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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. While on my Macbook, the app store will not let me purchase the Ipad version. I do not have an iphone and I don't know anyone with an Ipad. I guess I will have to make a decision when I finally purchase the 2021 Ipad. Rich Digitally Fearless Affinity Tutorials.
  2. I currently have the Affinity suite on my laptop. When the 2021 ipad comes out I am planning on purchasing it. I would like to buy AP and AD now while it is on sale. Can I purchase it without an ipad?
  3. How to print non-digital paintings. How to prepare your painting for print in the correct size, and for web. This Affinity Photo tutorial video shows how to put the photo back into correct perspective and size it for print. Imagine you just finished an oil painting and you want to digitize it so you can sell prints, place on the web, or submit your work to a gallery. Taking a photo of it on the wall or on an easel distorts the image. This video shows how to correct the distortion and size it correctly. https://youtu.be/BEMNW8PewIs
  4. Artsy caricature photo manipulation Affinity Photo tutorial How to create a caricature photo manipulation and add a little artsy zing to it. Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial. https://youtu.be/DLV4DW-sU7U
  5. One click easy clouds trick Affinity Photo beginner tutorial. One click easy clouds trick Affinity Photo beginner tutorial. With procedural texture you can create puffy clouds, soft clouds, and clouds with your own color background. #madeinaffinity #learning #affinityphoto #affinityserif #tutorial #video #learngraphicdesign #graphicdesign #specialeffects #phototutorials #affinity #design #digitallyfearless #AffinityPhototutorial #AffinityPhoto #blendmode #proceduralTexture #FX #screen #cloud #photomanipulation #TipsandTricks #Photoshop #AffinityPhotoBeginnerTutorials #AStudioLink #AffinityPhotovsPhotoshop #AffinitySerif #Serif #YouTube #YouTube #tutorial #howto #easy #elearning #Art
  6. Pop Up Affinity Photo Tutorial This is a pop up photo manipulation, but I thought I would change it up by adding some floating graphics from the background. The tutorial uses shapes, geometry, blend ranges (blend-if) perspective and more. This Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial was requested by one of my subscribers. https://youtu.be/z1_drshbedo
  7. Pop Art Face comic style. Affinity Photo Tutorial requested by one of my Digitally Fearless subscribers. This tutorial uses blend modes, FX and a double half tone. https://youtu.be/9R1w1pRsAgU
  8. Update: I downloaded the 1.9 beta, and so far I do not have the problems I am having in 1.8.6. I am hoping 1.9 comes out of beta soon.
  9. I could not repeat some of the issues when recording because they only happen sometimes, but here is a video I captured showing two problems. One shows that when I open a new file the size icons don't always show up. Notice in the video that it reads WEB on top, but no icons below. This only happens sometimes. The second shows that there is a delay (sometimes) from the time I select a layer and the time the transition box appears. See attached video. Please excuse my voiceover recording. I used my Mac mike. AFbugs.mp4
  10. Design a chess board & pieces Affinity Photo Video Tutorial by Digitally Fearless using procedural texture, blend modes, liquify, shapes, overlay, 3D, and FX. https://youtu.be/4xpwsYEIuHY
  11. Make a man dance Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo beginner tutorial using the shear filter. It’s just for fun, but you may be able to use it for animation. https://youtu.be/oeYtY1edM8A
  12. Painted Face in Minutes! Affinity Photo beginner tutorial on how to give a face a painted look in just minutes. The tutorial uses black and white photos and a black background to manipulate the photo. https://youtu.be/lhoqEDRjELQ
  13. So I have been using Big Sur for two weeks now. My slowdown in Final Cut Pro seems to have been fixed, but Affinity Photo is almost unusable. Sometimes there is a delay when moving something. When I select the color box on top, I have to wait for it to open. So many problems that I never had before. Does anyone know if I can go back to a previous version of Affinity Photo?
  14. Masking with Shades of Gray in Affinity Photo In my latest Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo beginner tutorial, I create interesting effects masking with shades of gray. Masking is not just for Black and White. I hope you find it useful. https://youtu.be/69P79bEM9MA
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