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  1. MEB, by type of object, do you mean curve vs shape? If not could you give some examples of what you mean? Does this carry over to a new document? Or when you close Designer and reopen Designer? In Designer, I use Scale with object on all strokes 99.9% of the time. I was hoping for a Preferences option for "ON" being the default for Scale with object. I understand others may not want it on 99% of the time, but it would be an advantage for my work flow.
  2. This is a work-around to stop the loop. Thanks.
  3. Uploaded a minute ago. BTW, a further problem is once you have tried to export the file as a PDF and AD crashed, even when you reopen AD and the same file, FILE > EXPORT remembers that your last export was to a PDF (regardless that it was unsuccessful) so EXPORT opens and defaults to PDF. That puts you in a permanent loop of crashing because the EXPORT dialog box is frozen and you can't choose any other selections.
  4. Yes, as a private upload. Got a link for me to use?
  5. Additional information: Win AD 1.6 continues to crash when trying to Export to PDF the particular file mentioned in the above post. Nothing else gives any indication of a problem with this particular file. For example, I can edit it, add layers, re-save it, print it, etc, etc. I can Export it as a png, then Open the png in AD 1.6 with no issues. Once it is Open as a png, I can then Export it as a PDF. Since exporting as a png flattens the file, I suspect that the layers in the file are causing the crash problem when Exporting the full layered file to a pdf.
  6. "You see a list of all the different layer blend modes and let’s panic!" Ahh, up to your usual hi-jinks, I see. Good one! Great summary of the Blend Modes. If I were to ask for more, it would be to answer "when." I see the techie descriptions of "what" they do but it is difficult for new users to translate that into "when" do I need them. Many educators respond by saying 'just experiment with them while you are in a project.' Yeah, that is hours of fun but not very helpful. While I like your shapes/gradients as a visual guide for each Mode, could you take the 7 most often used Blend Modes (from your summary) and show a real-life example of why each might be employed? Yeah, I know: just lump me in the never-satisfied category.
  7. I created from scratch a 13MB AD file that crashes AD 1.6 on Win 10 when I try to File > Export > PDF. It crashes AD while the Export dialog box is open as it appears to be trying to estimate a PDF file size. The Crash is sudden and complete with no warning msg, although on one or two occasions I did see a Windows alert box about the crash. I also tried the Export Persona with a slice the same size as the document - same result. This file was begun on AD 1.5 and continued completed on AD 1.6, although I have seen no problems with it except for the crashes upon Export > PDF. Export > PDF using other AD files does not cause a crash. Any suggestions?
  8. Dave, tremendous technique. The proof is in the step-by-step photos you attached. Thanks for this idea!
  9. The correct rounded-look was a big problem for me as you could plainly see. The Toggle-on/Scale up/Toggle-off/Scale back down is a genius approach! What a bonus from this exercise. The Fx Inner Glow is a nice touch too! Thanks for your assistance.
  10. Stuart_R, You got the gloss, man! And great shadowing. Now I have to dig into your layers (hmm, sorry, that doesn't sound right!) and see how you got them to look like M&Ms instead of like faded cotton socks. Hey, you can't even touch the raster brushes if you stay out of the Pixel Persona! Thanks for a great solution.
  11. Alfred, nicely done! I think your simplified radial gradient fill leaving only the Bevel/Emboss in Fx did a much better job than my attempt. AND, you didn't need to add a glint and a tack-on shadow layer like I tried! I didn't notice the huge MB until I uploaded. Wonder what caused that. Interestingly, both Stuart_R's and sleekdigitals's files are tiny! Maybe because they deleted the pixel image of how a balloon should look? I didn't think it was a huge image but I'll test to see. Thanks for sharing a better solution.
  12. Would appreciate someone's artistic touch with Designer Fx settings for a heart-shaped balloon. The attached afdesign file is AD 1.6 on Win 10. I think my trials are close but miss in 2 areas, 1) no gloss or shine, 2) the lower shadow isn't right and the line where the shadow begins is too sharp - needs some diffusion. I haven't even gotten to the Transparency Tool yet. Suggestions are appreciated. heart-balloons-jm.afdesign
  13. Dave, way to keep after it! You've put much effort into something that benefits many of us. Thanks!
  14. Good job showing Affinity Designer capabilities in Pixel Persona. Enjoyed the color corrections to the water to be consistent with the apple. Sometimes in Designer I go to File > Edit in Photo when, if I had just slowed down and thought about it, I could have performed my action right there in Designer Pixel Persona. Your tutorial shows even complex pixel actions can be handled right in Designer.