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  1. I've done an extensive search here and you tube for some tips on creating a rubiks cube with a face photo. There are several using photoshop which I have tried to replicate but get hopelessy lost along the way. There are also on line Apps and effects generators that do a great job but I would like to be able to do my own. Has anyone got a link to how to do this using Aphoto? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWf2PE8pnWE
  2. Phew! quite a lot of steps to follow but the end result is impressive for all that. Appreciate the time and effort envolved to share this.
  3. Basics it may be but still a useful reference for many users.Good work appreciated.
  4. Thanks that would appear to be a solution. But $15....I'll suffer my irritation for a while longer.
  5. Yes the topic shows and that's the part I'd like hidden. Just an irritant for me pertaining to a certain regular poster. Maybe it's not such a big deal and I should not make a thing of it.
  6. Is there a way of not showing the heading for a topic from certain forum members? I have marked to ignore content from a member but when I look in my unread topics in a sub section and he/she has posted a new post it is there in bold. OK, opening it doesn't show any content but I would like to not see anything at all not even the topic header.
  7. Ah yes I see.....I suppose the rectangle shape is a way of doing what I want. thanks.
  8. I have never really understood the crop process i.e open a file either image or pixel, make a duplicate (Ctrl J) hide the original (still locked) Now apply a crop or perhaps straighten the duplicate. Unhide the original and the crop has been applied to this also. I would like to be able to switch between the two to compare how the crop looks. I have never discovered a way to do this. Am I missing a simple trick?
  9. Ah....well that helps a bit....and yes I use the help files frequently as lots of info there. So onwards with Google is your friend....I suppose🙂
  10. Ok so I can play around moving the "threshold" slider in various filters etc but just what does "threshold" mean? Apart from searching the help files is there a reference document somewhere where some of these terms like "radius" ,"factor" and so on are explained?
  11. Confirm I have been using a Huion 1060P for some time and pen pressure works OK on Windows10
  12. That is very informative. As an aside this shows a good demonstration of why a majority of users have been banging on about changing the guide line colour!
  13. This is well presented and demonstrated with clear instructions and is a good refresher for people like me so thank you for doing these tutorials.
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