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  1. Enjoyed watching your video, sorry your coffee mug broke. ☹️ It looked like a good mug. Now, for part 2, let's clone a portion of the flames onto the bottom of the ball, blur/fade the copy and call it reflection from the fire. Reduce opacity to very subtle since a tennis ball won't reflect much light. You are right if you think I never know when to stop tinkering and tweaking. 😁
  2. @Friksel Thanks for solving a problem I was having using the "new" Stock Palette feature in Affinity Designer. I have rewritten your suggestion here in case anyone searches the forum for "Stock Vectors" or similar... In the Stock Palette, the Pixabay option offers a helpful checkbox to look for just vectors but a vector dragged into your document will be an Embedded Object Layer, so you cannot edit it directly. Double click that Embedded object in your document, not the Layer itself, and it opens in a new document as an editable vector. Switch to that document and the vector has been converted to curves on separate layers. You can edit them there, then copy and paste the vector back into your original document. Or you can simply copy and paste the converted vector layers back into your original document and then resize and edit them.
  3. Interesting technique. Really appreciate seeing how you build the patterns. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Oops, too late to the party! Simon, Hi! I'll try to be more aware n the future. Stay safe!
  5. Wow! What a helpful list! Thanks Mitherion and all the folks contributing!
  6. jer

    8 Asset varieties

    @mpowell just out of curiosity, what is the purpose or common use for the warm brick? I feel like there's got to be a story there. Maybe a game piece? 😀 Thanks for the assets!
  7. So well done! 😁 Yes, pun! Thank you so much! Now I can't wait for Christmas.
  8. Sorry, unable to try out either of your templates due to un-zip error, using latest version Windows 10 built-in Zip "Extract All Files" method. The Extraction creates a new folder for the files, but then dies leaving it empty. See attached. Any suggestions? Maybe you have one of the .afpub files available somewhere?
  9. Using your flyer template as the very first publication loaded into my new Affinity Publisher to help me start learning the program. Thanks! 👍 Fortunately AP looks a lot like AD & AP, so thanks to you too, Serif/Affinity!
  10. Nice! Enjoyed the shadow work at 11:00-12:00 and the helicopter blade work at at 13:00±. Adding the spots for burning cinders just above the explosions is a nice touch and really "sells" the illusion. Thanks for sharing!
  11. One method is to go to their website and purchase and download it. They do have a free trial. https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  12. Cleverly put together with a great result. Loved how you used the symbol. Thanks for sharing.
  13. cVa, great technique for a style often needed. Thanks!
  14. No probs on my Win 10 Laptop, using Chrome browser. Started with Free to check them out with Olivio's instructional video, then went back and got the Pro pack once I saw how great they are and what a time saver for many uses and effects. Yes, you can make one yourself when you need it but it is more fun to have a hundred styles and try them out. BTW, they work great in Affinity Designer too, as do Olivio's Mythical styles and Palettes. Double use for a tiny price, IMHO.
  15. @Mark, okay, now we're talking. I was unaware of the ColorSync and Soft Proof options. You have offered me a range of features I can look into now. Thanks for some great suggestions.
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