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  1. I share your frustration especially layers - coming from using mostly PaintShop Pro - I had to start thinking in a different way. What I tended to ignore was just going to the help file and reading through very slowly to get a better understanding of what was going on. Combine this with the Official video tutorials and things may become clearer.
  2. to close this thread I have found the old legacy tutorials and "adding borders" "resize canvas" James Ritsons' demonstrations make things more understandable to me.
  3. Is there a setting to resize canvas by set amount? e.g. adding a border of say 300 pixels to an image. Selecting resizing the canvas, from the menu brings up the dialogue box with the image dimensions then have to unlock and alter the height & width by typing in the (added) 300 pixels. Surely there is a setting somewhere that allows you to type in - "increase canvas size by"- (whatever size you want.)
  4. When I upgraded from windows 7 with AP installed - to windows 10 all of the programmes etc including AP transfered with it and worked OK without altering anything. Maybe just lucky but the upgrade process warns you of any problems. Be prepared to take a couple of hours or more unless doing a clean install of W10.
  5. Not to labour this topic as it's not important to me anymore but.....I've tried to do a screenshot of what Im talking about. the max setting alters from 100% to 50% although the effect is the same.And cant get it back to show 100% without closing then reopening the file. Just curious as to why or is it an individual setting on my setup that I'm missing
  6. yes agree and yes I know there is a a vignette filter. But I cant get a setting of 100%. if I type 100% in the box it reverts back to 50%. I used the Vignette-starter.zip and opened it in my Affinity and the mask setting shows 100% but if I move the position around to dfferent areas it now shows 50% instead of 100%. Close it and reopen and its back to 100%. It's as if my setting box is showing half...ie 25 when it's really 50 and 50 when it's really 100?
  7. Trying to follow the tutorial video here "Johny's Power Vignette" I'm confused at 30 seconds in where he says to set the rounded corner radius to 100%. I can only get my setting to go to 50% Is this a setting I'm missing? I've tried searching but can't seem to make any sense of the forum posts.
  8. A simple concise explaination without getting too technical.....much appreciated
  9. No answer but the same thing is happening to me today. Not a frequent user so can't say if this has been a long time problem or just started
  10. Good - but shame there's no annotations after the "remove unwanted parts with the erase brush tool" to clearly define how the gradient is achieved around the 3mins 20 secs of video
  11. Found it thanks. It seems I wasn't selecting the "tools" in that particular plugin. Thanks for the push in the right direction
  12. While playing around over the weekend I came across a filter I'm sure was called "double exposure" It may have been in the nik plugins ....but I have spent most of the morning trying to find it again and I can't. In frustration I am having to ask the forum if anyone knows where is it? I was deffo experimenting in APhoto and Nik plugins
  13. Playing with the same pic taken in Raw and Jpg. on camera. Can someone explain the difference between using clarity (clarify) in the raw developer raw file and the haze removal filter used on the same pic jpg. in Photo. The result seems the same or very similar. Thanks.
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