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  1. That works! I would never have thought of that though I was heading that way by trying to mask the group. Couldn't find anything in the help files but perhaps I was looking too hard around the crop tool. Many thanks as always.
  2. several hours of frustration my brain has turned to fug so have to turn to the experts please....I am playing with a composite for the face of a greeting card. Hopefuly you can see from the screen shot I have made a group of some layers, and I want to crop off the left hand side to fit the "half card". Whatever and however I try the whole card front crops to half size. I have tried rasterise and trim made a new pixel layer ...something simple I'm missing surely?
  3. Ah......the usual mistake EXPORT and not save as.....got it now thanks
  4. Understood. But does not saving as a new and seperate affinity file now make it an Affinity template file?
  5. I downloaded some greeting card templates in PSD (photoshop).format to a new folder on my PC. When I added this folder in the presets and templates and selected the folder no templates showed. So I opened each template as .PSD in APhoto no problem then saved as AFphoto extension to a folder. But the same thing happens. Does this mean A photo doesn't show a preview of the template and you have to open the folder in windows explorer then open each one in the main window to get a preview?
  6. I say you've done really good job and as I've played with various restoration photos I know how much time and patience it can take so award yourself a pat on the back!
  7. Ta - Dahhhhh......and there it is......well done for spotting that. Many thanks
  8. Not sure where to post this but can anyone explain the setting in Firefox that allows Pictures to be shown....only seems to be on the Affinity Potlight web pages. The links are blank and clicking on them just shows another blank I've included screenshot of what I see. Using Edge browser there is no prblem so it must be a Firefox setting somewhere but for all my googling and altering permissions etc I cant get it to work
  9. trying to follow this photoshop tutorial for motion blur https://www.ephotozine.com/article/how-to-create-motion-blur-in-photoshop-13112 but have got lost when it comes to adding a gradient as in step 8. How do I get one side transparent? in Affinity photo setting slider to black/white points I'm just in a muddle. must be something simple I'm missing?
  10. My mind's gone blank this afternoon....maybe the heat....This clip art pic of sheep I want to change round so that the white sheep are black and the black sheep is white. The only way I can do it it is select the white sheep with selection tool (tedious) then paint over with black but is doesn't look right and I thought there was a sort of one click flood change colour in AP but I'm lost Any suggestions please?
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