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  1. Couldn't find a search on this but I find it frustrating browsing the Affinity on Desktop forum as people don't always put a good description in their title and I open questions relating to A/Designer which are no interest to me as I only use A/Photo. Would it be a good idea to have separate forums for Designer and Photo?
  2. jeffers

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Mine came yesterday so haven't had time to explore as yet. First impressions I'm pleased but agree it might be a problem having it open and trying to follow while using Photo on my desktop windows.
  3. I hope so...it's really annoying waiting for Photo to wake up.
  4. jeffers

    face swap

    Muddled software.......Paint Shop Pro 2019 perhaps?
  5. I use PSP 2018 and AF Photo. Scan in PSP works with my canon scanner using import from scanner or camera but does not recognise TWAIN source. for me, I find some things work better on either or depending on what I want to achieve. The one thing I miss on AF Photo compared to PSP is text on a path. Seems like Serif want you to get AF Designer to achieve this?
  6. Not on the Beta but can confirm it works for me also as timlt detailed. Off topic I wish APhoto would open PSP files or am I missing something
  7. thanks for confirming this.
  8. Please believe me I have searched topics and cant find the answer so as a last resort I have to post this request: Using Windows version of AP how do I change the colour of the guide lines? Mine are showing blue and I want to change to red to make more visible. I've gone through all the menus and options, nearest I got was under view- guide manager but nothing I could see there.