still there. If I remove it and try to register it manually, only the 3 first keys are recognized. I have no new keyboard, software etc.
  4. >Open Designer >Search stocl/unsplash >Drag random result onto document *crash* I tried in 1.9.0, updated to 1.9.1, still same problem.
  5. 2 years later I'm looking for the same function - still not fixed?
  6. This doesn't do anything for me - I made one text layer/element, adjusted everything and saved as stated - then I create another text-instance(just clicking an blank spot with the text tool) and it still reverts to Arial 12. Do I need to restart? Can the standards/defaults be checked somewhere?
  7. +1 Still need to weekly go back to my 11 year old copy of "Photoshop Elements"(the lite version of PS at the time) to put some perspective on text - it is, as mentioned many times, a pretty baffling lack in AD. @MEB Can we expect any answer to these often asked questions? I can phrase it as yes/no questions just to get som clarification: 1: Will perspective/envelope/distort/warp come in any form to AD? 2: If yes to the above, will it be within; A: 1 year. B: 2-3 years C; 3-5 years
  8. Thanks! I do remember having those, but they must've dissapeared along with an update..
  9. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but where did you find this brush? I can't see it in any of the categories..
  10. Thank you both for your help - I just remembered that the classic RDP still exists of course, so I tried that one instead of the new fancy win10 one - solved the issue immediately..!
  11. No, I meant there's probably alot of Affinity users around the world remoting into their office computer, which has Affinity on it
  12. I have no idea, but I'm guessing it's a fair few more now, when everybody and their grandma is confined to home office in most parts of the world..
  13. Thanks for taking the time man, but still no luck here.. Could it be a VPN/RDP issue? I'm remoting into work, where Affinity is installed.
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