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  1. Oops, too late to the party! Simon, Hi! I'll try to be more aware n the future. Stay safe!
  2. Wow! What a helpful list! Thanks Mitherion and all the folks contributing!
  3. jer

    8 Asset varieties

    @mpowell just out of curiosity, what is the purpose or common use for the warm brick? I feel like there's got to be a story there. Maybe a game piece? 😀 Thanks for the assets!
  4. So well done! 😁 Yes, pun! Thank you so much! Now I can't wait for Christmas.
  5. Sorry, unable to try out either of your templates due to un-zip error, using latest version Windows 10 built-in Zip "Extract All Files" method. The Extraction creates a new folder for the files, but then dies leaving it empty. See attached. Any suggestions? Maybe you have one of the .afpub files available somewhere?
  6. Using your flyer template as the very first publication loaded into my new Affinity Publisher to help me start learning the program. Thanks! 👍 Fortunately AP looks a lot like AD & AP, so thanks to you too, Serif/Affinity!
  7. Nice! Enjoyed the shadow work at 11:00-12:00 and the helicopter blade work at at 13:00±. Adding the spots for burning cinders just above the explosions is a nice touch and really "sells" the illusion. Thanks for sharing!
  8. One method is to go to their website and purchase and download it. They do have a free trial. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  9. Cleverly put together with a great result. Loved how you used the symbol. Thanks for sharing.
  10. cVa, great technique for a style often needed. Thanks!
  11. No probs on my Win 10 Laptop, using Chrome browser. Started with Free to check them out with Olivio's instructional video, then went back and got the Pro pack once I saw how great they are and what a time saver for many uses and effects. Yes, you can make one yourself when you need it but it is more fun to have a hundred styles and try them out. BTW, they work great in Affinity Designer too, as do Olivio's Mythical styles and Palettes. Double use for a tiny price, IMHO.
  12. @Mark, okay, now we're talking. I was unaware of the ColorSync and Soft Proof options. You have offered me a range of features I can look into now. Thanks for some great suggestions.
  13. @Mark, thanks, my preferences are set just as yours are. My bad for not being more specific when I said I work in RGB. I appreciate your taking the time to think about it.
  14. @Olivio Multi4G and anyone... I have a HP 15" laptop (high res, recent technology, Nvidia, etc) and a HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wide Format printer as I do a lot of Tabloid sized work. It is not a graphics quality printer and uses only 4 ink colors, CMYK. I work in RGB in Affinity Designer and in Affinity Photo. The AD work is primarily "cartoon" with heavy black strokes and color gradients fills. Once I get the colors visually nice on the display screen, I print and find that the OfficeJet results are 20%-50% darker on paper than the screen. Light generated vs pigment generated, right? They are even darker if I use the printer high print quality options so I stay in the normal output settings. I wonder what is the easiest way to color correct in my work flow. I can use HSL color adjustments on each and every shape to lighten before I print thus avoiding unwanted changes to black & white. On 250 shapes with gradients, this is an effort but it works. Or maybe I should put a Curves adjustment at the top of the layers stack that affects all the layers of the drawing. This would seem to be the "sledge hammer" approach but a one-click visibility on or off for instant comparison has a lot of merit. Is there a better solution since this problem occurs 100% of the time? I'm not into color calibration techniques between devices unless it is really easy.
  15. "Then it seems to behave differently on Windows as on MacOS ..." Thanks for your video. I did it just as you did but my 70 would not stick. Ah, well, using the Cog tool in place of the Cloud tool was more entertaining anyway. I don't believe I would have thought to use it if not for your post that it could be used to make the rays instead of the triangle, CTL-J, Rotate, Repeat manual method. Thanks for your initial post as well as trying to make sense of the 48-max problem. Maybe I should have simply tried restarting AD or Windows; you never know what that will fix.
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