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  1. Ah....well that helps a bit....and yes I use the help files frequently as lots of info there. So onwards with Google is your friend....I suppose🙂
  2. Ok so I can play around moving the "threshold" slider in various filters etc but just what does "threshold" mean? Apart from searching the help files is there a reference document somewhere where some of these terms like "radius" ,"factor" and so on are explained?
  3. Confirm I have been using a Huion 1060P for some time and pen pressure works OK on Windows10
  4. That is very informative. As an aside this shows a good demonstration of why a majority of users have been banging on about changing the guide line colour!
  5. This is well presented and demonstrated with clear instructions and is a good refresher for people like me so thank you for doing these tutorials.
  6. Ah yes I see now.....I should have realised vector. I still appreciate the choice for the assets etc anyway.
  7. Help! These looke super useful. However, I download and save _NMFBrush Lines.afbushes. in my AF Photo go to brushes / import brushes...imported succesfully .....but I cant find them anywhere. Where are they hiding? or what am I doing wrong?☹️
  8. Just another of AP quirks and minor irritations depending on your point of view I suppose. Not a big deal I'll get over it
  9. When in photo personna and using the text tool, selecting text you get a drop down panel to select different fonts. In comparison using Microsoft Word you can drag on the bottom of the panel to extend and show more selections of fonts. Is there a setting for this in Photo to get a larger view of available fonts or is it a Windows (W10 in my case) thing?
  10. Got it back thanks. @ Walt - thinking about it - that is exactly what I did!
  11. I had a problem the other day which was because I hadnt checked the "show context toolbar" in view settings. Now I've lost the status bar....the one on the bottom when you select a tool - for example the clone brush - that tells you to alt click to select an area. Help!
  12. 🤢 I'm ashamed......my brain is dud today...thank you Alfred. 😳
  13. I've changed something somewhere but cant figure how or where. If using text tool artistic or text box there used to be a place on the top toolbar to change selected text size or font.....cant find it. Also just noticed if using crop tool there is no apply or cancel button. ditto other tools no option to change size of ppaintbrush. Simple setting somewhere but I've gone blank...give me a nudge please
  14. Exactly. And prompted me to have a go. not a spaceship but just played with a shot of some footballers from the weekend
  15. Personally I like Richard's tutorials and this is "a short" so maybe not so detailed as a full tutorial. I like it and found it useful and hope he's not put off by negative comments.
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